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Chapter 3

“Anyway... you think you could lift this spell casted on you?”

‘If I could, it would have been done already. Unfortunately, evading the Forced Possession Summoning has spent most of my mana. Furthermore, the spell drains whatever I regenerate back.”


I made a weird noise without meaning to.

Well, if you think about it, he would’ve if he could’ve, huh? And since he can’t, it’s an inconvenience for him too.

‘And that my body has been transferred away to an alternate dimension, I cannot do much to help. It is quite the unexpected turn of events.’

You think we can... talk to them about this?

‘The lot can slay a mighty dragon by just killing a complete stranger from a parallel universe, you know? Do you think they will respond in kind?’

The bastards who caused this absurd mess aren’t exactly gonna go “Oh, I’m so sorry for causing you so much trouble,” are they?

‘Moreover, they will most likely be coming to murder us. We do not have the time to loiter. After you build up some strength and I recover some mana, we would do well to run far and escape.’

“Man, what did you ever do for them to hate you so much?”

‘I know not. Humans are greedy and foolish. You are beings who will fulfill your own desires, no matter how despicable the method is, correct? It is expected that they want not only my life, but my scales, bone, blood, and flesh so that they can flaunt their power and authority.’

I don’t know what kind of dragons exist in this word, but to do something so intensely stupid like summoning me, a powerless salaryman?

How much more are you going to abuse your powers for?

‘Such is the way things are. Will you cooperate with me so that we may both survive?’

“Not much of a choice for me, hey? I don’t exactly wanna die.”

‘Aye... that much is true. I am self-aware that I have suggested an unfair proposition. But, had I not counterattacked as hard as I did, you would already be dead, no?’

Tch... how unpleasant of him.

The only good part about since being summoned into this unthinkable situation is that at least we managed to avoid death by the skin of our teeth.

“Are there any means to free us?”

If we can’t ask our enemies for help, we have no choice but to solve this ourselves.

‘Even I am not that familiar with this spell. We can only do our best by analyzing and testing out what works and what does not.’

“Once you find out how to solve this, you better not go and stab me in the back.”

Like, for example, what if once he recharges enough mana, he breaks free of our link by destroying me from the inside, leaving only him alive?

As soon as I thought about that, a heat like anger rushed through my head.

Wow, that’s hot. It’s a weird feeling.

Maybe he’s mad.

‘How dare you?! Do not treat me as if I were such a despicable creature, a mere cur. I will not stand for your insolence! I am not the enemy of your enemy, rather, we are on the same boat. An ungrateful human is no more than a beast.’

“Where did you get all those idioms from anyway?”

Oops. I made that smart-ass comment without meaning to.

‘Hmm? My translation skill—Seal of Solomon—is in effect. It should be adapted into the language of your world.’

Ah, it’s translation magic, eh? How convenient.

But the name “Seal of Solomon”... no, that must’ve been translated as well.

I wonder what powers the skill though. Hopefully it’s not my brain.

‘I believe it is also due to this skill that you can understand the language here.’

... I see. That Arleaf didn’t seem like she was speaking Japanese, yet I could fully understand her was thanks to Veno’s powers, huh?

That’s so useful.

‘Back on topic. Even if I could break free from this spell through a process like that, it would only hurt my own pride. I am a most honorable dragon, above the stupidity and arrogance of humans. I would never be able to forgive myself. I would rather stay in this form forever!’

Mmm, yeah, well... I would rather you not stay in my head and make such a racket for all of eternity.

And if you think about how long an oh-so-mighty dragon lives for, my lifespan is but a blink of an eye.

‘What are you going on about? This link between us might not have an expiration, you know? We still know not enough about it.’

... you mean I might be possessed by him for centuries?

Immortality may be the dream for mankind, but to live as a fugitive forever? No, thanks.

In any case, even if I don’t get betrayed, staying like this isn’t ideal either.

“Is there anything we have to do as soon as possible?”

‘Hmm, good call. We must prepare before the enemy comes. You need to familiarize yourself with this world, prepare for an attack, and learn how to protect yourself. Then, we must find a way to destroy this Forced Possession Summoning.’

I wonder if he realises how lofty his goals sound.

Not to mention the lack of privacy from how he can read my every thought.

‘I will do my best to attend to every concern. In the meantime, you should try your best to survive too. I will give you as much advice as I can.’

“Understood. Then let’s work together from now on. My name’s Kogure Yukihisa.”

‘Aye, and Yukihisa is your first name, correct? Let us forge ahead together. My fate is in your hands.’

Ugh... I don’t know what’s worse—being fully consumed by that shitty company or a double suicide with a dragon for the sake of some assholes from a parallel universe.

Whichever it is, it doesn’t matter. I’ve now been dropped into this place to survive or die.

And just like this, my fugitive life in a parallel world with Veno the dragon begins.

As I stroll in the town square of this deserted village, I double-check the facts just to be sure I’m getting things straight.

Well, not so much that it’d help me out, but I should ask Veno about all the rules to this world so that things go smoothly.

At least we can still try to figure things out and do some research.

In the sweatshop, they demanded battle-ready troops who can start working without any explanations at all and to do nearly impossible feats.

Things like seemingly endless and pointless work, meaningless meetings where unsavory higher-ups make no real discussion, and even customer service in which you can do nothing but apologize.

We had to do some customer service... but that was the roughest.

It didn’t matter why customers were angry and it didn’t matter that you understood it or not. What mattered was that you could take all the blame and apologize for it.

