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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 25: The Iron Beast, A Storm Arrives

Chapter 25: The Iron Beast, A Storm Arrives

Translator: Strivon / Ash Editor: Geoffrey / Lancent

Several dozen students of the Common Class were engaging in strength training near the entrance of the gymnasium. Right at this moment, they seemingly became aware of something that caused them to drop their barbells at practically the same time. They stared at each other in terror and unintentionally swallowed a mouthful of saliva at the same time.

“What a terrifying aura, who could it be...?”

The sun’s light shone in through the large entrance door. An extraordinary mighty giant blocked half the light from shining in, forming an enormous shadow that enveloped these several students of the Common Class and caused the students to tremble in fear.

“It’s… It’s Wei Tie!”

Some of the students murmured subconsciously before awakening from their thoughts. They immediately covered their mouths. “Ge ge” sounds of teeth grinding could be heard coming from the slits between their fingers.

This person had a height that exceeded 210 cm and his entire body was covered in bursting muscles. He was like a giant monster that had donned a layer of metal armor and was known as “Iron Beast” Wei Tie. Wei Tie was the strongest in the Ascending Class and was also a vicious and fierce eminent tyrant!

Rumor has it that he overdosed on strengthening drugs for a long period of time, causing his body’s organic functions to be in disorder. His muscles grew excessively, but the growth of his Spirit Actualization Quotient was adversely affected. So, he was unqualified to enter the Important Class.

Despite this, there was no one who would dare doubt his battle strength. Most notable was his sheer power. It was even stronger than some of the elite students of the Important Class.

However, there was something even more fearsome than his bizarre strength and that was his tyrannical temperament. He loved to bully the weak on a fundamental level. After he entered his third year and because he hadn’t been accepted by the important class, his temperament became aggravated severely. He was blood-thirsty as if he was mad. His crazed insane tantrums caused him to hit even the teachers!

Strictly speaking, all the students of the Important Class were the heaven’s chosen arrogant children. They did not cross often with the riffraff students of the Common Class. Even if something escalated to the Important Class, the Important Class students were disinclined to go out of their way to bully the Common Class.

So in the eyes of the Common Class, the arrival of this Iron Beast Wei Tie even more terrifying than an entrance by Helian Lie!

“I’ve heard that this Iron Beast Wei Tie carries a small book on him for recording how many bones he’s broken in each month. Rumor has it that he broke 22 bones last month and that he wants to break that record this month as well!”

Several students of the Common Class looked at each other, sending warning messages tacitly in understanding to each other. They separated to the two sides of the gym without saying a word.

There was only one person who reacted too late. He was still doing bench presses and had only just got up. His entire skull was clamped by Wei Tie’s giant hand. Wei Tie lifted the student directly up saying, “Howdy, small troublemaker. There’s someone among your class called Li Yao. Where is he?”

The pitiful student was 189 centimeters tall and was considered one of the taller and mightier students in the Common Class. But under the palm of Wei Tie, he was like a small little toy. He was flailing his legs frantically for his face was being choked to a deep red. With a blood-curdling screech, he shouted, “Older Brother Tie. I... I don’t know! I haven’t seen him!”

“Humph!” With a squint of Wei Tie’s eyes, he easily tossed the over 150 lb student like he was a piece of trash. The student was tossed over 20 meters away and crashed into a few of the female students. The female students immediately began to scream.

However, as soon as the female students saw that Wei Tie was standing not so far away, their shrieks stopped abruptly. It was like a hen’s throat had been slashed by a blade.

An eerie silence enveloped the entire gymnasium. Every single student was shivering coldly. They did not dare to gasp even half a breath of the atmosphere. Even the teacher had gone to who knows where.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Everyone had the same thought circling in their minds:

“This monster came here to give whom some trouble? Some Li Yao? This time Li Yao is going to experience misfortune!”

“Elder Brother Tie, Elder Brother Tie!” Meng Jiang heard whispers within the crowd of students.

