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Chapter 26: She’s Been Through Too Much

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“Lauren has set up a protective barrier in brother’s room and study today. That powerful ghost won’t be able to enter. Only that weak ghost can enter. Lauren will be able to capture him next time!”

“Brother, don’t be afraid. Lauren will protect her brother well! The plan to protect brother has been activated!”

On the other side, Lauren’s voice was filled with confidence and fighting spirit. Franklin’s tense mood over the past few days had also eased.

Of course, as a man, he could not express that he was happy because he was being protected by a little girl.

Therefore, he only replied faintly, “Then I’ll go back to the meeting.”

After hanging up the phone and going back, Franklin’s mood was obviously much better. Even when someone reported his work later and got the important data wrong, Franklin only said indifferently, “Be careful next time..”

The last person who made such a simple mistake in such an important meeting was deducted a month’s salary.

The meeting ended in an unprecedentedly relaxed and happy atmosphere.

“Do you feel that the CEO today is particularly amiable?”

“Yes, Mr. Huang wrote the numbers wrong today, but he didn’t deduct his salary! I mismarked a punctuation mark last time, and the CEO was so angry that he deducted my year-end bonuses.”

“The color of my tie and suit didn’t match last time, and the CEO refused to let me attend the meeting.”

“I think it’s because of that phone call. After the CEO answered that phone call, he felt much better. Judging from the voice, she sounds like a cute little child! Could she be the CEO’s Daughter?”

When the secretary, who was walking behind the two of them with a laptop, heard this, she was caught off guard and twisted her ankle.

This misunderstanding was a little too big...

If the CEO knew that Lauren was rumored to be his daughter, he would really not know whether to laugh or cry.

After Franklin returned to his office, he called his secretary in.

“Investigate Zelda’s information and send it to me.” 𝑖𝓷𝘯r𝐞𝐚𝗱. 𝙘om

“Yes, Mr. Torres.”

Very quickly, the document bag containing Zelda’s information was placed on Franklin’s desk.

Franklin glanced at it and found nothing out of the ordinary. His husband had passed away three years ago due to an accident. He had a daughter who was living with her grandparents in their hometown.

Franklin did not have any impression of Zelda. He glanced at the information again, raised his eyebrows and put it away.

He would bring it back to show that little girl. Perhaps she would really notice something strange.

Hence, the entire Torres corporation was shocked. The CEO had actually left work on time again today!

Back in the Torres family mansion.

After dinner, Lauren sneakily dragged her brother upstairs.

The two of them stood at the door of the study room like a secret agent meeting. Lauren was too short. She reached out and pulled Franklin’s clothes to make him squat down.

“Brother, have you found the information about Zelda?” Lauren whispered to him.


“Where is she?” Lauren continued to whisper into his ear.

“She’s in the study. But, why are we whispering?” Franklin was confused.

“Because the people on TV today are all acting like this. In order to find the truth, those spies have to whisper. No one can know about it!”


“Don’t watch so much TV in the future.”

Franklin straightened up and opened the door to the study. After he sat down, he realized that Lauren was still standing at the door. She was leaning on the door frame to look inside.

“Why are you standing at the door?”

“On the first day I came, Mr. Hayes told Lauren not to enter Franklin’s room and study.”

Lauren was wearing a cute pair of denim overalls. The way she stood at the door cautiously made Franklin smile. She was only four and a half years old. Had she already endured too many things that she should not have endured?

For the first time, he realized that he had failed in his duty as an older brother.

Franklin suppressed the emotions that suddenly surged in his heart and waved at her.

“Come in, as long as you don’t touch anything carelessly.”

“Okay ~”

Lauren took small steps and entered the study for the second time.

“This is the information I asked my secretary to find. I took a look and didn’t find anything unusual.”

Lauren’s gaze fell on the sentence “Husband Marlin Lambert passed away three years ago due to an accident.” It turned out that Zelda’s husband had passed away.

However, the timing was a little coincidental. Three years ago was also around the time that Zelda entered the Torres family. Could there be a relationship between Lambert’s death and Zelda’s entry into the Torres family for work?

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