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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager

Chapter 29: Demon Purple Smoke


The dark clouds are closed, and the Razers cross.

Under the majesty of the world, the countless monsters in the Jiuyao Mountains almost all hid in their nests, afraid to make any changes.

In the dark clouds of the sky, a black figure flashed away.

Wherever he went, the space even cracked!

At the same time, in the rear, several figures followed like shadows.

"Monster Ziyan, the siege of five Wendao can still make you escape, that old man's nearly a hundred years of life is in vain!"

"Monster Ziyan, now the monster clan can't take care of themselves, don't you still expect them to come and support you?!"

"Monster Ziyan, just grab it, and I can leave a whole body for you!"


The clamor came from behind.

The name Yao Ziyan has a great reputation in the Star Empire and the surrounding area.

Legend has it that Shenlong is the first person on the list of shadow kills who never see the end, and even has the title of King of Killers.

But she has another identity!

People of the beast royal family in the Jiuyao Mountains!

Most monsters who enter the practice will have inner alchemy in their bodies.

For humans, the inner alchemy of the monster beast has many uses.

The violent spiritual power in the inner alchemy is not something that humans can refining, and it will only be used to explode and die.

Therefore, humans obtain the inner pill of monsters and beasts, which are mostly used to temper their bodies and forge spiritual weapons.

The higher the level of the monster beast, the greater the effect of the monster pill in the body.

Yao Ziyan bit her red lips, her pretty face was full of coldness.

In an assassination mission a few months ago, she inadvertently exposed the identity of the monster race, which attracted the prying eyes of human experts.

Asking the realm of the monster beast has been able to transform, and its inner alchemy is a peerless treasure that can be encountered and cannot be found!

A few days ago, Yao Ziyan finally broke through the threshold of Asking Dao peak and ushered in the thunder robbery of Advanced Venerable Realm!

You know, the monster crossing the robbery is more dangerous than human beings!

But just as the demon purple smoke crossing the catastrophe was completed, just as it was a moment of weakness, these experts in the questioning realm teamed up to attack him to serious injuries!

Regarding the choice of the place to cross the calamity, Yao Ziyan never told the humans.

In other words, there are traitors in the monster race!

At this point, the demon Ziyan's purple eyes were full of anger!


Suddenly, a golden light on the side flashed away.

Yao Ziyan couldn't dodge and was hit directly.

His body was hit hard, and a mouthful of purple blood spurted out.

The golden light has gone and returned. If you look closely, it turns out to be a golden bowl!


A monk with a strange-looking appearance swept through the air and took the golden bowl into his arms. His dark red robes were flying in the wind, like solidified blood!

"I didn't expect that the famous demon monk Wuxiang would also make a move."

Yao Ziyan wiped a trace of blood from the corner of her mouth, and a mocking smile appeared on her beautiful face.

"The demon pill in the realm of the venerable is rare."

An evil smile appeared on Wuxiang's face, and he licked his scarlet lips.

The phaseless demon monk has a great reputation on the Tianlan Continent, and his strength is already the second rank of Venerable!

Facing this venerable person, surrounded by five people in the realm of Inquiring Dao, Yao Ziyan took a deep breath, and a decisive expression flashed in his eyes.

"No! Go back!"

Feeling the energy fluctuations escaping from Yao Ziyan's body, Wuxiang's expression changed drastically!

Only people in the realm of venerable like him know that when the life of the monster royal family is at stake, at the cost of most of its own vitality, it is enough to explode an attack far beyond the current realm!

A demon pill that looked like a purple jade appeared from Yao Ziyan's mouth, blooming with a dreamy color of destruction.


The space is shattered and the void is turbulent.

In an instant, the five chasers in the realm of the questioning realm died and disappeared, and their bodies were directly assimilated by the terrifying spiritual power!

The phaseless robes shattered, and quickly hid into the golden bowl, into the turbulent flow of the void!

At this time, Yao Dan had completely dimmed.

After Yao Ziyan swallowed it, her pretty face instantly turned white, the aura on her body suddenly subsided, and then she went straight down.

Yao Ziyan’s long hair was flying in the air, and his heart was full of miserable meaning: Is everything going to end...

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