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Chapter 30: Sorcery

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

However, Lambert did not float upright like an ordinary ghost.

Instead, he moved horizontally, moving close to the ceiling.

He was dressed in white. Although he was a male ghost, his hair was extremely long, and his skin was as white as a vampire’s.

In less than two seconds, Lambert had already “flown” through the corridor and directly entered Franklin’s room without hesitation.

Lauren immediately seized the opportunity. The moment Lambert entered, she waved her hand and closed the door remotely.

Her current target was not a weak male ghost like Lambert, but the mastermind behind the scenes who was controlling him. Due to the formation of talismans that Lauren had set up previously, when she entered Franklin’s room, any aura that did not belong to Lambert would be blocked outside the door.

Therefore, the real evil ghost was now blocked outside the door.

However, contrary to Lauren’s expectations, there was nothing. The evil spirit did not appear. Even the chilly air was rapidly dissipating.

The moment Lambert entered the room and the door was tightly shut, a talisman fell from Lambert’s body. This talisman began to spontaneously combust the moment it left him. Lauren quickly chanted a spell and drew a talisman in the air, a ray of red light shot out from Lauren’s fingertip and hit the talisman.

After the talisman was hit, the burning speed increased.

There was not even a speck of ash left on the burnt talisman.

The corridor returned to its original appearance. It was only a matter of a minute.

The one-minute invisibility spell had also lost its effect. Lauren stood at the door of the room with a dark face.

[ System Divine Nine: What kind of strange sorcery is this? To be able to control a ghost with just a piece of Talisman? It seems that the other party came prepared. ]

Lauren was also puzzled. The power of the talisman was very weak, and its function was simple.

There were dozens of different types of talisman papers, and their functions were all different. However, Lauren had yet to see a talisman paper that could control a ghost.

In the few years she had been on a mission, she had only seen one method to control a ghost — possession. Just like how a human would be possessed by a ghost, an ordinary ghost could also be possessed by a ghost with stronger supernatural energy.

Under such circumstances, the possessed ghost was not a scapegoat.

Therefore, Lambert must also become a “scapegoat”.

Someone else wanted to harm Franklin. In order to prevent himself from being harmed, he had possessed another ghost.

Fortunately, Lauren’s actions were quick just now. She knew that the person behind this was very skilled. She also used all her strength and used the most powerful talisman to hit the talisman.

In this way, the owner of this talisman would also be harmed.

[ System Divine Nine: Let’s first deal with Lambert in the room. As for this talisman... I’ll also ask my brothers and sisters if they have had such an experience. ]

This was the only way. Lauren looked at the place where the talisman had disappeared before walking into the room.

Without any external help, the ghost Lambert didn’t even have a chance to escape. Lauren quickly put Lambert into the soul storage box.

When the soul storage box closed again, there was a soft sound coming from inside.

“Don’t struggle. With Master Lauren around, how would you escape?”

The reason why many of the little ghosts inside had remained in the soul storage box was not Lauren’s wish, but because these ghosts had already missed the opportunity to reincarnate.

After a person died, according to the good and evil they had done in their lives, there were six places they could go. The wicked could only enter the three evil paths: Hell, becoming evil ghosts, and becoming animals; the good people went to the three good paths: Heaven, becoming man, and achieving Nirvana.

However, the evil path and the good path had a time limit. If the ghosts did not enter the path of reincarnation in time, they would be closed. No one could say when they would be able to open it again. No one knew if they would be able to open it again.

The little ghosts in the soul storage box had all missed the opportunity to reincarnate. Lauren did not want them to continue to wander the human world and commit evil, so he brought them in.

Of course, not only were there bad ghosts, there were also many good ghosts.

Some of them were killed before their lifespans were up. Because they were unwilling to reincarnate, they had been unwilling to do so. After Lauren helped them to clear their names, they had already missed the chance to reincarnate.

Just like Ben’s wife, if they missed the chance to reincarnate, they would only have two choices. One, their souls would disappear completely, and the other was to live in this soul storage box.

This soul storage box was also like a small world.

Lauren took the soul storage box and returned to her room. Just as she opened the door, she saw two legs inside. It was quite scary.

“Brother, why are you standing there?” Lauren raised her head and waved the soul storage box in her hand at Franklin as if she was showing off. ” Lauren has already caught one!”

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