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Chapter 13: See You Die

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What was a noble?

The foundation of a noble was not something a scumbag could understand. Many things could not be accomplished with money.

Cheng Gang thought that with Qin Pan bringing him in, he would be able to handle the rest by himself.

In the end, he thought too highly of himself.

Although Xi Ce was very young, the people who came were all rather big shots. He even saw many business tycoons. Even if he saw them, he did not dare to be careless about how he carried himself.

However, such people were very polite at the banquet. Many people looked at them calmly.

The most awkward thing was that after entering for so long, there was no one to entertain him at all. He didn’t know anyone, so he had no choice but to look for Qin Pan.

He was very unhappy when he saw Qin Pan chatting with a few men with confidence.

“Xiao Pan, who are these people?” Cheng Gang’s expression was well-controlled, gentle and refined. “Hello everyone, I’m Cheng Gang, Xiao Pan’s boyfriend.”

“They’re all my boyfriends. Heh.” Qin Pan chuckled. “Didn’t you say you had something to discuss with your friends? Why are you here?”

“I’m done.” Cheng Gang said gently, “I was thinking about you, so I left after saying a few words.”

Could he say that after stepping forward, others would only nod and not even give him a word?

Qin Pan naturally knew about this. Cheng Gang must have suffered a loss and wanted to use her to make friends with some people and gain connections.

The people at the banquet were either rich or noble. He only needed to get to know some people, for his carreer development to be greatly improved.

However, none of that would work.

“Brother Cheng, have you seen the host?” Qin Pan asked with concern. “Have you handed them the birthday gift?”

“Not yet. Together?”

“Yes, but…” Qin Pan hesitated.

Cheng Gang immediately asked, “Why?”

“I was the one who brought you in, so you don’t have an invitation. If you give this gift to Uncle Xi’s family and leave a good impression, do you think it’s a good idea?”

“Yes, Xiao Pan is still the best to me. I’ll go right away. Wait for me.”

When Cheng Gang thought of the gift he had brought, he felt confident as he had spent a lot of effort to obtain it.

“Is this really your boyfriend?” Wang Zijun couldn’t believe it.

Qin Pan’s face was slightly red and she was very embarrassed. She lowered her eyes, “I’ve made a joke out of myself.”

“Everyone has their own personal matters. We’ll be leaving first.” Luo Cheng interrupted Wang Zijun, who was about to speak. He then pulled him away.

Wang Zijun said something unhappily beside him. He was full of energy.

Hehe, he was indeed a smart person.

The game had already started. It was time for her to take a look.

Outside the study room on the second floor, what should have been a quiet place was now surrounded by many people. Many people had come up from the hall.

As expected, a dog cannot change its way of eating shit. Cheng Gang wanted to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. He wanted to give the gift in a high-profile manner so that everyone would know about it. He also wanted to use the recognition of the host to validate his identity. That was why he found a way to attract so many people.

Qin Pan happened to hear a reprimand, “Quiet, mister, please leave. This is not a place for you to behave atrociously.”

“I’m here to look for Mr. Xi. Please help me pass on the message. I believe he’ll meet me.” Cheng Gang was not angered by the bodyguards’ attempt to stop him. He gritted his teeth internally. He would definitely teach these people a lesson in the future, but his expression remained calm. “Thank you.”

The bodyguards didn’t know him either, but there were so many people around them, and they were also discussing it. Maybe they knew each other. If they had something to say, it would be bad if they were delayed. 𝐢𝗻𝑛𝓇𝚎𝚊𝘥. 𝙘o𝓂

After some hesitation, the bodyguard went in and Cheng Gang waited outside confidently.

A moment later, the bodyguard came out, but his expression was very bad. The first thing he said when he saw Cheng Gang was, “Get lost.”

“What did you say?” Cheng Gang was furious. “How dare a mere bodyguard speak like that?”

The people around them were also puzzled.

The bodyguard was not afraid at all and said in a low voice, “Sir said that he doesn’t know you and has never heard of your name.”

“So it’s another person who’s here to pull strings. I told you I’ve never seen this person before. It looks like he’s one of those…”

“Exactly. Who does he think he is? He’s just a nobody. I’ve never even heard of him, yet he still has the cheek to say that he will meet him confidently. Hehe.”

“That’s hilarious.”

“Is this man retarded? Why is he so funny? Is he crazy?”

“Go, go, go. Don’t disturb Sir’s peace here.” The bodyguard started to chase him away and pushed Cheng Gang. “You should leave too.”

Cheng Gang’s mind was buzzing. He looked at the people around him. They were all mocking him sarcastically. The look on their faces made him clench his fists and teeth tightly. He wanted to flare up, but he couldn’t afford to offend anyone here.

It was really too embarrassing. Damn it, damn it.. He would definitely avenge himself for today’s humiliation.

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