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Chapter 74

“Then, Cohgray, since our mages are present, we should undo the magic that turned you into a human.”

Oh, was it the dragonslayers that did this to me?

Anyway, I should have properly explained this to her.

“As I mentioned before, the dragon to whom you’ve prayed and I are separate beings.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve mistaken what the spell does. Instead of turning the monster into a human, the spell used a monster’s Mana as a catalyst to summon a human from another world. Then, the spell forces the target monster to possess that human.”



“The summoned human would be dropped into this completely different world. Because they have just been brought to this world, they would be low-leveled and extremely easy to kill. Then, you kill the human and the monster that possess him would die together.”

Celes took in this information very poorly.

“So, in other words, Veno Yveval and I are completely separate beings. I’m just a guy who was summoned from another world. I’m sure you guys have some sort of legend of summoning humans from parallel worlds, right?”

I think I recall Veno mentioning a fairytale like that.

Hearing this explanation, her face turns even paler.

“Th-That would mean... the spell which we thought would weaken a monster...”

“In Veno’s case, then it would mean you’d kill a tough monster by simply killing some stranger. A pretty good deal for you, I’d say.”

“Damn... I shall report this exactly as you have said to the Kingdom of Saint Yggdra. To slay a monster like that is... completely unacceptable. If there is a way for me to atone for my sins...”

“Innocent people from parallel worlds have been forced to sacrifice their lives, so I can’t justify it. But... I’m sure you dragonslayers can find atonement.”

The dead cannot simply come back.

Celes and her squad might have innocent blood on their hands, but that’s just how this world is.

It’s not fully their fault though. Whoever created a spell like Forced Possession Summoning should be to blame. They should forbid people from ever using it again.

“You... are right. I now realize that you have guided my path time and time again, Cohgray.”

“Don’t worry too much about it. I’m glad to be able to open up to you as well.”

I reached my hand out.

With just a tinge of fear, she took my hand and shook it.

“Thank you...”

It seemed like she could undo Forced Possession Summoning.



Both Arleaf and Muu turned to me with heartbroken looks on their faces.

“Yukihisa... are you going to return to your world?”

“I’m only here because of Veno’s Mana, so I’m not sure either.”

‘Aye. Your presence in this world may perhaps be maintained by my Mana.’

So, does that mean if the spell gets undone, I’ll return to Japan?


Oof... Arleaf eyes swelled up with tears.

This hurts, Arleaf... but I really can’t help it since our goal is to lift the spell after all.

“Are you... going to leave?”

“I still don’t know yet, but, umm... err, Arleaf...”

I took her hands in mine.

“Veno will still be around even if I’m gone. So, please... please don’t be so sad.”

‘Do pardon me for being unable to consume the lass’ cooking.’

Oh, shut up! You’re such a blabbermouth.

‘Well, lass... in the even that he returns to his world, I shall try to summon him for thee.’

What? Veno plans to summon me on his own terms?

It was unreasonable how they summoned me in the first place, but wouldn’t it be unreasonable the second time as well?

‘Dost thou wish for otherwise? Even though thou always complainest.’

Hmm... well, you guys are like family now and no way do I want to work in that company again.

Not to mention that Veno has already defeated Virage once and for all, so I wouldn’t mind being here. I’ve enjoyed my days here, y’know?

“Lord Holy Dragon...” i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

‘Nothing to fearest then.”

“Thank you.”

“It seems like Miss Arleaf can hear the dragon’s voice too. Have you come to a decision?”

“Yes, we have.”

“Then come with me. Our mages are waiting.”

We headed to the courtyard of a church to find an incredible number of mages waiting to begin undoing Forced Possession Summoning.

Then, they began casting all kinds of spells at me, attempting to lift the spell.

It seems like the townsfolk are peering in from outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the Holy Dragon.

“Let us proceed!”

The head mage called out one last time before casting a spell at me.

Just like before, the energy poured into me... and after a while, I floated back to solid ground.

... don’t feel any different though.

“Umm... so, did it work?”

“Very odd. I tried reversing it, but...”

The mages put in so much research into Forced Possession Summoning, but they now all hang their heads down.

... what? You guys figured out how to cast it but not undo it?

“A-Apologies, Cohgray.”

“No, it’s uhh... I guess it was easier said than done.”

Man, it would’ve been great if it worked.

‘Tsk... that means we have to continue as is for a little longer.’

