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Chapter 8: Chapter 8 of such kindness


Xi Yuancheng saw that his wife was silent and continued to analyze

“On the other hand, Mu Ru is different. She grew up with a servant and has a docile and obedient character. She knows how to submit to adversity. She will do whatever the other party gives her and never resists. With such a well-behaved character, marrying Dongfang Mo is the best. ”

“Mu Ru, good sister, will you marry that Dongfang Mo for me? ”

Mu Xue immediately came over and pulled mu ru’s hand. She called her sister very gently. This was the first time mu ru had ever heard Mu Xue call her sister.

She bit her lips and did not make a sound. In her heart, she was wondering if she should resist this time to break her father’s fixed image of being obedient and never resisting?

However, before she could speak, she heard Mu Xue say again

“Mu Ru, don’t you think that if I hadn’t pleaded for father to let you accompany me to school, you might only be a little girl helping mother Wang to do chores up until now. How could you be a university student? I’ve treated you so well. You should at least repay my kindness, right? ”

When Mu ru heard Mu Xue’s words, her heart couldn’t help but ache. What Mu Xue said was the truth. Mu Xue started kindergarten when she was three years old, and she could only stay at home by mother Wang’s side until she was seven years old. Mu Xue was about to enter the first grade of primary school She suddenly envied others for having company while she went to school. Then, she begged Xi Yuancheng to send her to school, saying that he would accompany her.

“Mu Ru, when you were born, you were judged as an unlucky person by the Fortune Teller. I originally wanted to throw you away, but instead of throwing you into the river to drown, I raised you. You should repay this kindness, right? ”

Xi Yuancheng saw that Mu ru was still silent, so he could not help but raise his voice and ask.

Mu Ru knew that she had no way out of this matter. Because Xi Yuancheng had decided on a matter that she had no power to resist, she could only obey his wishes.

Just like a year ago, Mu Xue’s fianc??, Dongfang Mo, had been in a car accident and was staying in the hospital. The Dongfang family had requested that Mu Xue go to the hospital to see Dongfang mo every day, but mo Xue was unwilling to go no matter what. Saying that she went to see Dongfang Mo was the same as going to see a ghost If she saw a ghost, she would have nightmares at night. How could she go She had to wait for Dongfang Mo to recover before she went to see him.

However, her father had always had business dealings with the Dongfang family, and the marriage between Dongfang Mo and Xi Muxue had been decided since they were young, so she did not dare to offend the Dongfang family, so she ordered her to pretend to be Mu Xue to see Dongfang Mo. .

She and Mu Xue were twins, and they looked almost exactly the same. Of course, this was under the situation where she and Mu Xue did not have to show their foreheads. If both of them showed their foreheads, then they would not look alike, because Mu Xue’s forehead was very fair and beautiful On her forehead, however, there was a thumb-sized dark purple birthmark that looked like a crescent moon.

Towards her father’s forceful orders, she had always been obedient. Therefore, she had no choice but to use thick bangs to cover her forehead. Every day, she would bring mother Wang’s soup to the hospital to visit Dongfang Mo. with one look, she could tell that it had been half a year Until Dongfang Mo was transferred to a Foreign Hospital for treatment.

In fact, during that half a year, she did not see any terrifying scenes at all, because all she saw was Dongfang Mo wrapped in Gauze. His entire head was wrapped in Gauze, and only his two eyes were exposed And because those two eyes were surrounded by a thick gauze, they could not be seen clearly at all.

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