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Chapter 385: A Box

Lauren felt her body warm up a lot. She had been exhausted a while ago and had not been able to lift her spirits. However, she no longer felt tired. Instead, she was filled with energy.

Lauren was in a daze. She did not know what was going on.

Suddenly, she heard someone talking.

She recognized the voice. It was the voice of an old lady who often walked her dog outside. The old lady seemed to be complaining.

“The weather forecast didn’t say it was going to rain so much. Little Money, I can’t take you for a walk today. Let’s watch TV at home.”

Little Money was the name of the old lady’s dog.

Lauren heard Little Money bark twice in a low voice.

This was a normal conversation, but what was unusual was...Lauren was surprised that she could hear this conversation. This old lady’s house was a kilometer away from the Torres family, and there were many trees in between.

How did she hear it clearly?

It was impossible for her spiritual consciousness to reach such a far distance.

[System Divine Nine: Host! I’m back!]

Divine Nine?

When she heard this voice again, Lauren felt tears welling up in her eyes. It was as if she had just met a long-lost family member.

Indeed, Divine Nine could be considered her family member. Since she was just over one year old, Divine Nine had been living in her mind. It had not separated from Lauren for even a minute.

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Divine Nine had been away for more than ten hours this time. This really made Lauren feel anxious about being separated from Divine Nine. She could neither eat nor sleep well.

Lauren quickly dived into her spiritual consciousness.

“Divine Nine! You’re back!”

Lauren excitedly searched for traces of Divine Nine, but she did not see it.

“I clearly heard a voice just now...Divine Nine!”

[System Divine Nine: Host, I’m here!]

Lauren searched everywhere before she finally found the source of the voice.

It was a wooden box that Lauren had never seen before.

Lauren picked up the wooden box and shook it twice.

[System Divine Nine: Stop shaking! I feel dizzy!]

Lauren then stopped shaking.

“Divine Nine, how did you...become a box? So miserable.”

[System Divine Nine: I’m not a box. I’m in the box.]

“Inside the box? What are you doing inside? You were so fat when you were a white fox. How did you get inside the box?”

[System Divine Nine: You’re the fat one!]

Even though they were bickering right now, Lauren felt extremely happy. Her little friend had finally returned!

[System Divine Nine: I’m currently leveling up.]


[System Divine Nine: I don’t know either. I went to look for my father yesterday and asked him about the source of the voices, but he didn’t tell me. He only said that he wanted to strengthen our configuration, so he leveled up for me. He had also added vitality for you!]

“Oh, I see. No wonder I suddenly realized that the range of my spiritual consciousness has expanded a lot. Moreover, my body has become a lot lighter. But...Divine Nine, what will you level up to this time? A tiger?”

[System Divine Nine: I don’t know. I have to wait patiently.]

Lauren nodded. She had not rubbed enough of the white fox’s fur! It was a pity.

She sat quietly on the sofa with the wooden box in her hand.

“Oh, Divine Nine! I just received a call!”

Then, Lauren told Divine Nine about the contents of the call and her speculations.

[System Divine Nine: there really an organization coming to challenge us? And it’s a huge ghost organization.]

“Yes, I saw a lot of ghosts gathering by the roadside last night. It might be a sign. We cannot underestimate this. We have to inform the other hosts and make preparations in advance.”

“There are so many ghost-related cases last time. It must be their plan to slowly devour the human race. Since I cracked all of them, they declared war on me. Over the years, the hosts from other countries such as David must have solved similar cases. Their plan was destroyed by us step by step, so now they want to confront us head-on.”

After a long analysis, Lauren was thirsty.

[System Divine Nine: Host, you’re right. We have to prepare for the rainy days ahead. I’ll inform my father and the other systems first.]


Lauren was relieved that Divine Nine was back.

She washed her face and went downstairs. She saw Maria and Sean having breakfast.

“Good morning, Mom!”

Lauren greeted Maria happily. Then she looked at Sean and hesitated for a while without saying anything.i𝑛𝓷𝙧𝘦𝚊d. 𝚌o𝓶

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