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Chapter 15: Chapter 15 real and fake brides face to face


Just as she finished putting on her clothes and was combing her hair, there was a knock on the door. She was stunned for a moment and was about to walk towards the door when she heard the maid’s voice

“Young Madam, are you up? Your father and sister are here. ”

“they’re up. ”

Mu Ru quickly answered and then added,

“I got it. ”

Father and sister are here Dongfang Mo must have gone to the Xi family last night, right After all, she was a substitute, and Dongfang Mo had said that he did not want a substitute. The woman he wanted was Xi Muxue.

Mu Ru came downstairs and indeed saw her father, Xi Yuancheng, and Xi Muxue sitting on the Sofa in the lobby on the first floor. Before she could say anything, Xi muxue quickly ran up to her and raised her hand to give her a fierce slap.

“Xi Muru, why are you so shameless? ”

Xi Muxue’s voice was obviously filled with uncontrollable anger, and then she growled loudly

“yesterday was clearly the day that Mo and I got married, yet you tied me up and threw me in the basement. Then, you pretended to be me to be the bride. You’re simply a crazy woman! ”

Mu Ru reached out to cover her face that had been slapped. She took a step back and did not say a word. She knew that Xi Muxue had done this for the Dongfang family to see, but she did not know why Xi Muxue had done this?

Could it be that she did not know Dongfang Mo’s true face?

Or Did she think that the man at the wedding yesterday was Dongfang Mo?

“Hehehe, she is indeed a deranged woman! ”

Dongfang Yu’s voice came from the stairwell, and at the same time, there were a few crisp slaps.

Xi muxue looked up and saw Dongfang Yu. She immediately ran up happily, pulling his arm and acting coquettishly

“Mo, you have no idea how much I miss you. Yesterday was supposed to be our wedding day. I had already prepared a wedding dress, but who knew… ”

Xi muxue paused at this point. Then, she pointed at Mu Ru who was standing at the side and said angrily,

“Mo, it’s her. This ugly freak. No Man usually takes a fancy to her. She’s crazy about getting married, so she used a stick to knock me out from behind while I was changing. Then, she used a rope to kidnap me. In the end, she pretended to be me to marry you. ”

Xi muxue still felt that this was not enough to vent her anger, so she took two steps forward and lifted the bangs on mu ru’s forehead, revealing the scar as thick as her thumb. Then, she sneered at everyone

“See? She’s such an ugly freak. ”

“I saw it last night. ”

Dongfang Yu said calmly. There was no emotion in his voice.

“Ah, what? You found out last night? ”

Xi muxue revealed a hint of surprise, then quickly pulled Dongfang Yu’s arm and called out coquettishly,

“Mo, since you’ve discovered it, why didn’t you come and look for me last night? I was locked in the basement so miserable. If it wasn’t for my father who came to the basement to look for a drink and found out that I was tied up there and rescued, I might have died in the basement. ”

Dongfang Yu chuckled when he heard Xi Muxue’s words, then he looked at Xi Muru, then he stared at Xi Muxue and asked without a trace, “do you want to marry Dongfang Mo? ”

“So, you originally wanted to marry Dongfang Mo, right? ”

“Of course I’m willing! ”

Xi muxue immediately nodded and answered without thinking, then she added,

“If it wasn’t for yesterday’s sabotage… ”

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