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Future News: My Phone Mutated

Future News: My Phone Mutated

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Chinese Novel




After waking up, a strange app was installed on Lin Bai’s phone.

The news on the app came from the future.

And as long as Lin Bai participated in the events and changed the future, he would be rewarded.

[World News: Pfizer US announces that it had developed the first-ever Corona Virus vaccine, stock prices shot up 500% in one day.]

[World News: Three days later, Elon Musk declares himself the godfather of DogeCoin on Twitter, forcefully manipulating DogeCoin prices.]

[Regional News: New developments on the old man car accident, son of old man offers 10million dollars for clues of the culprit.]

[Local News: Hard work won’t disappoint you, S City old lottery buyer who had been buying the same number for 30 years finally won 1st prize!]

[Local News: Daughter of the richest man in S city was kidnapped, violated, and murdered, the culprit is......]


Lin Bai looked at the obituary photo in black-and-white on the latest message.

That person in the photo, isn’t that the school belle Yu Jinmo who’s chasing me?

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