He heard that this Iron Beast was actually looking for his bro for life? His face turned deathly white. He hesitated for a good moment, but he still rushed out of the crowd. He obstructed Wei Tie with a face full of smiles and said, “Elder Brother Tie, You’re looking for Li Yao? He just had what seems to be a stomach ache. He went to the bathroom!”


Wei Tie stopped his steps. He swept a glance at Meng Jiang and laughed. Suddenly, he launched a flying kick straight at Meng Jiang’s stomach!

Meng Jiang’s eyes bulged wide open. He sunk to his knees on the ground and vomited a huge mouthful.

“Nonsense. Did I ever ask you?” said Wei Tie coldly. He swept his surroundings and fished into the crowd of people by saying, “You. Come out!”

The crowd suddenly dispersed leaving only a short and small female student. Her flowery look lost all color under the tremendous intimidating aura. With no choice, she walked trembling with fear to be in front of Wei Tie. She laughed with a laughter more hideous than crying, “Tie, Older Brother Tie.”

“Be good. Tell this Older Brother Tie. Can you tell me where Li Yao is at?” Wei Tie smiled, revealing a strong thick fang.

“I… I don’t know.” The girl shook her head frantically.

“You don’t know? If you don’t know then go ask somebody at once!” Wei Tie glared and let let out a thunderous roar.

The girl’s legs turned knobbly and she almost collapsed on the floor from paralysis. She moved frantically back amongst her fellow students. She asked with a sobbing manner, “You all, which one of you all have seen Li Yao?”

The gymnasium wasn’t actually too big. Li Yao’s training corner was not very hidden. Soon, he was discovered.

Wei Tie gave a cold snort. He turned his neck that was as thick as the waist of a young girl and headed towards the corner with large strides.

Everybody feared being close to Li Yao and Wei Tie. Even more people did not dare to warn Li Yao. A few of the less courageous girls even covered their eyes, fearful of seeing the bloody scene that was about to occur. A few people frantically tried to escape by fleeing the gymnasium. No one knew if they were going to go call a teacher or to just simply get away.

As for Li Yao, he was still immersed in his showers of gale fists. He was in the middle of his explosive music that could pierce clouds and split stone, indulging in the pleasure of using his bombarding strength with the music. He absolutely did not notice the events that were happening behind him.

Finally, Wei Tie arrived behind Li Yao. A fiery aura enveloped him. It was like a lion, whose stomach was rumbling with hunger, was standing behind a small white bunny.

“You are that Li Yao? Someone put out 50,000 credits for me to break 10 of your bones. It would be better for you to choose. Ultimately, which 10 bones shall I break?”

Right when Wei Tie said these words, the final passage of “Conquer the Cosmos” by Lu Yinxi just happened to play in Li Yao’s ears.

“Whenever I feel despair in my soul, there will always be a song that I can sing loudly!”

“No matter how cruel destiny is too you. You will become that much stronger!”

The blood racing lyrics were like a bolt of lightning splitting into Li Yao’s marrow. It was like the rusted shackles in the depths of his mind were completely cleaved open.

An absolute and bizarre strength entered his pair of legs from the ground, vibrating and swelling within his skeleton as it passed through his entire body. It rushed into his pair of arms like a mountain flood breaking out. The One-Hundred-And-Eight Chaos Gale Hammer technique transformed into fist techniques. He shot left and right in a chain of cannon strikes. He let loose with all his firepower!

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang !”

“714 lbs! 822 lbs! 794 lbs!”

He punched with over thirty fists that produced sparks like flint. Every single punch was held at over 700 lbs. The heaviest fist even reached 915 lbs. The strength testing machine was punched into bouncing back and forth repeatedly. The thick rivets securing the machine to the ground groaned with “zhi zhi” sounds. They twisted and deformed.

When he was done, Li Yao’s pair of fists gave off a curling white smoke that rose in spirals, like having a ladle of cold water poured on a red-hot iron. And the center target of the strength testing machine was already caved in deep. No matter how much time passed, it would never return to its former elasticity.

Li Yao took off his earbuds and turned around. He looked somewhat suspiciously at Wei Tie. “What did you say just now?”

Wei Tie was completely stupefied.

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