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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 12: Ecstatic Enough to Fly

Chapter 12: Ecstatic Enough to Fly

Translator: Strivon / Ash Editor: Geoffrey / Lancent


Li Yao’s head felt like it had a splitting migraine. Hundreds of years of time birthed from the vivid, realistic dream and transformed into countless sand grains of information that flowed into his mind. It was like a mountain flood had erupted within the depths of his brain, shaking, barging, and colliding around. At last, they directly collided into the pineal gland near the medial part of his brain!

The flesh between his eyebrows twitched and twitched. It was like the shoots of a stump that had experienced rain. Something was on the verge of piercing through the skull, breaking through the body to rise up!

Suddenly, Li Yao was overcome by a bizarre feeling that was indescribable by words.

It was as if his exterior was bound heavily like an encased person, and every time he experienced this pain, a hole was ripped in his exterior shell. His five senses improved substantially, allowing him to perceive an absolutely marvelous true world.

In a flash, he enumerated 327 cracks in the ceiling. He saw clearly the several hundred small print characters engraved on a tea cup located over 3 meters away. Moreover, he recognized that this was a battlefield poem written by a poet of the Federal Army 133 years ago. At the same time, this Army Poet’s life history and experiences within seven military campaigns emerged within Li Yao’s mind. Even the outcomes of the seven military campaigns were extremely clear.

Incidentally, he also heard the sounds of flesh hitting flesh from within the adjacent room twenty meters away down stairs.

“What the hell is this! This is practically... an overturning invigoration!”

Li Yao blinked his eyes, and every time he blinked, he felt the world become clearer by a degree. Countless gorgeous colors that he was unable to speak the names of struck against his optical cells. The collisions caused his head to become giddy and his eyes to become dim. His heart blossomed with joy.

Both his hands rubbed forcefully at the flesh between his eyebrows. Li Yao attempted to clear up his thoughts, but the information within his mind flowed like a destructive tsunami. Like an overflowing great river, it could not be controlled.

“58,942 multiplied by 88,743 equals 5,230,689,906! Last year’s issued winning ticket number for the Federation’s Cultivator Lottery was awarded to number 73 89 52 74 55 16 with a prize of 13,547,328 credits. After deducting 14.32% in special taxes, one would receive 11,607,350.64 credits! The area of Star Glory Federation’s territory is 37,140,000 square kilometers. The total population is 10.455 billion. The size of the military is 16.7478 million. The military possesses 13 gigantic ‘Elder Heaven’s Provenance’ class strategic crystal battleships; 52 ‘Open Heaven’s Founder’ class heavy armament crystal cruizers...”

“Three years ago on May 30th, I crossed the intersection between Luofu Main Street and Qishan Street. That day, the temperature varied between 13 and 21 degrees, and there was a category 2 wind blowing from the north west. From my southwest direction situated 11 meters away was a woman wearing a light green skirt. Her age was between 26 and 29 years old. The wind gust lifted up the skirt, it was pink with a light violet pattern!”

The warfare of attrition occurring right now downstairs should be Elder Zhou’s Family. 72 strikes were made within a minute. This rate is higher than Elder Brother Zhou’s typical display by 35.8%, and the female’s yelling shouts were also sharper than normal by at least 23.4%. If Elder Brother Zhou hadn’t eaten some sort of secret medicine, then I fear that he is being cuckolded!”

“Is this a mistake? How am I suddenly able to think of so many things and process this many numerous and disorderly thoughts? It"s exactly like… being the same as a cultivator!”

Li Yao was frightened by his own thought and jumped! He thought back to just a moment ago when he had escaped from the dream of grandeur and felt somewhat of a chill in the back of his head.

He squinted his eyes and gripped firmly on his thigh. He used pain to focus his thoughts and came to a state of quiet concentration. He reflected on the causes and effects.

A short time later, over a hundred strips of pertinent information jumped out from within the area of his brain that was the storehouse of information. It was like a glistening shining pearl that was made up from tying information into a chain of clues.

“Crystal Processor. Activate!”

Li Yao let out a soft breath of noise. A crystal processor emerged at the end of the bed and emitted a soft beam of light. After a series of musical “ding ding” start up rings, the beam diffused and became a giant hologram.

Li Yao accessed the world wide web. He opened a website called “Wanxiang Searcher”, entered into the search field the three words “Hundred Smelting Guild”, and lightly pressed down on the “Launch” glyph script.

The webpage flowed with brilliant lights and vibrant colors; all seven colors of glyph script danced chaotically and formed into several short paragraphs of glyph writing.

“The Hundred Smelting Guild was a guild from 47,000 years ago as of this time, situated in the middle of the Classical Cultivation Period. It was a guild that was once flourishing, located in the ‘Center Provence Domain’s Grand Foreworld’. Their specialty was crafting, casting swords, and forging famous artifacts. Of special note is their 36th Guild Leader, Ou Yezi, who was known as the ‘Model Artisan’. He was a well-known and moving Master Artificer. He is mentioned in several ancient writings and records.”

“Approximately 46,000 years ago, the Hundred Smelting Guild’s headquarters was destroyed by a large explosion of unknown origin. Within a timeframe of a short dozen years, they vanished like smoke into thin air, completely perishing.”

“According to written records by cultivators of that era that were unearthed so far, there are claims that Ou Yezi crafted a certain transmission array that can shuttle through time. When he conducted the first experiment, he inadvertently triggered a large essence energy wave explosion and ended up being vaporized. His consciousness was scattered and destroyed.”

