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Chapter 20: Appearance Of The Male Ghost

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

She fully released her spiritual consciousness to explore every corner of the Torres residence. As soon as the ghostly aura appears, she would be able to detect it immediately.

It was past midnight when the Torres residence was pitch black. Only the lights in the front yard were still on.

In the pitch black and quiet environment, Lauren’s spiritual consciousness was even more sensitive. She could hear further and see more clearly.

She had not let down her guard. Franklin had also come to check up on her just before, but Lauren had pretended to be asleep at the time and fooled him. Ghost hunting required the hunter to let the ghosts let down their guard.

“It’s coming!” Almost in an instant, Lauren could feel the bloody aura and the ghost was not far away from her.


[ System Divine Nine: Host, this ghost has been able to conceal its aura all this time. It must be quite powerful. Host, you have to be more careful. ]

“I know! The ghosts that Lauren can detect with her spiritual consciousness are all little ghosts. Tonight, I will let these little ghosts who overestimate themselves see how powerful Master Lauren is.”

Lauren carefully got off the bed and followed her spiritual sense. She found that the place where this aura was the thickest was actually Franklin’s room!

“As expected, they are here to hurt Franklin. Hmph! Lauren will definitely beat you until you can never be reincarnated!”

She had already formed a talisman in her hand. This kind of talisman was more than enough to deal with ordinary ghosts. As long as the talisman was attached to the ghosts’ bodies, they would be unable to move and obediently submit.

Lauren opened Franklin’s room door. As expected, she saw a male ghost floating above Franklin’s bed and fiddling with the chandelier!

“Franklin! Wake up!”

Lauren shouted to wake Franklin up as she threw the talisman in her hand at the male ghost.

Unexpectedly, the talisman paper had no effect on the male ghost at all. When it touched the male ghost, it instantly turned into ashes.

Franklin lay on the bed without any movement.

[ System Divine Nine: Franklin’s consciousness may have been sealed, so he can’t hear the cries of the outside world. ]

Lauren ran to Franklin’s side and quickly drew a talisman on his palm. Then, she silently chanted a spell and the talisman on his palm suddenly lit up. A protective shield-like object suddenly appeared above Franklin’s body, glowing with golden light, it protected him tightly.

This way, Lauren could fight this male ghost with peace of mind. However, when she raised her head again, the male ghost had already disappeared. All that was left was the dangling chandelier on the ceiling.

If this chandelier were to fall, Franklin’s head would certainly be smashed into pieces.

[ System Divine Nine: This ghost’s cultivation isn’t deep. Someone should be helping him from behind so that he can escape so quickly. ]

“Yes, my spiritual consciousness has detected that this ghost’s real aura is very weak, but the smell of blood is very strong. It must have been controlled by someone to do something bad.”

Lauren’s spiritual consciousness was no longer able to detect this ghost’s aura. It must have been hidden.

“What happened?” Franklin slowly opened his eyes. Just now, he seemed to have had a very long dream. In the dream, he kept running in the darkness, but there was no exit.

“Franklin, get up! The chandelier on the ceiling is very dangerous!” Lauren shouted.

Only then did Franklin completely wake up.

Lauren explained everything to him. She also told him that the ghost had already escaped, so he might continue to be in danger.

“But Lauren will always protect you, just like today. Franklin, don’t worry too much.”

Franklin raised his right hand, his palm still slightly warm.

“Yesterday... the light in the meeting room suddenly fell down. I was supposed to have a meeting there, but I temporarily canceled the meeting yesterday and went to Ben’s house to look for you.”

Going to Ben’s house was a spur-of-the-moment moment for him, so if he didn’t go and had a meeting as usual, then... He would have had an accident yesterday when the chandelier fell.

“First, the flower pot fell from the second floor, then the chopsticks were poisoned, and then there was the chandelier. It seems that something really wanted to harm my brother!”

Lauren did not know whether the instigator was a human or a ghost, so she could only use “something” to describe it instead.

[ System Divine Nine: Mission 3: find the mastermind who repeatedly tried to harm Franklin. ]

[ Mission Difficulty: 3-star ]

[ Time limit: 2 days ]

[ Mission Reward: two ‘life-prolonging aura pills’. These can be used on a dying person to extend their life by 72 hours. ]

[ System Divine Nine: Host, do you wish to accept this mission? ]

“Of course Lauren will accept it! If they want to harm Franklin, Master Lauren will make them pay double!”

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