Flash Marriage: The Prince's Contract Wife

Flash Marriage: The Prince's Contract Wife

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Chinese Novel




After finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, Qiao Sisi slept with a handsome stranger she picked up at the bar, only to wake up and realize that he was Zheng Zeyi, the cousin of her deadly rival, Yang Yueyue. She fled the room in a fluster, and put the embarrassing drunken fumble behind her.

Unexpectedly, the cold, roguish Zheng Zeyi came to her with a proposal—enter into a contractual engagement with him! It was a tempting offer Sisi could not resist, and it came with other perks. He could help her get a foot in the door of the prestigious Jinyu Company. It was a dream come true for an aspiring jewelry designer like her!

Sisi threw herself into the career opportunity of a lifetime, and as she exchanged barbs with Zeyi, she felt the first stirrings of attraction to him. Meanwhile, the resentful Yueyue was determined to thwart both her ambition and her blossoming relationship with her cousin.