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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 3509: Untitled

Chapter 3509: Untitled

The first contact between the magical world and the Cultivation world had begun.

Although she did not have time to change her clothes, the queen of magic from a different space had her own style and dignity.

Countless gold horns and musical instruments flew out of Jade and lined up in the air, as if they were being played by an invisible band.

Even in the vacuum of the universe, the music was still rippling in gold.

Below Theresa’s feet, a red carpet made of light magic extended from Jade to Fist God like zigzagging red silk.

Theresa walked on the red carpet proudly with her head held high.

“I am the ruler of the Blood War Demon Sector, the liberator of the human world, the destroyer of the devouring beasts, the best gunner, the captain of Jade, the second queen of the Crimson Dynasty, and Theresa Han. You may call me Your Majesty.”

She looked down at the stars and said casually, “I am from a magical world that you cannot understand. I was asked by an old friend, ‘Han Te’, to come for peace and friendship.

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The command center of Fist God.

Looking at the magical girl who was trying her best to maintain her aura on the light beam, Liu Li frowned. He thought for a long time and failed to come up with a name. “But aren’t you Special Agent Han?”

“How did you know?”

Theresa was so scared that her face turned pale. She blurted out subconsciously, only to realize that something was wrong. She covered her mouth quickly and stammered, “No. I mean, who—who said that? I’m not Special Agent Han. I’m not. I didn’t. You are talking nonsense!”

“I saw you transform just now,” Liuli said.

“…Can you see my face clearly? It’s not blurred at all!” Theresa could not believe it. She turned around and glared at Jade.

“Of course you can. Although your eyes are covered, we are childhood sweethearts after all. How could I forget your nose, mouth, ears, and face?”

Liu Li said matter-of-factly, “You are still calling yourself ‘Star Ocean Cannon King’. Your voice hasn’t changed. Besides, among the people I know, you are the only one who has studied magic and sworn to be the Star Ocean Cannon King!”

“Liuli, do you remember that we were childhood sweethearts? I’m so touched.”

He had just turned back into Theresa. Affected by the secretion of hormones, he was prone to losing control over his emotions. It was not until he burst into tears that he realized that something was wrong. Theresa waved her hands hard. “No. I am really not Hunter Han. I am just, uh, a friend of Mr. Hunter Han!”

“Friends? That’s impossible. Isn’t ‘Teresa Han’ just a name that has been reversed and changed to be more feminine?”

Liu Li eyed the ragged clothes of the magical beauty suspiciously, but he was still confused. “Han Te, how did you end up like this? Did—oh, I get it now. Did you suppress yourself so hard in front of me in the Pangu Universe that you were too embarrassed to reveal your true sexual orientation and even went through all the trouble to disguise yourself with the false mask of a ‘playboy’ until you went to a different world where you freed yourself and found your own Great Dao?”

“Of course not!”

Theresa stomped her feet in fury. “I didn’t. I was a playboy in the first place. No. Mr. Hunter was a playboy in the first place. No. No. Ah!”

She was rendered speechless and pouted, feeling wronged.

“Isn’t it?”

Liu Li was suspicious. She glanced between the magical beauty and the powerful and mysterious Jade. Very soon, her face was wreathed in fury. “If you did not do it willingly, were you coerced? Han Te, tell me. Did the evil forces of the mysterious world do something outrageous to you? Did they imprison, ravage, and transform you into such a… unrecognizable appearance?”

Liu Li thought quickly.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

A long story of two million words immediately emerged in his mind.

There were also countless appalling pictures.

They were the kind that made Li Yao blush.

Liu Li was so angry that his voice was shaking. “Damn it. The guys of the world of magic are all perverts. How could they torture you like this? Han Te, don’t be scared. If you are controlled, blink now. I will save you even if I have to die!”

“Not—not really.”

Theresa covered her face, not knowing how to explain herself. “I was not forced. Well, maybe it was a little—”

“A little bit at first. Then, you got used to it?”

Liu Li gritted his teeth. “It’s impossible. The Han Te I know is an iron-willed man. Although he is unreliable most of the time, he can persist on his own path at the critical moment. There’s no way that he is used to such things. You must’ve been coerced. Oh, I see. Hypnotized. Brainwashed by magic!”

“No, not brainwashing!”

Theresa couldn’t help but scream, “Liuli, please don’t be so imaginative. I—really—no—Han—”

“Then how do you know my name?” Liu Li asked.

“…” Theresa was rendered speechless.

“It’s alright. Take your time. I can wait.”

