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Gin no Juujika to Draculea

Volume 02, Afterword

Volume 02, Afterword

Greetings, I am Totsuki.

Just as I mentioned on the fold of the cover, the abbreviation for this series' title has not been decided yet. If everyone could think about it a little when you're free and pitch in some ideas, I'd really appreciate it.

Deciding on an official short form has its advantages. For example, there are conveniences for the editorial department, when specials are published, or in all sorts of situations. After all, the title isn't short at all so using the full name is quite troublesome sometimes.

Looking back throughout history, both local and foreign, most famous works have abbreviated names given by the readers who love them. These short forms contribute immensely to a work's development.

Indeed, a mere abbreviated name possesses such great power!

…I'm sorry, I'm just pulling things out of thin air.

Disregarding grandiose claims about short forms, at least it stands as proof of the readership's support. Of course, I believe that the convenience of referral is also an important point.

It seems a bit much for me to be worrying over such an issue before I even know how readers are referring to this book, so let's talk seriously about the work itself.

The first volume already established Hisui as the weakest protagonist and this volume continues the tradition. Essentially, he's physically weaker than all the girls in the story.

Take sprinting for example, Reina beats him.

Take long distance running for example, Reina would probably lap him once at least.

After that, he would inevitably be confronted by Rushella, but he would surely defend himself thus:

"No no, I really didn't go all out. It's just lessons in school so I'm gonna do things casually without exerting too much."

Then show your true abilities and get fired up! A certain former professional tennis player would probably say that. But Hisui is one of those types who believes "You lose if you get serious." Basically, he doesn't go all out in battle.

The only times he puts everything on the line is when someone else's life is in a desperate crisis, rather than for himself.

In those cases, he will persevere come hell or high water.

Of course, if that weren't the case, the story could never reach a climax.

Due to his constitution, he does not mind getting hurt too much. And it is the people around him who worries over him… Although many of them are not human, in any case, that's the job of females.

Clearly the weakest, but always injured the most each time. That's our protagonist, Kujou Hisui.

On further thought, that makes him quite pitiful.

Let me think for a bit about the future plot, is there some remedy for this?

…Apparently, it's hopeless.

Moving forward, he will continue to be drained, bitten, eaten, licked, beaten and pummeled.

Readers, may you all continue to support our Kujou Hisui and the powerful females.

It's about time to wrap up. Due to my working too slowly on Volume 2, I caused a lot of trouble for the supervising editor and various colleagues at the editorial department.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my apologies to them.

Since this is a creative product, the author should take responsibility. If the readers have any opinions regarding this book, please do not hesitate to offer criticism for it is within my duty to consider them. Various care provided by the dear supervising editor has also spurred me onwards greatly.

Powered by my regrets, I will strive to write faster, so please continue to support me.

Totsuki Yuu

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