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Chapter 28: It Was The Same Person

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

There was no information on the computer screen. Instead, there were news reports.

They were all news from three years ago. They were all reported by major news platforms and newspapers. However, they were all talking about the same thing — the death of a construction worker, Marlin Lambert.

Lauren’s small hand grabbed the mouse and clicked on an authoritative news platform.

The time was three years ago, May the 6th.

“Yesterday, a construction worker named Lambert accidentally fell from a 27-meter-high operating table during construction and died of a brain hemorrhage on the spot.”

“According to the reporter’s investigation and the industrial and commercial investigation, the construction building that Lambert was in was owned by the Torres Corporation.”


“You can see at the scene that the police have already intervened in the investigation. It has been reported that Lambert also has an underage daughter, and Lambert’s wife is seeking justice from the Torres Corporation.”

“Who should bear the pain behind the accidental fall?”

Attached to the back were some pictures of the scene of the accident, and Lauren skimmed through them.

Franklin’s voice sounded from above Lauren’s head, it was as if he was recalling something from a long time ago. “This building was indeed under us. At that time, a construction team successfully bid for it, so we gave this building to them to build.”

“After Lambert died in an accident, we didn’t care who should be compensated. After I found out that Lambert still had a daughter in his family, I approved a sum of money as compensation.”

“As for what happened after that, I’m not too sure.”

After listening to Franklin’s words, Lauren had some clues. She continued to click on those web pages as if she was trying to find something. 𝚒𝒏𝓃𝓻e𝑎𝙙. 𝙘o𝑚

The reports were all the same. Lambert’s accident had already been confirmed by the police as an accidental death. There was nothing suspicious about it. At that time, the incident had passed very quickly and did not cause any public uproar.

Lauren continued to search and finally found a photo on a small public platform.

It was a photo of Lambert when he was alive, and this photo just happened to confirm Lauren’s thoughts.

“Franklin, this Lambert who passed away three years ago looks exactly the same as the male ghost I met in your room that day!”

Everything seemed to have made sense now. Because of this photo, all the details could be connected together.

Lauren looked at the time that Zelda had entered the Torres family to work. It was July three years ago. At that time, Lambert had already passed away! In other words, Zelda clearly knew that this was the Torres family, the owner of the company that was managing the building that had the accident, yet she still came to work at the family.

Was it just because she wanted this job, or did she have ulterior motives?

Lauren was naturally inclined towards the latter.

Otherwise, how could there be such coincidences? The flower pot that fell from the second floor was caused by Zelda’s accident, while Lambert — Zelda’s husband’s soul was also wandering around the Torres family, and he even wanted to kill Franklin.

Franklin obviously thought of all this as well. Lauren could feel his body tense up.

Franklin turned around and wanted to pat his head to show her encouragement. This was how it was played in television dramas, but she realized that her hands were still too short...

Therefore, she settled for the second-best option and patted Franklin’s hand on the table.

“Franklin, don’t be afraid. Lauren will definitely think of a way to capture this Lambert.”

In fact, Franklin was more puzzled than afraid. He had always been straightforward and straightforward. The Torres Corporation had also given him several times more compensation for the accident back then.

After Lauren saw the news and sorted out her thoughts, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She was most afraid that the enemy was hiding in the dark. Now that she had found the trigger, she just had to follow it.

“Brother, you can’t sleep in your room tonight. Although Lambert is a weak ghost, for the sake of safety, you’d better sleep somewhere else tonight.”

[ System Divine Nine: Franklin’s aura can not be hidden. No matter where he is, the ghost will definitely find him. ]

“But big brother is still a human. The aura of a human can be isolated through a normal protective shield. When the time comes, I’ll make a protective shield and let brother stay inside.”

Under Lauren’s endless persuasion and coquettish attacks, Franklin finally agreed to sleep in her room.

Fortunately, Lauren’s room was converted from a guest room and the decorations inside were quite normal. If Franklin was to sleep in a pink and tender bed, he would rather be captured by a ghost.

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