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Chapter 37: You Are Mine

The nights in nightclubs were always lively. This was heaven at night.

A party was going on in the top private room. It was bustling with noise and excitement. There were passionate songs and hot beauties moving their bodies. The flickering lights were intoxicating.

The sofa was already filled with men and women. All the men were flirting with the beautiful women beside them, taking advantage of everything.

Not only did they speak without thinking, their hands were not idle either.

However, among this group of men, there was one person who sat quietly by the side and drank alone. In this lively place, no one felt that there was anything wrong. No one asked about it either. There was even no woman who took the initiative to approach him.

He was not interested at all when he saw that his friends were all flirting with girls.

“Xi Ce, since you’re here, you should have some fun. You’re always so unapproachable. Women are afraid when they see you. How are you going to find a partner like this?” His friend raised his glass and joked.

Xi Ce only glanced at him, then picked up his glass and took a sip.

“He’s just sitting here without moving. But don’t women rush over like a moth to a flame? Are you still worried that he won’t be able to find a woman? You should worry about yourself,” another person joked.

For this familiar scene, almost every time they came, it would play out on one side. It was almost the same, and Xi Ce was already used to it.

“Young Master Xi, let me have a drink with you.” A girl sat beside him coquettishly, her body wanting to lean on him. “You’re bored drinking alone.”

“Scram!” Xi Ce didn’t even look at her and his tone was cold.

The viciousness in his eyes made the woman beside him leave quickly. She could not afford to offend him. She shrugged helplessly at the other rich second-generation heirs. There was nothing she could do.

The few rich second-generation heirs were already used to it. It would be terrible if Xi Ce accepted it, so they didn’t say anything.

The beauty was about to get up when the door of the private room was pushed open roughly.

Two people appeared at the door. A slender woman with light makeup and wearing a light-colored cheongsam walked in front. Behind her was the manager, who stumbled along.

“Miss, you really can’t. There are already people in this room. You can’t force your way in.” The nightclub manager’s forehead was covered in cold sweat as he tried to persuade her.

The silence in the private room made the manager realize that the person in front of him had already opened the door. He thought to himself, I’m doomed. I can’t keep my job.

Anyone here could easily make him lose his job. Today was really unlucky.

“I’m sorry, everyone, this lady…”

“Yo, isn’t this Miss Qin Pan?” One of the rich second-generation heirs reacted the fastest and said mockingly, “Why are you here today? What a rare guest!”

Qin Pan sneered and said to the manager beside him, “You can leave.”

“Okay, okay. Take your time.” The manager’s tense body instantly relaxed. It was good that they knew each other.

The door closed again and Qin Pan looked around the room. She saw Xi Ce and even the woman beside him who wanted to leave. He was seducing women everywhere he went. Hmph.

Qin Pan, who had just stepped into the private room, smiled. “Of course it’s a rare guest!”

These people were either second-generation officials or rich second-generation heirs. In her past life, Qin Pan only cared about Cheng Gang. In Cheng Gang’s eyes, these people were all ignorant and incompetent. After hearing Cheng Gang’s words, she didn’t like these people and was unwilling to interact with them. She almost didn’t participate in these people’s gatherings.

Qin Yajuan, on the other hand, frequented this industry and got to know many people. She was also good at dealing with people, which led to their impression of Qin Yajuan to be quite good.

It was precisely because of Qin Yajuan’s existence that Qin Pan was labeled as arrogant and brainless in the eyes of these people.

“Haha, Miss Qin, I don’t think such a party is suitable for you. We can’t have fun together.”

“It’s up to me whether it’s suitable or not. We’ll only know after we have fun together.” Qin Pan walked towards Xi Ce. “Right?”

Xi Ce glanced at her, letting her sit beside him, surprising everyone around him.

Qin Pan smiled and turned her head to tease, “Besides, I’m here to see a handsome guy. As long as he’s suitable.”

“Why are you here?” It was rare for Xi Ce to initiate conversation.

“I’m here to see if you’re fooling around. I have to watch you.” Qin Pan glared at Xi Ce with a coquettish expression. She then leaned closer and sniffed at him. “A woman’s fragrance, how low.”

Xi Ce was helpless. This woman really getting to him. He placed the fruit juice beside him in front of Qin Pan. “It got onto me.”

This action shocked everyone inside. Qin Pan had suddenly come and was so possessive of this ice mountain.

Yet, for the first time, Xi Ce did not reject her and even took the initiative to talk to her. What kind of move was this?

However, since she were already here, they couldn’t force her to leave.

The few of them were thinking about how to embarrass Qin Pan, their eyes filled with schemes..

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