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Chapter 11: Brother’s Concern

𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

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They should have arrived ten minutes ago, but on the way from the company to Ben’s house, Franklin suddenly received a message from the company saying that the chandelier in the meeting room had suddenly fallen off and injured a board member, and that the chandelier was also completely damaged.

As that meeting room was only used when the Chairman was in a meeting, so the company wanted to seek the Chairman’s opinion on how to deal with it.

Franklin got out of the car and saw Lauren’s tottering figure on the rooftop.

He quickly ran toward block three. Although he was wearing a suit, it did not seem slow him down at all.

His assistant and his secretary were panting as they chased after him.

“Alright, I’ve already collected the little ghost’s soul. Let’s go back and interrogate the scoundrel properly!”

Lauren proudly shook the soul storage box in her hand. Unexpectedly, she was lifted up by a strong hand in the next moment..

“Ben, what’s wrong with you! How can you let a child play on the rooftop by herself!”

Franklin’s tone was unprecedentedly serious, as if he was reprimanding his subordinates in the conference room.

Ben, who was in the corner, said, “Franklin, she is a troublemaker who can affect you as well. How is she a child!?”

Of course, Ben only dared to think about it and did not dare to say it.

“Brother, why are you here?!” Lauren happily hugged Franklin’s neck.

“If I didn’t come, you would have fallen!”

Franklin placed Lauren in a safe place. At that moment, his assistant and his secretary just arrived at the rooftop.

“Chairman...Why are you running so fast?!”

“Brother, you’re here because you’re worried about me! Do you like me very much?”

Lauren hugged Franklin’s long legs and acted kittenish. She no longer had the imposing manner she had when she was holding the soul storage box. Now, she was just a soft and cute little princess!

It was only then that Franklin realized that he had lost his composure just now.

In just half a day’s time, how did he become a completely different person?

“I’m not worried about you. I’m the eldest son of the Torres family. I want to make sure that everyone in the Torres family is safe.” Franklin said this sentence which seemed to be an explanation but was actually a cover-up. Then, he hurried downstairs.

His back looked like he was fleeing in panic.

The assistant and the secretary looked at each other.

“Protect the safety of the Torres family? When Quinn Torres broke his leg during filming, he was recuperating in the hospital for a month. The Chairman didn’t even look at him, he even said that Quinn deserved it.”

“That’s right, the Chairman is really weird today.”

“My brother is not weird. He behaves in this manner because he cares about me! Since my brother likes me so much, I’ll like him even more!” Lauren hopped around on the spot for two to three rounds, feeling elated.

[System Divine Nine: The mission is completed. The host has already caught the murderer of Wendy Lawson.]

[Reward: Activate the ‘resurrection’ skill. The maximum level of this skill is level 100. The host’s current level is level 0.]

“Why is it only level 0?!” Lauren was being carried down the stairs by Ben while bargaining with the System.

[System Divine Nine: This mission is too easy. It’s already pretty good to be able to activate this skill.]

“At this rate, when will I be able to save Mum?” Lauren did not forget her biggest goal when she returned to the Torres family. She wanted to improve her mum’s health!

[System Divine Nine: Unable to estimate. As long as the host can complete more missions, your level will rise faster and faster!]

Lauren was frustrated. “As expected, I have to work hard in order to have food!”

Franklin was already waiting downstairs. When he saw Ben carrying Lauren, his expression turned cold again.

“Brother! Are you waiting for me to go home with you?”

Home? Franklin was a little unfamiliar with this word. His parents were basically not at home, his second and third brothers were always working.

In Franklin’s view, the Torres residence was just a place to stay after work.

“That’s all for today. You guys can get off work. I’ll get Ben to send me off.”

Franklin had already returned to his usual calm self. He turned around and was about to get into the car.

“Big brother, I want to eat pineapple-flavored ice cream.”

“Ice cream? What’s so good about that?” Franklin scoffed. “I’ve never eaten it before.”

“You’ve never eaten ice cream before. How pitiful! I’ll treat you to ice cream!” After saying that, Lauren took out a few coins.

Franklin lowered his head, looked at the little fellow and the few coins in her palm. He felt a certain place in his heart move. This feeling... He had never experienced it before.

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