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Chapter 29: Boyfriend Power

“Pan’er, Auntie will definitely be worried if you go back like this. I think you should find a hotel to stay for the night.” Cheng Gang parked the car at the entrance of the villa and tried to sound her out. “If you’re worried, I’ll send you to the hotel and leave immediately. Is that okay?”

“No, I want to go home. I don’t like the bed in the hotel. Oh my, go home.” Qin Pan directly refused.

With that, she opened the car door while Cheng Gang wasn’t paying attention. Just as he was about to hold her hand, she staggered out of the car and walked back home. There was no sign of drunkenness in her eyes.

But Cheng Gang would not let her leave so easily. When he saw her get out of the car, he quickly opened the car door and chased after her. “Pan’er, wait for me.”

“I’m home. Thank you for sending me back. You can go back now.” Qin Pan looked drunk but spoke clearly. She directly rejected Cheng Gang’s help.

Cheng Gang pulled her back and smiled. “How can I leave with you like this? I’ll send you upstairs to rest.”

Since she refused to go to the hotel no matter what, they could just do it at home. No matter where they were, he would not let her off today.

He had a feeling that Qin Pan wasn’t treating him like before. To avoid trouble, he had to sleep with her today. That way, he would be at ease.

As long as she became his, the Qin family would be his.

“No.” Qin Pan pushed his hand away in disgust. “Go, I want to go home.”

A drunk person had no rationality. Cheng Gang would not suspect anything about Qin Pan’s behavior at this moment. She got angry at Cheng Gang only because she was drunk.

Cheng Gang didn’t expect Qin Pan to be so unreasonable when she was drunk. He regretted letting Qin Pan get drunk. He should have added something to the wine.

“Pan’er, you’re drunk. Be good and stop fooling around.” Cheng Gang cursed in his heart, but his expression remained gentle. “I’ll send you in and go home, okay? Be good.”

As the two of them were pulling each other, Qin Pan pushed Cheng Gang’s hand away a little too hard and she staggered backwards a few steps. She thought she was going to fall to the ground, but instead fell into someone’s arms.

Qin Pan looked back and staggered before turning around. Then, she threw herself into Xi Ce’s arms and fainted.

Since Xi Ce was here, she was relieved. Acting was too troublesome.

“Pan’er.” Cheng Gang walked over and wanted to snatch her away, but when he saw that it was Xi Ce, he did not dare to do anything and only said tactfully, “Young Master Xi, I’m really sorry. Pan’er is drunk. I’ll bring her up to rest.”

Xi Ce lowered his head and looked at the woman in his arms. Because she was drunk, her face was red and her breath reeked of alcohol.

“Young Master Xi?” Cheng Gang saw that he did not speak and his expression was dark and scary. He went up to take the lead and smiled ingratiatingly. “Erm, I’ll take Pan’er home. You… Eh, Young Master Xi? Young Master Xi, what are you doing!?”

Xi Ce ignored him and carried the person in his arms. He glanced at Cheng Gang with his cold eyes and walked into the villa.

Qin Yajuan, who was in the hall, saw Xi Ce carrying Qin Pan through the door. She did not know why, but she turned into a gentle little woman when she greeted him, “Brother Xi, what happened to Sister?”

She thought that the man would reply her, but she didn’t expect that she wouldn’t even get a single look from him. Xi Ce carried her upstairs.

Qin Yajuan felt hatred in her heart. Was she not good-looking enough? Any man would not be able to resist her charm, but this man did not even look at her. Damn it, it was all that vixen’s fault.

Embarrassed, she could only look at Cheng Gang, who was following closely behind. She asked anxiously, “Brother Cheng, what happened to Sister?”

“She’s drunk.” Cheng Gang pushed the person in front of him away and walked upstairs. “I’ll go up and take a look.”

This completely infuriated Qin Yajuan. Her heart was filled with jealousy towards Qin Pan. Why was it that every man had Qin Pan in their eyes? Even when she was drunk, she still got their attention.

The more she looked at Cheng Gang’s anxious expression, the more indignant she felt. Without even thinking, she pulled the person who was about to leave. Her face was full of grievance as tears welled up in her eyes. “Brother Cheng, do you hate me?”

“No.” Seeing her like this, Cheng Gang knew that she had misunderstood. He could only stop in his tracks and pull her into his arms. “Pan’er, she’s drunk. I’m just worried that something might happen.”

“Really? Why would my sister get drunk?” Qin Yajuan knew Cheng Gang’s plan, but she was still unhappy.

Cheng Gang was held back and did not chase after them. After Xi Ce carried her into the room, he put her down. But Qin Pan was still in his arms.

“Stand still.” Xi Ce’s face was calm. “You’re not drunk.”

What a man, Qin Pan complained in his heart.. He left Xi Ce’s embrace and asked curiously, “How do you know I’m not drunk? Is it obvious?”

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