Sounds like it...

“Though we may have failed... our appreciation does not change. We revere you and the dragon—Lord Yveval, I mean—as holy figures. Let us guarantee your safety from now on. We would be honored if you were to accept our feelings.”

“Oh. Yes. It’s my pleasure?”

I guess we’re now saints in three religions. I’m glad they put aside their differences to be so courteous.

We were even warmly welcomed to the palace too.

Oh, and Veno’s wide-area spell easily took care of the curse that was placed upon Nisua.

But talk about a one-eighty from fugitive to saint.

I barely have to ask and people immediately say yes to my requests. It kinda felt good.

It was scary and nerve-racking to lay low and live as a fugitive.

In any case, even though civilization is quite a bit behind, life here is stable. I was more than happy to not have to fight anymore.

‘Is that not something to celebrate?! hic! It truly has been too long since I have indulged like this.’

The town offered their finest liquor to Veno, so he’s back on the bottle.

Since I’ve got Poison Absorption, I get a light buzz but no hangovers. Pretty handy.

I thought somebody might try to assassinate me to wrest control over the world, but poisons don’t work at all on me.

I’m sure any assassin would know that... but I’ve also got quite the entourage of bodyguards. Celes didn’t even return home to cure her sister and instead is protecting me.

I lived a life of peace... for about two weeks.

“Are you sure, Cohgray?”

After being relieved of her post in the Dragonslayers Corps under the guise to return home, I asked Celes for help to break out of the palace that so cordially received us. In the cover of night, we executed our plan.



“We will be on the run again, Yukihisa.”

“You’re right. But if I stay there any longer, I’ll become a waste of skin.”

Yeah, after living the high life for two weeks, I felt like an absolute degenerate.

In the end, Arleaf—who originally followed me around as a helper—became my lover and finally, my wife. Wait... now that I think about it, that sounds really bad.

Anyway. As we’re trying to break ourselves out, Muu’s in the corner shaking up and down with a dirty look... it feels like Muu is expecting Arleaf and me to get hot and heavy tonight, but that’s not what we’re doing!

I felt like a completely useless person living like this, so I begged Celes for her help to extract me out of this place and set off on a journey together.

It’s not like we could undo Forced Possession Summoning anyway.

‘Good heavens... thou spoke of being a “corporate slave” before, but are humans from thy world so unaccepting of extravagance? Not being able to fully relax is a real shame.”

“My body has been naturally healing itself ever since I came to this world. If I relaxed any longer, I’d turn into a blob.”

“You are a very earnest man, Cohgray. I have much to learn from you.”

After leaving palace grounds, we hopped onto a coach that Celes had prepared ahead of time.

“Cohgray, they will definitely go searching for a missing saint. It is still not too late to return.”

“I know. I’ve left them a message just in case.”

Before we escaped, I left a note on the desk of my room. I explained how there are still many in this world who need our help and my reasons for doing so. Basically, everything that would sound good.

Of course, I made sure not to incriminate Celes in the letter. I said I’d return in three days too. I think I’ll be alright.

“They will only hunt you down.”

“Well... I’m used to being on the run.”

“Then, where shall we go? Shall we go searching for my relatives for clues to undo Forced Possession Summoning?”

‘‘tis a good plan. And honestly, the lass’ ancestor wrote not nearly enough in his journal.’

“They’ll probably be waiting for us there...”

“If they are expecting us to show up to Miss Arleaf’s relatives, then let us go to somewhere like my hometown where they surely shall not be expecting.”

Not to hide in plain sight or anything, but Celes technically took her leave before I escaped, so they shouldn’t connect the dots.

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan.”

“Understood, then let us head to Niez.”

“Okay! I will follow you to the ends of the world, Yukihisa.”


‘Good grief. Thou hast made more comrades, but in the end, still a fugitive.’

I guess so. We gotta start with undoing the spell though.

I’m still a Poison-Wielder. And I’m still a fugitive.

‘Aye. However, I feel better than ever.’

“You’re right. Well, everybody, sorry to trouble ya... but let’s do this!”

“Yeah! (Mu!)”

... seems like I’ll still be a poison-wielding fugitive for the next little while.

Thank you very much for being with me on this journey to the end of my first novel series! I sincerely hope everyone has enjoyed Poison-Wielding Fugitive as much as I have. As well, I hope everyone will continue supporting me by reading my other novels and upcoming ones as well. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.

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