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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: The strange man in the new room


In the romantic and luxurious new room, in the pitch-black darkness, there was an almost inaudible Moan and low growl. It was strangely harmonious… …

Her hand could not push away the man on top of her, but it did not mean that she could not move on top of him. She touched his smooth skin, touched his smooth face, touched his long hair… …

This was not Dongfang Mo, that was for sure. She had seen Dongfang Mo’s face before. His entire face was full of potholes like leeches. Could it be Dongfang Yu?

That shouldn’t be possible, right?

Dongfang Yu was Dongfang Mo’s younger brother. He shouldn’t be so strong that he could even defeat his own sister-in-law, right?

Moreover, Dongfang Yu’s hair was very short, but this man’s hair was as long as a woman’s hair to the shoulders.

Mu Ru could not struggle or scream. She could only accept her fate and be eaten up by this strange man like a plate of delicacies. Meanwhile, the smell of blood under her body was rapidly spreading… …

The tearing pain was like an invisible black hole, slowly swallowing Xi Muru’s body. Everything was disappearing… …

Only the blood, as bright as the peach blossoms in March, kept gushing out, just like the peach blossoms in March falling in the wind and rain… …

This man might have never experienced such a thing, and he also never knew that a * * * Woman’s blood would actually be so much. Bright red, like the withered peach blossoms in spring, one by one, they flew out… …

Tears and sweat slid down her body, mixing with the bright red blood and body fluid, infusing Xi Muru’s nineteen-year-old world.

The night was long!

Her heart was incomparably cold!

Mu Ru fainted, but she did not stop

She woke up and continued… …

When Xi Muru woke up again, it was already the next morning. There was no longer a man on the bed, but torn clothes were still scattered in the room.

She gritted her teeth and used her hands to support her body as she got off the bed.

She slowly moved her feet and used her hands to support the wall as she walked into the bathroom step by step. She turned on the tap-head switch and adjusted the water to a suitable temperature. Then, she let the warm water rain down on her body that was covered in Cyan.

Xi Muru held the tap in her hand and kept washing her body. She wanted to use the water to wash away all the traces left by the man from last night.

Finally, the shower was over. She took a towel to wrap her body that was covered in traces. She stood in front of the mirror and looked. Then, she realized that there was a woman in the mirror whose face was even scarier than Miss Chizuko’s.

It was indeed tragic enough. It was worse than living as a servant in the XI family. If this was how Madam Xi was treated, then she would rather go back to the XI family, even if it meant helping mother Wang every day.

With that thought, she immediately walked into her room. She remembered that Dongfang Mo had told her to scram last night, so she quickly opened the closet and took out a set of clothes. She didn’t bother to think about who she had prepared it for, so she put it on.


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