In dealings with a lot of pressure, we were practically forced to kowtow to the other party.

Being an SE is tough, so getting a break from actual work was just a bit nice, but now that I think about it, it still all sucked.

‘There are many trials and tribulations within mankind as well, hmm?’

Veno takes a stroll down my memory lane without asking to do so and comments in a empathetic voice. I hope you understand you are one of those trials and tribulations.

... I digress.

What’s important right now is info.

To be ignorant is just waiting for problems to come to you.

If you don’t know why your someone is mad, apologizing won’t do a thing.

... maybe because it’s refreshing to say everything that was bottled up, the other party usually buries the hatchet... and then explains the situation carefully to whom was really to blame.

Anyway, at the expense of looking like a total yokel, I’ve got to ask around for answers.

But I’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

But do I already stand out like this?

I’m wearing a dress shirt and a pair of trousers. I look pretty different than the villagers around me.

Speaking of which, I’m really confused to as why the villagers aren’t staring at me.

Even how Arleaf dresses is different, and no one batted an eye at her.

‘This is but my personal opinion, but I believe that you look like nothing more than lightly-dressed to others. Never mind how you dress, the clothes you are wearing are quite soiled.’

Ah... well, yeah. That’s true.

According to Arleaf, I was floating in a swamp. That’s why my clothes are so dirty.

Just in case, I should dry them out. But it’s not like they’re that uncomfortable either.

And while I do want to change, I have nothing but the clothes on my back and that it’s a trivial matter.

The first thing to do is to learn some common knowledge so that I don’t stand out. It’s important to survival.

‘I understand what your whole preface is about. What do you wish to learn about?’

Hmm, that’s right... I guess first off, I’d like to take a closer look at that status screen you showed me before.

‘Oh, that? Is that all? It is something you can do by yourself, you know? All you have to do is focus on your desire to check your condition.’

I try focusing after he tells me to.

As soon as I do that, the status screen reappears and hovers in my vision.

This world really is like inside a game, huh?

Wait, maybe there were status screens back in my world too, but what if no one figured out how to make it appear?

Let’s get back to the screen for now. XP doesn’t seem that easy to earn and it doesn’t seem like there are any hidden statues either.

... call me plain, but I can’t seem to accept the situation I’m in.

I feel like a total mess.

Anyway, let’s continue.

It really is like a game, making me lose all sense of reality... I wonder how the inner workings are though.

‘I do not know of a single person who solved that mystery. It has been in place since ages ago and all beings are able to access their status screens.’

Since it’s unexplainable, let’s just leave it at that. Knowing how doesn’t affect our chances of survival anyway.

‘But entertainment... you said it is like a video game. Oh-ho... there are various of them in your memory. They sure look interesting. Would you mind if I try my hand at them? It seems that I can access these video games from your memory.’

Don’t just go through someone’s memories without asking! And stop your gaming marathon too!

I just know that Veno is like digging through my toy box and playing every console there is.

Whatever. To someone who’s so familiar with games, I feel a certain affinity to this.

But I still have lots to do to prepare for what lies ahead.

And I don’t even know what I should do. Should I go an become an adventurer as if this were some sort of tabletop RPG?

I have zero combat experience, you know?

What did you think was my job before this?

SE. I was an SE. Systems engineer. Let alone fight, I didn’t even get to exercise much.

If that’s the case, I might as well get a part-time job and earn some money. While we search for a way to break free of this spell, I could run around aimlessly. Fighting isn’t everything.

‘I am aware of such a profession. A part-time job... day labor is not such a bad idea, but that too would be classified as adventuring.’

After perusing through my memories, Veno answers.

Of course, this world is quite the fantasy cliché, so there must be adventurers too.

But a job like that could open us up to a new world.

Whichever path we take, I gotta know exactly how strong I am.

Kogure Yukihisa

Poison Earth

Level 1

Acquired skills: Spirit Link, Poison Absorption (Weak), Poison Release

As well, all the fine details are shown on this screen... but all of them are in the single-digits, slightly worrying me.

‘Level one, hmm... Furthermore, your statistics indicate you to be quite weak. Even in the adult stage, humans are quite the fragile creature... However, in my distant infancy, I was likely about as weak as you are now.’

You don’t remember?

‘Can you recall any memories of your infancy? The distant past is but a blur.’

Mm... well, it’s not like he’s wrong.

I don’t think I have any recollections of anything before elementary school.

‘My current stats are so high, it may shock you to the afterlife. You should at least gain a few levels, so you can protect yourself if and when the time comes. You should be able to quickly earn experience by hunting.’ 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

Hunting... since it’s a fantasy world, it’s probably like monsters, wild animals, and stuff like that.

Just like a game, if I defeat monsters, I gain levels?

‘Aye. Just like in with what you are familiar with, experience points also exist in this world. No matter human or monster, within lies quintessence. By defeating another being, their quintessence transfers to the victor. By accumulating quintessence, you, too, will gain levels and, thus, your abilities will improve. It is the rule of survival of the fittest.’

That’s nice and easy to understand.

However... there’s one part I don’t quite get.

“Poison Earth” is written beside my name. What does that mean?

‘All humans have a power known as class or profession. This power grants the beings of this world the ability to discover their power.’

Dragons too?

‘Monsters and dragons slightly differ on the technical side.’

Hmm... you can tell at first glance that this job thing is pretty important.

In games, you do get a lot of effects and buffs from your class.

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