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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 26: Someone Fiercer Arrives

Chapter 26: Someone Fiercer Arrives

Translator: Strivon / Ash Editor: Geoffrey / Lancent

Wei Tie saw the crystal tube counter continue to tick away a string of digits, causing him to swallow a mouthful of spittle with great difficulty.

Cold sweat formed on his forehead, back, and between his waist. His body was as if it had just been scooped out of a body of water.

Wei Tie, also known as the Iron Beast, did not dare to even make a single move to wipe off his sweat. His mind was filled with a scene of those 30 explosive fists bombarding upon his body.

He would absolutely... be beaten to death!

“You must be Older Brother Tie of the third years. What business do you with me?” Li said as he recognized that this was the school’s infamously fierce Iron Beast.

Wei Tie’s lips trembled, not knowing how to respond.

Li Yao was likewise extremely surprised and blinked his eyes few times. He had heard long ago that Wei Tie was notorious for being a ruthless person. However, everyone minded their own business in the past. Wei Tie and Li Yao had not crossed paths before. Today was the first day they exchanged words. Why did it seem like this guy… was a bit retarded?

“Li. Fellow student Li Yao. I came looking for you since I have something I need your help with,” answered Wei Tie in a stammer.

“What is it?” Laughed Li Yao in reply.

“It"s— It"s like this. When I punch out with power, I feel that there"s something not quite right. I don"t know if fellow student Li Yao has some time to give me some pointers? As the martial arts teacher would say, I should be able to punch out with 50% more force with my strength, but the power of my punches always fails to reach that lever of power!” said Wei Tie with the utmost sincerity.

Li Yao was stunned. It took quite a while before he responded by going through the motions, “Sure thing~ As fellow students, we ought to learn from one another. The thing is… I"m all booked for today. How about we exchange pointers next time when I have time?”

“Sure! Sure! So it turns out that Older Brother Yao has matters to tend to. Then let"s exchange pointers next time. I"m going to go now! Older Brother Yao go ahead and tend to your stuff! Go ahead!”

Wei Tie left. Or it can be said… that he broke into a run.

This sight would have been unbelievable if not personally seen with one"s own eyes. It would have been very hard to believe that the 210 cm tall and over 300 lb buff giant would be able to utilize the Spirit Serpent Footwork Technique to the degree of moving like the floating clouds and flowing water. He left without a trace, exercising caution to avoid calamity.

The hundreds of students in the gymnasium were left feeling stupefied, dumbstruck, and shocked. All of them watched with eyes that stared rigidly at Li Yao, feeling as if they had fallen into an illusion. They stared at him as if he was the king of the demon beasts wearing the skin of a human.

“What the hell is going on? Why did the Iron Beast run in such a panicked manner after saying a few sentence? What did they say in the end?”

“Loud thunder can be accompanied by small raindrops. This is probably the Iron Beast’s style. I had thought that he would break all of Li Yao’s ribs!”

“What kind of cultivation technique did Li Yao use? Could it be that he stashed a high quality ‘Hypnosis Glyph’ on his body? Hypnotizing the Iron Beast?”

The students discussed earnestly within themselves. They were extremely astonished.

Bro for life Meng Jiang massaged his stomach. He managed to nudge to Li Yao’s side with great difficulty. Unable to deal with the pain, he said urgently, “Little Devil, is there anything wrong? In the end, what did the Iron Beast want?”

Li Yao rubbed his skull. Shaking his head he said, “I don’t know man. It"s a complete mystery. He said he wanted to find some time to study punching techniques together. Give a few pointers to each other.”

Meng Jian jumped in astonishment as he shouted bewildered, “What? The Iron Beast wants to study punching techniques with you? Don’t you know that the last person who ‘studied punching techniques’ with the Iron Beast had their right leg broken into three pieces while he was still conscious?! But — but why did he go and leave?”

“I said I still had matters to attend to today, that I didn’t have time, and that we can do it next time. He went ‘Oh’ and then walked away! Huh? Did you just vomit?” Li Yao circled around his bro for life. When he discovered the imprint of a shoe on his bro for life, his pupils suddenly contracted and his irises gave off a cold glow.

He understood now.

