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Chapter 13: Chapter 13 you won’t mind, right


Mu Ru endured the pain coming from her neck. Her entire body was trembling like a fallen leaf in the autumn wind. She staggered towards the door as she carefully stared at Dongfang Mo. His blood-red mouth was extremely similar to a vampire in a horror movie.

She walked out of the door while trembling. She immediately turned around and ran downstairs. Her footsteps were staggering, and she even stumbled down the stairs. She did not know how many times she fell. With great difficulty, she rolled and climbed up to the first floor.

When she reached the first floor, before she could get up, she saw a woman walking towards her. Her body shivered, and she reached out to grab the railing, wanting to stand up. However, this middle-aged woman reached out and caught her, helping her up.

“Young Madam, were you scared by the eldest young master? ”

The middle-aged woman helped Mu Ru to a sofa at the side and sat down. With a kind smile on her face, she asked softly.

Mu Ru’s body trembled as she nodded, but she immediately felt that it was inappropriate. She quickly shook her head again and continued to speak incoherently

“I want to go home. Auntie, how can I get a taxi if I go out here? ”

“Madam, you’re already married to the eldest young master. Why do you still want to go home? ”

The middle-aged woman said softly. Then, she used her hand to Pat Mu ru on the back and comforted her softly

“Don’t worry. The first time I see the eldest young master, he’s always like this. After all, his face looks a little like that to ordinary people. However, I won’t be afraid after seeing him a few more times. Oh Right, I’m the eldest young master’s wet nurse. The eldest young master calls me mother Liu. You can also call me mother Liu from now on. ”

Mu Ru nodded. Under Mama Liu’s comforting words, her mood relaxed a little. Then, she lowered her head and said softly,

“It was your eldest young master who told me to go home. I… ”

“Sigh, ever since the eldest young master got into a car accident last year, his temper has been very bad. You have to bear with him a little more. ”

Mama Liu quickly took over mu Ru’s words, then she looked at mu ru carefully and said,

“Young Madam looks very dignified. She’s a good-looking husband. ”

Good-looking husband?

When Mu ru heard her words, she sucked in a breath of cold air in her heart. She was a good-looking husband Mother Liu probably thought that she was Xi Muxue, right?

Xi muxue being a good husband might be believable, but she, on the other hand, had been regarded as an unlucky person since she was young. How could she possibly have a good husband?

Moreover, before this, she did not even have a boyfriend because when people saw the birthmark on her forehead, they instinctively avoided her. Mu Xue always told people that her birthmark was an unlucky symbol.

Although Dongfang Mo looked like a ghost, he did not want her as a substitute. He still wanted Xi Muxue, so whether she could marry out in the future was still a question The Qin Xun of the past might have long forgotten the engagement five years ago.

She was considered a jinx by her parents. Every time an unsuspecting boy approached her, Mu Xue would lift her thick bangs and point at the birthmark on her forehead, saying that it was an unlucky thing, so.. The boy would naturally leave.

Husband In her situation, where could she go to husband?

Seeing that Mu ru did not say anything, mother Liu stared at the wound on her neck and asked softly,

“This injury of yours? Did he just put it on? ”

Mu Ru used her hand to touch her neck and frowned in pain. She hesitated for a moment before finally nodding at Mother Liu.

“Sigh, ah Mo, this child is getting more and more overboard. Even his new wife doesn’t know how to pity him… ”

Mother Liu sighed softly. Her tone was not blaming but full of doting. She looked at Mu Ru and asked,

“You… won’t dislike AH MO, right? ”

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