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Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1099 - 1099 Using Your Body as Bait, Let’s Fish for a Pangolin This Time!

1099 Using Your Body as Bait, Let’s Fish for a Pangolin This Time!

He had arrived at the Hengduan Mountain Range!

According to the information the sloppy old man had given him, the Golden-Eyed Pangolin lived at the edge of the Hengduan Mountain Range.

It was not very strong.

It was only an early-stage Lord.

Therefore, it could only dominate the periphery.

This saved Chu Feng a lot of trouble.

Otherwise, if he went deep and encountered some middle-level and high-level overlords, he would really not be able to escape!

“Little Elf, locate the coordinates!”

Chu Feng instructed.

The little elf immediately responded. After sensing for a moment, she pointed at a towering mountain on the right.

“The coordinates that old man gave us are not a specific location, but a rough range. It’s not far ahead.”

“I’m afraid we’ll have to slowly search for it ourselves.”

Chu Feng nodded.

This could not be helped.

These Astral Beasts were not dead. They might have run off somewhere.

It could only be said that this area was where it often appeared.

It could be considered its lair.

Moreover, generally speaking, Astral Beasts were territorial.

Leaving the territory meant that it would have to fight with the other Astral Beasts.

Therefore, they usually would not leave their nest easily.

Chu Feng had high hopes for this.

“Let’s go over and take a look first.”

Chu Feng stepped on the Beamon Giant Beast and the man and beast quickly shuttled through the forest.

However, when he was about to reach the coordinates, Chu Feng jumped down from the Beamon Giant Beast.

Immediately after, he threw the Beamon Giant Beast into the trap.

The elf tilted her head in confusion.

“Master, what are you doing? Aren’t we going to hunt the Golden-Eyed Pangolin?”

The little elf was just short of saying that if there was no Beamon Giant Beast, Master, wouldn’t you be courting death?

Chu Feng clearly understood the meaning behind the little elf’s words. He rolled his eyes. 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

“Little fellow, what do you know! Do you think hunting is that simple? Strategy has to be emphasized!”

“What if that Golden-Eyed Pangolin senses danger and doesn’t appear the moment the Beamon Giant Beast appears?”

“We have to fish it out first!”

After all, there was no doubt that the Beamon Giant Beast was powerful.

Those lord-level Astral Beasts were not stupid. Against a Beamon Giant Beast of the same rank, wouldn’t they be courting death?

Seeing the Beamon Giant Beast approach, there was a high chance that it would escape.

Where else could Chu Feng go hunting?

The thousand-foot-long python just now perhaps planned to take a chance to advance, so it gave it a shot. Of course, it still lost in the end and died tragically at the hands of the Beamon Giant Beast.

“Therefore, I’ll use myself as bait to lure the Golden-Eyed Pangolin out!”

As he spoke, Chu Feng was so extravagant that his entire body was covered in the dissipating Astral Beast Souls.

There might be hundreds of thousands of Astral Beast Souls wasted every minute.

But Chu Feng did not care.

If he wanted to fish, how could he not pay some bait?

In this way, wouldn’t he be in high demand in the eyes of those Astral Beasts?

Although these Astral Beasts were a little vigilant and cunning, they were far inferior to true intelligent creatures.

Chu Feng did not believe that the fellow would not take the bait!

He walked confidently into the mountains in front of him.

What greeted his eyes was a lush forest.

His vision was completely blocked.

From time to time, he could hear the cries of unknown birds.

Chu Feng also perked up.

He was alone now. It would be quite dangerous if a Lord-level Astral Beast suddenly appeared to launch a sneak attack.

After all, it would take some time to release the Beamon Giant Beast.

If he did not handle it well during this period of time, what if he was really swallowed as bait?

Therefore, it was better to be safe than sorry!


Chu Feng slowly paced around the mountains.

His speed was not slow.

Even so, it would take at least three to five days to explore this mountain.

Chu Feng admired his intelligence even more.

Taking the initiative to attack was not as easy as luring the snake out of its hole!

Just as Chu Feng was feeling good about himself, a faint trembling sound suddenly came from the bushes not far away.

Chu Feng immediately felt as if he was facing a great enemy.

“Don’t tell me it took the bait so quickly?!”

The next moment, a colorful leopard darted out of the bushes and pounced at Chu Feng.

From its aura, it was only a high-level beast general.

Chu Feng was furious.


“Damn! I knew it! How can it be so fast! Why does a high-level beast like you join in the fun?! You scared me!”

Chu Feng pursed his lips speechlessly.

He instantly fused with two divine bodies.

His aura instantly soared.

He slashed the colorful leopard in half.

After ending the battle decisively, Chu Feng could not help but exclaim.

“Damn, I caught the wrong one!”

“I actually forgot about this. I’m undoubtedly more attractive to these low-level Astral Beasts!”

“Perhaps… I have to keep exposing the fluctuations of the strength of a peak-level Greater God. At the very least, I can scare away many low-level beast generals.”

Chu Feng immediately perfected his “simple genius plan” and was immediately much more satisfied.

He continued walking through the forest.

This time, there were indeed fewer ignorant low-grade Astral Beasts.

However, just the strength of a peak-level Greater God alone could not scare away those peak-level beast generals!

These guys thought that their bodies were strong, so they usually dared to hunt candidates of the same rank!

Thus, Chu Feng could only fight again and again to repel or kill these annoying fellows!

He felt helpless.

“I really want to summon the Beamon Giant Beast and clean them up!”

Unfortunately… he could not.

Chu Feng could only continue to patiently fish.

After an unknown period of time, the sky gradually darkened.

Chu Feng had already walked halfway up the mountain.

Beside him was an extremely smooth cliff. There were no trees, so it was impossible to hide.

Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief and muttered, “There shouldn’t be any Astral Beasts ambushing me now, right?”

Just as Chu Feng was planning to lean against the side of the mountain and recuperate, all of a sudden, an inexplicable sense of fear surged in his heart.

It was the difference in life level!

Chu Feng immediately stood up and looked around vigilantly. He frowned.

“Lord-grade Astral Beast?!”

“I wonder if it’s that Golden-Eyed Pangolin!”

There was definitely more than one lord-level Astral Beast in this mountain. Chu Feng already knew this.

Now, he could not confirm who it was!

Furthermore, what puzzled Chu Feng the most was…

There was nothing around him except a smooth cliff wall. There was no way to hide.

Then where did this sense of danger come from?

In the sky?!

Just as Chu Feng was carefully investigating his surroundings, he did not notice that the extremely hard rocks beneath his feet seemed to have turned into mud and were slowly sinking…

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