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Chapter 8: The Legendary Auntie

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Qin Pan didn’t even look at her. She naturally knew who the person who spoke was, Qin Yajuan’s best friend.

She knew why these people were looking at her with such disdain. It was all thanks to Qin Yajuan.

Qin Yajuan had always said in school that she was an arrogant and ignorant lady. Qin Yajuan claimed that she did not have any medical skills and had a bad temper. All she did was bully her.

“Is that so?” Qin Pan’s tone was calm and she didn’t want to argue. “Is there anything else? If not, I’ll leave first.”

Qin Pan didn’t have time to chat with them. She was worried about the little girl just now. She felt that something was wrong.

“What, you want to leave? Do you want to run away after seeing us here?” Chu Zifeng said sarcastically, “If you know that your medical skills are not good, don’t come out and make a fool of yourself. Although the suburbs are poor, it’s not a place for you to treat illnesses anyhow.”

“You are wrong. Doctor Qin’s medical skills are very good. What right do you have to say that?” The surrounding people couldn’t stand it anymore and went forward to back her up.

“That’s right. That’s right. You’re calling us poor people. What’s so great about you being rich? What is it? Who asked you to come here?”

The aunties in society would always back you up. Their rebuttal skills were also not something that these students could compare to.

The chatter made the person who was speaking blush. Before they could even say a few words, they were drowned in the words of the middle-aged woman.

“You, all of you are vulgar!” Chu Mianmian pointed a trembling finger at the people opposite her.

“Alright, shut up.” Professor Li, who was leading the team, stood in front of her and scolded her. Then, she turned to everyone and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, my student is being unreasonable. I’ll teach her a lesson when we get back. Everyone, disperse.”

“Forget it. Since you guys are so kind, I won’t say anything this time. Remember to be more careful next time. You’re a girl.”

A few aunties walked away while mumbling. Qin Pan nodded in admiration and walked towards the little girl.

“Qin Pan, this matter will not end just like this.” Chu Mianmian swore in her heart that she would take revenge. She turned around and saw Qin Yajuan. She couldn’t control her anger. “Now you’re here, what were you doing just now?”

“I’m sorry. Don’t be angry. You know what’s going on at home. No matter what, she’s still a Miss. I’m just a servant. If I help you, I’ll go back and…” Qin Yajuan did not finish her sentence as tears welled up in her eyes.

This made the people around her step forward to comfort her and criticize Qin Pan for being bossy.

“Don’t worry, we will definitely stand up for you.”

Qin Yajuan looked like she was about to say something, making people feel that she had suffered countless grievances in the Qin family. They were all thinking how Qin Pan usually bullied her. It was too much.

Qin Yajuan was happy to see everyone criticizing Qin Pan with righteous indignation. However, she didn’t show it on her face and didn’t say anything.

When Qin Pan arrived, the little girl who was receiving the IV was in so much pain that she fainted. She quickly called the young doctor who was treating her. “Carry her to the emergency operating theater.”

“Okay.” The young doctor carried her away. “What exactly happened?”

The woman who brought the medicine over was pushed aside by them. When she saw her daughter and the doctor’s attitude, she immediately followed them.

The little girl’s condition was critical and her oxygen saturation was very low. Qin Pan immediately said, “Defibrillator, quick.”

During the resuscitation, Qin Pan kept arranging procedures according to the situation. “Central venous tube, pump dopamine.”

After more than ten minutes of resuscitation, the girl was out of danger.

The family member looked panicked and worried. “What’s going on? What happened to my daughter?”

“Don’t be agitated. Your daughter has Viral Myocarditis.” Qin Pan comforted her.

Then, the young doctor sent the girl to the Cardiology Department. After making the arrangements, he went to Qin Pan to express his gratitude. “Doctor Qin, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Qin Pan nodded her head and accepted the thanks.

This illness was very special. If one did not pay close attention, they would not be able to discover it. The young doctor nodded. “My surname is Zhang. If you need anything, just call me. Please guide me in the future.”

“Yo, are you pretending to be a big shot here? A medical expert?” Chu Mianmian’s voice suddenly sounded.

Qin Pan turned around and saw Qin Yajuan and her friends. They seemed to be very free. Were they here for a volunteer medical consultation or for a holiday?

“Don’t say that. Cousin isn’t such a person.” Qin Yajuan quickly pulled her friend back and explained to Qin Pan, “Cousin, my friend is like this. She didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t be angry.”

“Why are you apologizing? Did I say something wrong?” Chu Mianmian couldn’t stand Qin Yajuan’s timid and cowardly look. She wasn’t afraid of Qin Pan. “Did you see that old granny? Shall we have a competition?”

Qin Pan looked at her. Idiot, she didn’t even know she was being used.

However, Qin Yajuan’s smile did not reach her eyes. She nodded. “In that case, I’ll go take a look.”

“Hmph, I hope you can still smile later on.”

Chu Mianmian’s eyes were filled with schemes and ruthlessness.

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