“I know roughly why Wei Tie was looking for me. Damn! I should have made him stay just then… Small Jiang. It would be better for you to keep some distance from me for the next few days,” said Li Yao with utter seriousness.

Meng Jian stared at him and asked, “Why?”

Li Yao creased his nose and said, “Didn’t you just say that some poor unfortunate student of our Common Class had provoked Helian Lie? That he will suffer a misery incomparable for vengeance? That poor unfortunate student… seems to be me.”


Meng Jian jumped with shock, ejecting over three meters away subconsciously as if Li Yao was the demon of pestilence. When he came to, he felt a bit ashamed. With a bitter face, he said, “Little Devil, we are all good brothers. Needless to say, my code of honor isn’t lacking. Let’s see, which hospital’s intensive care unit would you like to stay at? I will help you reserve a bed right now!”


Wei Tie ran in a small sprint the entire time. He scuttled out of the Ninth Gymnasium and had just turned around the corner when he saw someone standing by the flowers and bushes. A tall skinny youngster with a malicious expression on his face.

The youngster’s hips were quite high on his body. His pair of legs were at least 102 cm long. The pants of the school uniform were wrapped tightly around his muscular legs; originally the pants were designed to be loose, but on him, it was like they were skin-tight pants.

“Really? This fast? Are you sure you broke 10 of his bones? You’ve recorded the whole ordeal right? I’ll send it via e-crane link for Senior Helian to watch!”

Wei Tie did not dare to be bossy in front of this malicious youngster, adopting a well-behaved attitude.

It’s because this youngster with the name Zhao Liang was a student of the Important Class.

Although he was the lowest ranking student, ranked 41st, of the Important Class, he had an elite Spirit Actualization Quotient of 60%. Zhao Liang was not someone Wei Tie could confront.

“Older Brother Liang. When I walked in the gym just now, I felt some pain in my stomach. It’s probably my appendicitis flaring up again. I need to go see the doctor asap!” Wei Tie’s eyeballs turned about and he clenched his teeth. His face was scrunched up into a ball. His enormous body even began to shiver and his forehead began to sweat once more.

“Appendicitis? Did you make a mistake!?” Zhao Liang was unable to restrain his rage. He wished very much to slap Wei Tie across the face. He said in a low roar, “At first, I thought that you had a bit of potential. I even put in a few good words for you with Senior Helian Lie to help you move up Senior Helian Lie’s ladder and receive some good benefits later on. I never thought you were actually a pile of shit. How could you not withhold your end in this key moment!”

“Right, right. It’s exactly as Older Brother Liang says. My appendicitis flared at the worst moment. Oh man, it hurts! It hurts! What if it"s infected!” Wei Tie covered his mouth. The pain was enough to squeeze a few tears out of his eyes. He squinted his eyes, peaking at Zhao Liang. He tested the waters by asking, “Older Brother Liang. How about I first go to the infirmary to get it checked out and to take a bit of a rest. If it’s not too bad of a hindrance, I can come back to teach a lesson to this kid?”

“Fuck off! Fuck off! Senior Helian wants to see the kid beaten the sh*t out of as soon as possible. Who has the patience to wait for a pile of shit like you to get checked by a doctor? In the end, I have no option but to do the job myself. How annoying!” Zhao Liang was ruthless. A leg kicked over that was like rapid bolt of lightning whipping onto Wei Tie’s body, creating a “Bang” of explosion.

Wei Tie was grimacing in pain, but his eyebrows indicated that he was happy beyond delight. He said repeatedly, “Expert Brother Liang, it"s a given that you will beat this kid so badly that even his parents won’t be able to recognize him! Ok! Let’s not talk about this anymore. I’m going to go ahead and see the doctor. I’ll come back again to give Elder Brother Liang an apology!”

His neck shrunk and he slipped into a small run. Soon Wei Tie ran away without a trace.

“This kid, why is he acting kind of strange today? As if he"s hiding something like a thief?” Zhao Liang did not understand so he rubbed his head. He faintly felt that there was something not quite right. But then he recalled Helian Lie’s appearance when he’s in his towering rage. He quickly broke out in a cold shiver and headed to gymnasium number 9.

“Which one of you is Li Yao? Get the fuck out here!”

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