“Nevertheless, not a single remnant of the Hundred Smelting Guild has been discovered at the present time. All information pertaining to the Hundred Smelting Guild have their origins in ancient writings, classified as indirect evidence. The true cause for the sudden death of Ou Yezi and the decline of the Hundred Smelting Guild is still unknown.”

“Addendum: The Hundred Smelting Guild appears within the newest game developed by our Wanxiang Group, <>. Players can play as a character disciple in the Hundred Smelting Guild, interact directly with ‘Model Artisan’ Ou Yezi, and explore the most profound secrets of crafting! If you join now, you will receive a novice gift box. The first 10,000 players to telepathically download this game will also receive an additional 5 cool and amazing battle armour equipments. What are you waiting for!? Download telepathically now! Join the game!”

Li Yao ignored the last paragraph of information in a straightforward manner and flipped between the previous few paragraphs a few times. He looked and looked.

Gradually, his eyes began to shine. His mind flew and spun as he read telepathically. Countless thoughts like shuttling threads interweaved into an intricate and complicated delicate design.

“So it turned out to be this way. The Hundred Smelting Guild really existed as an ancient sect. Ou Yezi too was a Master Artificer with outstanding talent that warped the heavens. 46,000 years ago, he invented some time machine that could travel through time. Moreover, he experimented with it on himself. He did not expect it would trigger a world shaking gigantic explosion and cause the destruction of the Hundred Smelting Guild.”

“Although the Hundred Smelting Guild was destroyed, Ou Yezi’s experiment was actually a success. He really crossed over the obstructing wall of time and arrived 46,000 years later in the year 40,000 of the Cultivation Era!”

“This era possesses innumerable mystical artifacts unthinkable by the ancient cultivators. Ou Yezi, being a madman crafter, was obviously thrilled in his heart when met with them, especially towards the modern large-scale artifact system that is the high speed crystal rail train. How could he research and figure out its inner nature with a just a moment with it?”

“The result is that he was… hit and killed by the train!”

“I reckon that in the matters of time traveling, cultivators would receive great harm to their bodies. Ou Yezi must have received serious damage and his cultivation base took a large hit. Otherwise, based on the tyrannical strength he displayed in the dreamworld, I can’t say for sure if the crystal train would have been even capable of knocking him off the bridge.”

“Regardless of any words, Ou Yezi’s corpse was ripped to shreds by the crystal rail train. However, his incomparably tremendous mental consciousness would vanish to thin air that easily. He just happened my crossing below the bridg,e and his mind entered my body with a futile attempt to force me out!”

“Yes, it was right when I felt a bone chilling wind wreak havoc within my body. It has to be this old despicable fellow with malicious intentions. The dream took many unusual forms, it was all him trying to deceive me by dressing things up to look good. If I had not promptly seen through his illusion, the one who would be lying on this bed would without a doubt be the ‘Ou Yezi’ who would feel that he got a good deal!”

“But, I am just a lowly commoner in terms of cultivation How did I resist Ou Yezi’s powerful mind and thwart his possession attempt?”

Li Yao’s thoughts coursed with electricity and turned. He muttered to himself for a short time and thought back to within the dream of grandeur when he was about to join with the supreme guild leader’s daughter in the bridal room. At that time, an inharmonious ripple had emerged.

His mind suddenly flashed with divine light. He had found what was the cause.

“Ha ha, Ou Yezi this fellow is truly unlucky!”

“When considering his peerless tyrannical cultivator mental strength, if he’d tried to possess any person within the federation who could be considered low stage cultivators, I fear that he would not have encountered even the least bit of inconvenience.”

“But I am different. A memory not of this world is originally hidden beneath the surface within the deepest depths of my mind. To explain in a certain sense, this body of mine has already been seized once by Li Yao of planet Earth. It"s the equivalent of having already been injected with a vaccine. There is a natural immunity towards possession.”

“Even the most ruthless virus is powerless against a person who has had a vaccine. Ou Yezi just had bad luck. Not only was he unsuccessful in possessing me, he has instead left behind great benefits!”

No matter how slow Li Yao’s reactions were, he was aware of all the fearful serious changes that had occurred to his body. His thought process speed was quicker than his previous by at least tenfold.

The other changes will not be mentioned. Let’s just say that the fundamental information he clawed out was able to be processed within 3 minutes to figure out the causes and effects to a pretty accurate degree. If it were the him from the past, it"s very likely that he would not understand things even after three days and three nights.

“The teacher of the Profound Cultivation Arts once said that the highest realm of the Profound Cultivation Arts is to enter a kind of incomparably slow flowing river of time. While 1 minute passes in the real world, a year would occur in the mental world, a fantastic situation. If one were to cultivate in this situation, great benefits would be provided to raise their Spiritual Actualization Quotient!”

“While I was in the dream of grandeur, it seemed that several hundred years of time had past. Could it be that I really entered into this kind of mysterious realm. I was also sharpened by Ou Yezi’s formidable mental mind. Did my Actualization Quotient rise greatly while I was unconscious?”

Li Yao heard the teacher say before that raising the Actualization Quotient would increase one’s ability to recall large amounts of memories in a flash, raise analyzation and computational abilities, and thought process ability and perception.

Another direct sign of further proof was the pineal body between his eyebrows. There he felt a growth that was on the verge of bursting out.

These signs matched with what had happened to his body!

“Development! Development! I don’t know how much my Actualization Quotient was raised. Could it be that I now possess the power to beat that heaven’s arrogant person of the Important Class by the nostrils and turn his head into a pig’s head?”

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