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Chapter 16: Reincarnated

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Yes, Miss Torres, I don’t care if my wife is real or not, as long as she stays by my side.”

Lauren shook her head, her expression devout and serious. “I know that both of you want to stay by each other’s side, just like I want to stay by my brother’s side. However, reincarnating is necessary.”

“All sentient beings come from the beginning. Life and death go hand in hand. They do not know how to live forever. Their nature is pure and clear, and they use all kinds of delusions. This kind of thinking is not real, so there is a need for reincarnation.”

“After the vengeful souls found the murderers, the door of reincarnation had already been opened. The more souls wander in the mortal world, the narrower the door of reincarnation will be, and the aura of the souls will become weaker.”


As she spoke, Lauren’s small face was full of seriousness, just like a Buddha who had transcended all sentient beings.

“Uncle, look, is Auntie Wendy’s soul more transparent than it was yesterday? Her soul will not exist forever, it will only disappear. If she misses the opportunity to reincarnate, she will disappear forever.”

In the end, Lauren made a decision for Wendy, she locked down her aura and bought three more days for Wendy.

“In three days, Auntie Wendy will have to leave. Otherwise, even I won’t be able to do anything.”

Ben and Wendy agreed with tears in their eyes.

Mission one was finally completely resolved! Lauren wore a sky-blue dress and rolled around on the bed. Without the church’s missionary Auntie to tie her hair, her long hair could only be let loose.

“I wonder what brother is doing?” She pouted. “It’s so boring! Little Nine, let’s go to the amusement park and play!”

Lauren had always been eager to get things done. She would do whatever she thought of, and as soon as she got up, she went downstairs to look for Mr. Hayes.

However, when she was in the corridor, Lauren suddenly sensed a different aura.

The aura of a human was different from that of a ghost. A human relied on breathing, while a ghost could only rely on the tiny bit of true energy in its soul.

The aura of a good ghost was different from that of a bad ghost. Simply put, a bad ghost must have harmed a human to become a bad ghost, which was why the body of a bad ghost would smell of blood.

Just now, Lauren had smelled a scent of blood that did not exist before.

However, when she closed her eyes and wanted to use her spiritual consciousness to probe, the scent completely disappeared.

“Little Nine, did you sense the aura of a ghost just now? It’s a bad ghost.”

[System Divine Nine: No, I was forcefully pushed back by you just now. I’m angry! I don’t want to talk to you!]

“You’re so petty, Little Nine. I am only four and a half years old, yet I am more magnanimous than you. You said that you’re four hundred years old. I don’t believe it.”

[System Divine Nine: Can’t a four-hundred-year-old system be angry? The System has its dignity too, okay! ]

Lauren was bickering with the System Divine Nine, she quickly forgot about the ghostly aura that flashed past her mind.

Star Dream Amusement Park — the largest amusement park in the whole of S city. It was built four years ago and had all kinds of amusement programs. People from all over the world would come here to play every day.

Of course, the owner of this amusement park was also Lauren the little rich lady.

This was her reward for completing her first mission four years ago. Although this amusement park was hers, it was her first time coming here!

“Wow, there are so many balloons over there. They’re so beautiful!”

“There are also clowns with the balloons over there. I want to see them!”

Lauren ran around excitedly while Ben and a maid, Zelda, chased after her with a bunch of dolls in their hands.

Mr. Hayes did not feel comfortable with Lauren coming alone, so he sent Zelda over to take care of her. Of course, all of this was done with Franklin’s consent.

Star Dream Amusement Park had the tallest roller coaster in the entire Country Z, and it was vertical. This event had attracted many bold people to take risks.

Lauren chewed on a marshmallow that was two times bigger than her face and raised her head to look at the roller coaster. The people on the roller coaster were screaming non-stop, it was terrifying to hear.

When Ben saw how serious Lauren was, he thought that Lauren also wanted to play. As this was too high, he tried to persuade her, “Miss Torres, this is too high, it seems to be more than a hundred meters! It’s not suitable for you to play.”

Unexpectedly, Lauren just shook her head in disdain, “This is not high. Uncle Ben, let me tell you, I have rushed down from more than four hundred meters before!”

If it had been a day ago, Ben would definitely have thought that Lauren was lying and spouting nonsense. He did not dare to question this little troublemaker now.

What if she really threw him down from more than 400 meters?

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