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Chapter 12: Fully Employing Talents

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“This is really too much. I’m earning little and spending so much!”

Qin Pan looked at the points she had earned with much difficulty. After exchanging for medicine a few times, it was gone. She felt very tired.

Although volunteer medical consultation could earn points, it was too slow. She didn’t have time to waste on it. She had to get points as soon as possible.

“System, do I have to personally treat people in order to gain points?” Qin Pan asked the system in her mind to see if she could think of a way.

The system answered very quickly, “No need. As long as the patient is indirectly treated by you, it’s fine.”

“For example, can I hire someone to help me treat and save others?”

“In theory, yes.”

“Open a hospital?”

“You can try.”

The volunteer medical consultation was a free medical consultation. If opening a hospital was a profitable organization, could she still get points? The system did not answer this question, and Qin Pan had to think about it herself. 𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

After thinking about it, Qin Pan wanted to open a volunteer medical hospital. It was the same logic as the Golden Foundation. She just wanted to turn the fund into practical reality.

This would reduce the cost of treatment for the poor and help many.

This was not something that could be accomplished overnight. It had to be done slowly.

Qin Pan remembered that people from all walks of life would attend Xi Ce’s birthday banquet. She had a deep impression of those two people who were known as the best partners.

A combination of ice and fire.

These two people could be said to be calm and moving. One was calm and reserved while the other was lively and active. They were carefree, but Qin Pan felt that there were gentleness in their casual nature.

From what she saw in her previous life, the two of them had really good management skills and were passionate about charity.

It must be very suitable for such a talent to manage a volunteer medical consultation hospital.

Because of this, during the banquet, Qin Pan came very early just to wait for them.

“Senior Luo, look at that little beauty staring at you. Is she interested in you?”

As soon as Luo Cheng entered the banquet hall, he felt a gaze fixated on him. He was already used to having girls chase after him, so he only glanced upon his friend’s teasing.

Then, he took another look and was surprised. This girl was wearing a light blue dress. Her long curly hair was loose and her smile was brilliant. Her eyes didn’t give off any feeling of dislike.

This girl was definitely not the kind of woman that usually surrounded him.

“What are you looking at?” Wang Zijun, who thought highly of his brother, couldn’t help but be curious when he looked at a woman twice. “Tsk tsk, she’s a beauty.”

Qin Pan, who was sitting on the sofa, saw that they had noticed her and stood up to walk over.

“Hello seniors, I am Qin Pan.” Qin Pan’s sweet voice was gentle and pleasant to the ears.

Wang Zijun smiled handsomely and joked, “Little beauty, have you taken a fancy to my Big Brother Luo?”

“Yes.” Qin Pan nodded and continued, “I also like you. I wonder if you guys will give me a chance.”

Wow. What an earth-shattering thing to say.

She fell for two at once? If she did, then so be it. At least don’t say it out loud.

Even the experienced Wang Zijun was stunned. This girl was a little forthcoming. She was even more direct than him.

Seeing everyone’s strange expressions, Qin Pan immediately reacted and hurriedly explained.

After a while, everyone felt relieved after hearing Qin Pan’s explanation. They sighed with emotion.

“Your plan is not bad. At least I can tell that you are very diligent.” Luo Cheng took a sip of his wine. “But…”

“But what? If you have any requests, feel free to ask.” Qin Pan didn’t want to miss out on these two talents.

Luo Cheng remained silent, but Wang Zijun took over the conversation. “You know how troublesome it is to manage too many people.”

“I won’t be involved in the hospital’s matters. You have the final say in everything. We can sign the contract.” Qin Pan showed her greatest sincerity. “I know that you guys have been doing charity. One of you two seniors is an outstanding doctor while the other is a talent in the management world. This can fulfill your dreams and you don’t have to give up your profession. Isn’t that good?”

Luo Cheng didn’t reply, instead glancing at his surroundings.

“I’ll bring the contract on another day and find a quiet place to chat. How about it?” Qin Pan said.

Luo Cheng glanced at her and nodded in agreement.

Qin Pan knew that this matter was done.

“Xiao Pan, why are you here? You made me search for you.”

She couldn’t be happy for more than three seconds. When she heard the scumbag’s voice, Qin Pan’s expression turned ugly. From the moment she entered the banquet, the scumbag wanted to use her to gain connections.

Although he was annoyed, he still smiled.. The show hadn’t started yet, so he might as well endure for a while.

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