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Chapter 2: Unwilling to Die

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Heh! Qin Pan sneered in her heart.

She had seen through the cold-bloodedness of her relatives today. She never thought that there would be such a big surprise waiting for her.

Not only did her fiancé cheat on her, he was also dating her cousin whom she had never mistreated before.

The warm blood from the back of her head flowed down her shoulder. Qin Pan’s weak body couldn’t take it anymore and she staggered backwards. Her vision started to become blurry.

“Ah!” Seeing Qin Pan on the ground, Qin Yajuan screamed in panic. “Brother Cheng, she’s bleeding. What, what should we do?”

No matter how scheming she was, she had never killed anyone before. She was flustered.

“What do you mean what should we do?” Cheng Gang gritted his teeth and kicked the person on the ground fiercely. He said fiercely, “We are defending ourselves, understand?”

He was actually feeling guilty, but if others found out, even if she was a traitor, killing her would not land him in an easy position.

“Yes, I… I was defending myself.” Qin Yajuan hypnotized herself and started to calm down. “Brother Cheng, what should we do now? Should we send my cousin to the hospital? You know her personality. When the time comes…”

Needless to say, Cheng Gang knew what she meant.

Qin Pan, who was on the ground, couldn’t see the two people in front of her clearly. Her mind was in a mess. She wanted to see what these two b*tches wanted to do.

“We can’t go to the hospital!” Cheng Gang thought for a while and said fiercely, “She won’t let us off. If that’s the case, Qin Pan, don’t blame me for not caring about our bond of so many years. You forced me to do this.”

Since they had already done wrong, they might as well go through with it. Kill her!

Qin Pan really didn’t expect this scumbag to really dare to treat her like this.

All these years, hadn’t she, Qin Pan, treated him well enough?

Kill her and bury her body in the backyard!

Qin Pan listened to their discussion. Although she couldn’t see clearly, she still looked at the two people opposite her with a determined expression. Even if she died, she would still be arrogant.

When Cheng Gang’s dagger was ten centimeters away from Qin Pan, the door was kicked open from the outside.

Cheng Gang’s hand paused and looked over. He saw a man about 1.8 meters tall standing at the door. When he saw the knife in his hand and the person lying on the ground, his eyes turned red and his entire person exuded a cold murderous aura.

His eyes looked like they had drifted through a sea of corpses. His entire body felt like it had fallen into an icehouse. He was stiff and couldn’t think. Only his lips moved. “No, I didn’t.”

Qin Yajuan didn’t care if this man was good-looking or not. She wanted to act weak, but the man looked at her like she was a dead person.

The man gritted his teeth and looked at the woman lying in a pool of blood on the ground. His face was as white as a sheet of paper. His heart tightened. Was he still too late?

Qin Pan saw a man appear in her vision. She couldn’t see clearly and didn’t know who it was. She didn’t think who would appear at this time.

However, she could feel that this person was very angry. He was so angry that before the people in the room could react, he had already raised his gun and fired several times.

“Damn it!” The man’s cold voice sounded. “How dare you!”

Before the scumbag and slut could react from the red-eyed and furious man at the door, their bodies had already fallen to the ground.

The next second, Qin Pan was carried up and laid in a warm embrace.

She wanted to see clearly who the person in front of her was, but her vision was getting more and more blurry, and her mind was even more muddled. She could vaguely feel that this man was tall, strong, and should be a good person.

The man holding her held her hand and said gently, “Don’t be afraid, I will let you reach the peak again.”

Qin Pan looked up at him. “Who are you?”

“Your believer.”

The man’s voice was gentle and low with a sense of comfort. Qin Pan felt at ease.

But she was also puzzled. Who was this person?

Even though he tried his best to suppress it, Qin Pan could still feel his trembling when he spoke. Was he afraid of her dying?

Qin Pan wanted to say something but her body didn’t allow it. She fell into darkness.

Seeing that she had fainted, the man picked her up and left.

In the darkness, Qin Pan slowly felt that her body was no longer heavy and her vision was starting to clear. She turned her head and looked at the man who was driving.

Just as she had guessed, he was a handsome man!

“Thank you for saving me.”

But the man didn’t seem to hear her. Qin Pan didn’t understand and wanted to hit him, but her hand passed through the man’s arm.


Qin Pan was shocked. She turned around and saw that she was still in her seat.

So she was dead.

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