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Chapter 6: If You’re Not Happy, I’m Happy

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“Don’t cry. Your makeup is smudged. You won’t look good anymore.” Cheng Gang’s voice was gentle. He looked at Qin Yajuan with a gentle gaze and handed her a tissue. “Wipe your tears. If others see you, they might say that I bullied you.”

“Brother Cheng, I… I was just sad. I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just that, how could Cousin… Boohoo.” Qin Yajuan was sad and aggrieved. Her tears fell drop by drop.

Qin Pan wondered why the scumbag and slut were in her ward.

The reason wasn’t important. It didn’t stop her from watching the show. She wanted to see what this pair of bitches had been doing behind her back.

Qin Yajuan was beautiful and tall. Qin Pan’s family had never treated her badly. Her clothes and accessories were the same as Qin Pan’s. After dressing up, she looked like a pretty girl from a humble family.

At this moment, she was crying pitifully.

“I know that Yajuan is a sensible girl. Don’t be sad anymore, okay?” Cheng Gang comforted her gently without a hint of impatience.

Although he was a scumbag, Qin Pan had to admit that Cheng Gang’s appearance was very deceiving. He had a modest and gentlemanly appearance and was always very gentle to others.

In her previous life, she was confused because of his appearance. Tsk tsk, Qin Pan shook her head.

Being comforted so gently by the person she loved, she was filled with joy. Brother Cheng liked her. She could feel her body naturally pouncing towards Cheng Gang.

Cheng Gang was happy and wanted to catch her. However, his gaze landed on Qin Pan at the door and he pushed her away instinctively. “Xiao Pan, you’re back?” 𝐢n𝑛rℯ𝒶𝚍. 𝑐o𝘮

“Yes, it’s time to come back, isn’t it.”

Qin Pan said ambiguously before entering the room.

“It’s such a good show. Wouldn’t I have missed it if I came back late?”

“Xiao Pan, you’ve misunderstood.” Cheng Gang looked awkward and immediately explained, “Yajuan just felt a little dizzy just now, don’t think too much about it.”

“That’s right. Cousin, Brother Cheng only has you in his heart. Brother Cheng and I have nothing between us.” Qin Yajuan immediately explained.

Haha, how ironic. Qin Pan secretly scolded herself for being blind in her previous life. It was so obvious but she couldn’t tell.

How many times had such scenes happened in her previous life? How did she do it? Yes, she believed that Cheng Gang and Qin Yajuan were innocent. Look, how ironic.

“I didn’t say anything, why are you guys so agitated?” Qin Pan smiled emotionlessly. “Did I hit the nail on the head?”

“No, no, you’re thinking too much.” Cheng Gang hurriedly walked to the table and opened the thermal container he brought. “Xiao Pan, Mother personally made you chicken soup. Drink some while it’s hot. It’s good for your health.”

Cheng Gang quickly changed the topic.

Knowing what his motive was, Qin Pan didn’t say much. Since he wanted to act, she would play along with him.

“Brother Cheng, you are so busy and even came to deliver soup. Aren’t you going to too much trouble?” Qin Pan’s tone was normal.

She really couldn’t be gentle with a jerk.

“Why would it be troublesome? I like it when you trouble me. Besides, I’m your boyfriend. It’s only right for me to take care of you.” Cheng Gang handed the bowl over, his eyes filled with love. “Try it. How does it taste?”

Qin Pan took a sip. “Not bad.”

“As long as you like it.” Seeing that Qin Pan wasn’t angry anymore, Cheng Gang’s face became even gentler.

Qin Pan looked at Qin Yajuan beside him. Although she tried her best to control herself, she still noticed the hatred in her eyes.

She couldn’t take it anymore? This was just the beginning.

I want you to feel bad. After all, if you are not happy, I will be happy.

Qin Pan suddenly whispered, “Brother Cheng, I like it very much. If I see you every day, I’ll like it even more.”

Her voice was very soft, but Cheng Gang still heard it. Seeing Qin Pan’s shy look, he was instantly overjoyed. Has this woman finally learnt the ropes?

Qin Pan was more outstanding than Qin Yajuan in every aspect. It was just that she was inflexible and did not have the gentleness of a woman. That was why he liked Qin Yajuan more. Now that Qin Pan was acting like this, he was naturally moved.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here every day during your hospitalization, okay?”

“Okay.” Qin Pan nodded and smiled. “Then I’ll have to trouble Brother Cheng to take care of me while I’m hospitalized.”

“Cousin, Brother Cheng, I’m feeling a little dizzy, so I’ll take my leave first. You guys have a good chat,” Qin Yajuan suddenly said.

She did not want to stay a minute longer. After saying that, she left.

Looking at her ugly expression, Qin Pan pretended to be worried. “What happened to her? Brother Cheng, do you want to chase after her?”

“No, I want to take care of you.” Cheng Gang rejected immediately when he saw Qin Pan’s half-smile.

Qin Pan was the eldest daughter of the Qin family and his target could only be Qin Pan.

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