Liu Li sighed. “Han Te, you are my childhood sweetheart and best friend. Whatever you become, our friendship will always be the same. Therefore, please trust me and tell me whatever trouble you are in. I will help you wholeheartedly.

“It was not voluntary, nor was it forced, nor was it brainwashed. What is going on exactly? I can’t figure it out even if I rack my brain!”

Liu Li’s eyes were wide open. She looked at Theresa in curiosity.

Theresa could not bear it any longer.

He really wanted to cross the communication channel and block Liu Li’s mouth with his fists.

“Let me repeat myself. For the last time, I am not Special Agent Han. I am Theresa, the queen of the Blood Demon Sector and the human world!

The magical girl said angrily, “If you keep asking, diplomatic conflicts are going to break out!”


Liuli thought for a moment and asked, “If you are not Han Te, then what about him? Why didn’t he return to the Pangu Universe? Logically speaking, if Han Te did discover a world of magic, he should have returned with you and acted as a middleman, shouldn’t he?”

Theresa had been prepared for this question.

She put on a sad face and said, “It’s like this. Of course, Mr. Han Te wanted to go back to his hometown and meet his family and friends, but he was injured.

“Injured?” Liu Li was dazed.

“It’s true that Mr. Han Te is a super hero. His personality is so brilliant that it cannot be described with words. He has paid too much for the unification of the Blood Demon Sector and the liberation of the human world.

Theresa said, “In the final battle against the Devourer, he risked everything in order to save billions of innocent girls. He was heavily wounded when he defeated the strong enemy. I and all the people of the world of magic respect him very much.

“Of course, his life is not in danger. Besides, the medical technology of the world of magic is very advanced. So, you don’t need to worry too much. All he needs to do is rest for a while and he will be as good as new. Then, he will come back and reunite with Miss Liuli.”

“He was heavily wounded…”

Liu Li was deep in thought.

All the clues were connected like pearls.

Her eyes grew wider and wider, and her gaze gradually moved from Theresa’s chest to her crotch.

Staring at Theresa’s crotch, Liu Li’s eyes turned from suspicion to shock.

She took two steps back and covered her mouth. Tears flowed out of her eyes uncontrollably. “That explains a lot. I—I understand everything now. Special Agent Han, you—you suffered such serious wounds. No wonder—”

“Like I said, he is not Special Agent Han.”

Theresa was still confused. She scratched her head and said in embarrassment, “However, seeing that Miss Liuli is so concerned about him, Mr. Hunter must be very happy.”

“As long as you are happy. As long as you are happy.”

Liu Li nodded with tears in his eyes and managed a smile. “You must be happy as a human being. No matter what setbacks you encounter, no matter how serious your injuries are, no matter how much you lose… no matter how precious something is, you cannot be depressed, much less desperate. You can still change your direction and start anew!”

“That’s true, but why do I feel that Miss Liu Li’s gaze is strange… Where are you looking?”

It was not until this moment that Theresa came back to herself. She could not help but clench her legs. “It’s not what you think!”

“I understand. I understand. It’s definitely not that kind of injury.”

Liu Li nodded quickly.

Time flies. She was no longer the na?ve and ignorant girl in the badlands. She had understood everything that she should. “Rest assured. You know me. I’m not the gossipy type. I won’t tell anybody.”

“What do you mean you don’t like gossip? What do you want to gossip about?”

Theresa was spinning in anger. “And since when do I know you? As I said, I am not Hunter Han!”

“Yes. Yes. Yes. You are not Han Te. You are… Theresa, the Crimson Queen. That’s your name, right? No problem.”

Liu Li patted her chest and promised, “I’ll be your witness. You are Theresa, not Special Agent Han. For example, I died yesterday. From now on, let’s move on from Special Agent Han and start afresh. We will be best friends forever.”

“Who wants to be your sister? I have a harem of sisters in the world of magic!”

Theresa was about to burst into tears. “Alright, Liuli. I admit that I am Special Agent Han, but it is not what you think. As for my wounds…”

“There’s no need to explain. Everybody has their own secrets. Everybody has their own hidden wounds that cannot be revealed.

Liu Li explained, “We are good friends. Friends must trust and support each other unconditionally no matter what they turn into. From now on, nobody is allowed to mention ‘Han Te’ anymore, nor is anybody allowed to mention Han Te’s injuries. I will fight anybody who does!

“Anyways, welcome home, Han… Theresa!”

Liuli wiped off the tears in the corner of her eyes. With a brilliant smile on her face, she hugged the exasperated magical girl on the light beam.

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