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Chapter 4: Be Careful, Brother!

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As soon as Mr. Hayes finished speaking, her eldest brother, Franklin Torres, strode over from the main door.

“Eh? Master Franklin, what’s going on today...”

“Mr. Hayes, I come back to get a document. I’ll be leaving soon.”

Franklin walked closer and realized that there was a little child in the house.

Oh yes, Ben said that he was going to bring Lauren back today. It seemed that this fair and chubby little one was the “biological younger sister” that he had not seen for four years..

Franklin merely lowered his head and glanced at Lauren. His gaze was ice-cold, and the temperature of the entire Torres residence seemed to have dropped by a few degrees.

“Are you my brother?” Lauren tried her best to raise her head so that she could see Franklin.

“My brother is so handsome!! I like it!!” Lauren clapped her hands excitedly. As she raised her head, she accidentally lost her balance and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the floor was covered with a thick carpet.

“I’m not your brother. Don’t speak loudly in the Torres residence!” Franklin coldly replied before he lifted his long legs and walked towards the second floor.

Lauren, who had fallen to the ground, puffed up her bun-shaped face. She was a little angry.

She muttered softly, “Hmph, this brother doesn’t like me, so I don’t like this brother either!”

After saying that, Lauren’s eyes turned red.

“Miss Lauren, get up quickly. I’ll get the servants to prepare lunch for you. You must be hungry after sitting in the car for so long, right?”

When Lauren heard that there was food, her mood slightly improved.

After rejecting Mr. Hayes’s help, she clumsily got up from the carpet and patted the dust off her hands. Then, she followed Mr. Hayes for food.

Franklin was looking for documents in the study when his phone suddenly rang.

After the call was connected, his second brother Quinn’s sloppy voice came from the other side, “Brother, how is it? I heard the jinx came home today?”

Quinn was still filming an advertisement in a foreign country, so he had no way to come back.

“Yes.” When Franklin heard the word ‘jinx’, he frowned but did not refute.

“You saw her? How was it? Is she still as skinny and ugly as before?”

Was she ugly? He did not see her clearly. She was not thin, but she looked plump. It should be very comfortable to touch.

“I don’t know. You can see for yourself when you come back.”

Franklin finally found the one he wanted from a pile of documents. He took it and hurried downstairs.

The dining room could be clearly seen from the stairs. As Franklin went downstairs, he saw the child sitting on a mahogany chair looking at the kitchen.

She was really gluttonous.

Franklin continued to respond vaguely to Quinn’s messages. He walked straight out of the door.

Just as he stepped out of the Torres residence’s door, he heard a voice from inside the dining room, “Be careful, brother!”

Franklin was stunned for a moment and stopped in his tracks.

In the next second, something that shocked everyone happened!

A flower pot fell straight on the ground in front of Franklin!


If Franklin had not stopped in time, no one dared to imagine what would happen next.

Mr. Hayes ran to the door when he heard the sound. The servant, who was fiddling with the flowerpot on the second floor balcony, also rushed downstairs to apologize.

The flower pot did not hurt Franklin, but it was broken into pieces. The soil inside splashed everywhere, some of it splashed onto Franklin’s pants and leather shoes, and dirtied them.

The servants were all busy tidying up. The maid who had dropped the flower pot from the second floor was now kneeling and trembling on the ground.

The atmosphere was tense.

At this time, Franklin felt something hugging his feet. He lowered his head and saw that it was the little child.

“Am I powerful, big brother? I saved your life! You have to praise me!”

Although Franklin did not believe it, if it was not for the child’s sudden shout, he would have been hit by the flower pot.

Looking at Lauren’s fair face and sparkling eyes, Franklin actually wanted to hug her for a moment.

“I could sense danger, so I knew big brother was about to be in danger.”

“Could sense danger? It’s just a coincidence. Let go of my leg.”

Franklin’s tone was still very cold, but his expression had already softened and was no longer as cold as an ice mountain.

Mr. Hayes hurriedly carried Lauren back to the dining table, while Franklin went back to his room to change his clothes.

The Torres residence quickly calmed down again. It was already past 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Lauren touched her round belly and acted like a spoiled child towards Mr. Hayes.

“I am hungry. When will there be food?”

Coincidentally, the servant came over with a bowl.

Lauren and Mr. Hayes looked at the bowl and almost vomited blood from anger.

A bowl of rice soup with a few grains of rice floating in the middle, a pickled vegetable and a piece of bread.

Looking at the bowl, Lauren pulled a long face and twitched her mouth.

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