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Former General Is Undead Knight

Volume 1, Chapter 16: Lord of Underground Labyrinth?

Volume 1, Chapter 16: Lord of Underground Labyrinth②

「Well then, you’re now registered as our guild member. You’re my subordinate from now on, but as you’ve realized, our Spirit’s Dusk guild will relocate away from this place in a while. So, I don’t know for how long we’re going to work together…still, try your best to not take things too seriously.」

After completing the registration procedure to become the guild member, Lambert had officially become a member of Spirit’s Dusk guild. And since he planned to disappear from public view as soon as he had gotten the information he needed, he had no problem in abiding with Germain’s request not to make trouble. Especially, considering the fact that he didn’t have any concrete plan for the time being.

「The available commission is posted on the bulletin board, but…personally I hope you will take the commission for gathering a Grim Cat pelt and take Fiona along with you. Though this commission might be a tad too easy for you who is able to slaughter those bandits by yourself.」

The ‘Cat’ in that commission was referring to a Cat Demon. In terms of size, they were a bigger variant, only one size smaller than a fully grown man. [Note: At least as big as a cheetah.]

It had glossy-black fur and sharp tusks like a small tiger. However, they were not that dangerous as long as you only faced one of them at a time. That’s why Germain suggested that Lambert bring Fiona along, that way they could surround it when they were fighting.

Naturally, Lambert was also familiar with Grim Cats. He had seen them when he was still alive after all. Though at his time…

In short, this kind of job is treated like child errands by the other adventurers.

However, for this era, this kind of commission was in fact just right for the majority of adventurers. Only…Lambert felt this sort of job was boring to him.

「Grim Cats were supposed to be gathering in Ainsaz’s Underground Labyrinth, right?」

Germain nodded in response to Fiona’s question.

「Ah. The company associated with us is gathering a lot of Grim Cat’s pelts lately. That’s why we have to gather as many as we can. And for the-…ah, come to think of it…Lambert, please bring back parts of the strongest demon you defeated so I will have a better understanding of your real ability. Anyway, there are many types of demons of various ranks gathered in the place you’ll head should you accept my request after all. So, I think that place is just right to test your skills.」

「First…may I ask about Ainsaz’s Underground Labyrinth?」

「Seriously!? You don’t even know about that!?」

Heaving a sigh, Germain decided to just explain Ainsaz’s Underground Labyrinth to Lambert.

Ainsaz’s Underground Labyrinth was a facility established more than one hundred years ago. It’s true usage and functions were surrounded by mysteries. And from what little that was found from the magic tools and cipher codes, made many people assume that it was some kind of facility that researched magic tools during the Eight Kingdom Unification War’s era. Now, it served as the living place for many goblin variants thanks to the mana distortion in that place. However, due to that, it also served as an ideal hunting spot because of the numerous high-ranking demons dwelling there.

Yet, the information below UG 4th floor was unknown due to the existence of a terrifyingly powerful demon dwelling in it, barring adventurers from exploring further. According to some people, that powerful demon was something that had no ‘form’, appearing just like a black mist, and it seemed to be protecting something from the 4th floor and below.

「And the Grim Cat we’re looking for is located right on the UG 2nd floor. Grim Cat’s pelt is fairly popular due to its unique fragrance and durability. And, maybe this is going to annoy you, but if you happen to clash with other adventurers hailing from other guilds during the hunt…please concede to them. Our Spirit’s Dusk guild is just a new and small guild that has yet to become famous. We can’t bear to contend with other guilds yet. However, if you meet those guys from Goblin’s Den guild, then don’t yield to them. Their way, despite being a small guild similar to us, is dirty and I hate that…or, you can just leave the matter of dealing with those guys to Fiona.」


All of a sudden, Lambert felt that his joining Spirit’s Dusk guild might bring them trouble instead. After all, Lambert’s original plan was to kill Earl Aubock after he had gathered all the necessary information. Still, he couldn’t just overlook Earl Aubock’s existence who had transformed into a cancer for the Kingdom of Regios. However, killing Earl Aubock arbitrarily might cause the people, who knew him, to be dragged into the conflict, which contrasted with Lambert’s raison d’etre.

Lambert didn’t say anything for a while. Seeing this, Germain then smiled to assure Lambert.

「Don’t worry. The point in this is to just ignore those guys from small guilds like us. The big and famous guild aside, small guilds like us have its own unwritten rule and this is one of it.」

「Germain-san, the way you’re saying that is…」 𝚒n𝐧𝑟ea𝚍. 𝒄𝑜𝚖

「… Thanks for the revelation.」

Although Fiona was about to rebuke Germain directly, Lambert’s bow, despite how lightly he did it, to Germain displayed his gratitude for the revelation, stopped her from doing so.

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