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Chapter 2: Don’t Play Tricks, Kiddo!

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As Ben drove, he looked at the rearview mirror. The people from the church and the abbey were still desperately waving their hands. Lauren also stretched half of her body out of the window and waved.

The car turned and the crowd in the rearview mirror disappeared.

“Miss Lauren, it’s very dangerous to stretch your body out of the window,” said Ben.

Ben was also the one who sent Lauren here. At that time, Lauren’s nanny was the only one who accompanied her. Now, Ben was the only one who came to fetch Lauren back.

Ben saw Lauren sitting obediently in the mirror and secretly shook his head.

She was the only daughter of the Torres family in this generation and by right should be loved and cared for.. However, because of the belief that she would bring harm to her mother, she was sent here. When she was sent here, Lauren was weak and sickly. Her complexion was sallow, but she was completely different now. Her small face was chubby and she looked rather cute.

Could such a cute child really be the “jinx” that the matriarch of the Torres family had mentioned?

“Uncle Ben, why are you the only one here? I heard from the Abbots that I still have an elder brother.” Lauren opened up a lollipop that Seven had secretly given to her. She stuffed it into her mouth.

Ben did not know how to answer this question. He scratched his head and heard Lauren’s crisp and clear cry of surprise, “Uncle Ben, look! There’s a woman by the roadside!”

He was so frightened that he suddenly stepped on the brakes. Ben looked in the direction where Lauren’s little fleshy hand pointed. He saw only a row of neat trees and some leaves by the roadside.

There was no woman!

Lauren seemed to know that Ben did not believe her, so she stretched her hand out of the window again.

“Uncle, look, it’s right there! She’s wearing a white dress and waving at you.”

Ben’s expression was dazed for a moment. When he looked carefully, there was still nothing on the roadside!

He was filled with anger and started the car again.

The more Ben thought about it, the angrier he became. He said, “No wonder the Torres family wanted to send you to such a place. You’re already full of lies at such a young age. You’re not learning at all!”

Lauren was jolted by the sudden acceleration of the car, and the lollipop in her hand fell off.

She pursed her lips. “Uncle, you dropped my lollipop! You have to compensate me with one! Seven gave it to me!”

Ben glanced at her but did not say anything. His eyes were filled with anger.

He did not hate Lauren. He just felt that she was acting mysteriously at such a young age and that it was infuriating.

After all, Ben had been working for the Torres family for many years. He had seen Lauren when she was young and knew that she was quite pitiful. He could not hate her. However, he was indeed extremely angry.

“I’m driving. Stop saying such nonsense!”

Lauren looked at the lollipop that fell to her feet and pouted even more furiously. She crossed her hands in front of her chest angrily, as if she was a little adult.

“Auntie, this uncle has a really bad temper! I don’t want to help him anymore!”

Ben saw Lauren’s actions and his entire body turned cold. Who was she talking to? Auntie? Was there anyone else in the car besides the two of them?

“Kiddo! Don’t play tricks here!”

“I’m not, Uncle. It’s this Auntie. She wants to talk to you, that’s why she got in the car!”

Ben took a deep breath and pretended not to hear her. However, he stepped on the accelerator even harder. He wanted to return to the Torres family as soon as possible and hand this troublemaker over to someone else.

“You’re full of nonsense. No wonder no one from the Torres family came to pick you up,” Ben said in a low voice. However, Lauren still heard him.

It was not Ben’s fault. After all, no one in the Torres family wanted Lauren to go back.

Maria Julian, who was Lauren’s mother and the madame of the Torres family, suffered from severe bleeding when she gave birth to Lauren. Although she managed to save her life later on, her physical condition continued to deteriorate. That was why the matriarch of the Torres family sent Lauren away.

For the past four years, Maria had been bedridden and rarely got out of bed. 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

A few days ago, the doctor said that Maria’s condition was getting worse and her only wish was to see her youngest daughter before she died. That was why Lauren was brought home.

In fact, other than Maria, no one in the Torres family welcomed Lauren home.

Ben even had the butler call the three young masters the night before, but their reactions were all very cold.

Big brother said, “I’ve never heard of this sister.”

Second brother asked, “That jinx? Is she coming back to be my toy?”

Third brother yelled, “Get lost!”


The matriarch was even more indifferent towards this biological granddaughter of hers. Knowing that Lauren was going back to the Torres family today, she chose to go to the temple on Mount Portbury to recuperate. The timing was unknown.

She had not even reached home yet and was already so unpopular. It was uncertain how she was going to live her days in the future...

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