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Chapter 4: She’s Very Poor

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Although she was still a rich Miss now, Qin Pan’s soul was different. She had been through countless wars and had a murderous aura that ordinary people could not compare to. Qin Yajuan and her father could not help but panic when they saw her looking at them like that.

However, Qin Yajuan’s father was also a wily old fox. He knew that she was very angry since she just woke up, and was just being a wilful Miss. He could just act pitiful for now. He immediately pretended to be remorseful and guilty and apologized quickly. “I’m sorry, Xiao Pan. It’s Uncle’s fault for not taking good care of you.”

“There are some things that I don’t want to say for the second time. After all, there are family rules and proper etiquette.” Qin Pan snorted coldly. “Don’t blame me for being ruthless. Since you asked for the butler’s job back then, you should be responsible for doing it well. This is your duty. If the fire safety measures at home were done well, none of this would have happened today. Fortunately, nothing happened. If anything happened, can you be responsible?”

Facing Qin Pan, who was angry at them for the first time, Qin Yajuan and her father still couldn’t react.

However, Qin Pan didn’t give them any chance to react. She said angrily with a cold face, “You still have the cheek to say that you are my uncle? Is this how you treat me as an uncle? An uncle who almost killed me?”

“Xiao Pan, what, what did you say? How can you say that about Uncle? No matter what you do, Uncle always sees you as more important than his own daughter.” Mr. Qin couldn’t believe it, but his mind was quick and he pretended to be sad. “Everyone usually sees how much I’ve done for this family. This is Uncle’s fault, but your words are really hurtful.”

Qin Yajuan was unhappy with Qin Pan’s attitude. She was unhappy but she still looked aggrieved. She was about to cry and pouted. “Cousin, Father didn’t do it on purpose. He blamed himself for your accident. I know that you were injured and in a bad mood when you were hospitalized. I understand, but we’re family after all. Why are you so angry…”

This meant that she was being unreasonable. Ha, really, a dog can’t change its habit of eating shit.

“Self-blame? Is it enough to blame yourself?” Qin Pan quickly covered up the killing intent in her eyes. “Since you can’t do it well, then change to someone else. If you don’t want to stay, then leave. No one asked him to do it. He was the one who begged to do it. Since he has already made his choice, he should do it well. Besides, he can’t even follow the most basic safety precautions. What else can he do? Although I am your cousin in name, we are not close.”

Qin Yajuan didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she felt that Qin Pan was different from usual today. She didn’t dare to say much and clenched her fists tightly, her heart filled with hatred.

Her eyes were filled with unwillingness and she wanted to say something, but her father glared at her fiercely. Qin Yajuan could only hold it in and not say anything.

However, she swore in her heart that one day, she would take revenge on Qin Pan and make her lose everything!

Be it Qin Pan’s identity as the eldest daughter, her family background, or her love, everything about her must be snatched away.

“Enough.” Qin Pan looked at them and felt annoyed. She felt that her breathing was ragged. “I don’t need you here. Go do what you need to do.”

“Alright. Then get some rest. We’ll come see you later.”

Father Qin knew that Qin Pan was annoyed by him and her emotions weren’t right. He didn’t stay any longer and pulled Qin Yajuan out of the ward.

After she left, Qin Pan let out a long sigh. It was really hard for her to endure.

If they didn’t leave now, she might not be able to hold herself back from attacking them.

“Mother is still in the hospital.”

Suddenly, she remembered that not only was she implicated in the fire, her mother was also hospitalized. Qin Pan immediately got up and walked towards the ward in her memory.

Pushing open the door, she saw that his mother was still unconscious. Her face was yellow and her brows were slightly furrowed. Even when she was asleep, it was obvious to Qin Pan that she was not well.

“System, scan my mother’s body.” Qin Pan activated the system without any hesitation.

Her mother’s illness did not accumulate overnight. She must have been sick for a while now, but she had not noticed it before.

“The patient’s body is fine. Her lungs inhaled a small amount of thick smoke, which affected her heart and caused her to lose consciousness. Her cardiovascular system is clogged,” the cold machine said the final result in a formulaic manner.

As expected, there was a problem with her mother’s heart. Qin Pan was glad that she had the medical system. She immediately asked, “Then how do we save her?”

“The system store has medicine that can resolve blockages. It only needs one course of treatment.”

“Hurry up and use it.” Qin Pan didn’t even think.

“The host does not have the right to use drugs. We do not have enough points.”


The system gave a simple explanation. The items in the system store were all very heaven-defying. There was nothing you couldn’t think of and nothing you couldn’t find. It felt like a miracle pill.

However, she could not use the items here casually. She needed points to exchange for them, and her current points were: 0.

“Can I use it first? I can give more points later.” Qin Pan started to discuss.

However, she was mercilessly rejected by the system.. “No.”

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