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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager

Chapter 2644: Is it wrong to believe in your boss?

Luo Chuan watched Annuo being pulled away by Yao Ziyan, and the elf girl looked confused.

It seems that the dark side of this girl has appeared again.

God knows that Yao Ziyan will say something strange to Anno.

Luo Chuan yawned and looked away.

He didn't care much about it.

Anyway, after a while, I will tell Annuo that she has found her home. Quan should relax her mind, and let her be prepared for this, lest the impact will be too great to accept.

I don't know how to get to the dragon's world.

Magic teleportation?

Or ride a dragon girl?

Luo Chuan remembered the experience of going to Qichuan to shoot a movie before, and all the passengers during the final landing were deeply impressed.

Forget it, then you'll know.


Oxia's voice brought Luo Chuan's thoughts back to reality.

The chief commander of the wave came to the counter at some point, and the golden and slightly curled long hair was scattered like satin. It seemed that when she was in the Hearthstone Tavern, she always made people forget her original identity.

"Is something wrong?" Luo Chuan raised his head and asked.

"There is indeed something." Oxia nodded, "The demigod sleeping in the ground, the boss should still remember?"

"Of course I remember." Luo Chuan became interested, "What happened?"

According to previous speculations, the source of many disasters, including collapse and corruption, may be caused by underground creatures.

Now, the rekindling of the initial fire has dissipated the Kokai energy to an almost non-existent level.

It's also plausible that subterranean creatures are affected.


Oxia was silent for a while, "Is the boss free now?"

"Do you look like I'm busy?" Luo Chuan asked back.

Oxia's expression was slightly complicated.

As the owner of the Hearthstone Tavern, she really didn't know how to evaluate it if she could say such words for granted.

Maybe it's just what the boss himself said - he's just a boss who is interested.

Came to the City of Steel to open a Hearthstone Tavern, just for fun.

As for the specific business of the tavern, as well as other aspects, he was too lazy to take care of it himself.

Thinking of this, many questions are clear.

"Let's go then." Oxia didn't like to waste time either.

Yao Ziyan pulls Anuo, and has already told the story of a newly launched character from the birth of the glory world.

The protagonist of the story holds a weapon and has been looking for the owner of the weapon. He has crossed the mountains and rivers but never gave up.

She didn't know that she herself had already become the master of the weapon and a legendary hero.

"I'm not a hero, just a homeless person with a weapon. Whenever people ask her who she is, she always calls herself that." Yao Ziyan drank a coke.

Annuo propped his chin and was completely immersed in the world depicted by Yao Ziyan.

"Sounds a little familiar."

The elf girl whispered to herself, turned her head subconsciously, and turned her eyes to the direction of the counter, "It seems that the boss said something similar."

Yao Ziyan laughed lightly, apparently agreeing with Anno's words.

Putting down the Coke, she noticed that Oxia walked towards Luo Chuan, and the two started talking.

what are they talking about?

Yao Ziyan was a little curious, and her doubts were quickly answered. Luo Chuan and Oxia ended their conversation and came to her.

"We're going to see the dwarves' underground mines, are you going?" Luo Chuan asked.

"Underground mine?" Yao Ziyan was taken aback, "Why are you going there?"

"Isn't that big guy living underground?" Luo Chuan explained, "Now the land of chaos is gone, and the collapse is basically completely subsided. You know the state of the initial fire burning, as the root of everything, underground That big guy must have been affected more or less, aren't you curious?"

"I'll go too." Yao Ziyan quickly made a decision.

Anno couldn't understand what they were talking about, and he didn't have much interest.

The giant axe, who was opening the card pack next to him, heard the conversation, put down what he was doing, and prepared to take them to visit the underground world belonging to the dwarves.

The entrance to the underground mine is an ordinary building with a dwarf style, with a staircase running down, and two dwarves holding card boxes on the side.

It should be guarding the entrance.

In fact, it doesn't matter if there are guards or not. The underground mines belong to the world of dwarves.

Only dwarves can come and go freely in this maze-like mine.

If ordinary people break in rashly, even extraordinary people will get lost in those tortuous caves, not to mention how many extraordinary things are sealed inside.

Like underground creatures.

Maybe even the dwarves themselves can't figure out how many strange things have been dug up.

The underground mine is not closed, on the contrary, it is very spacious and bright.

There is basically no risk of collapse on the enchanted cave wall. The ground under your feet is flat and wide, much wider than the roads in the city. The original spar embedded in the surrounding area exudes a constant and soft light.

The dwarves passing by were very respectful towards the giant axe, and the expression on their faces after seeing Luo Chuan was a frenzy.

Luo Chuan felt that if Oxia and the giant axe hadn't been here, they would have charged directly in the next instant. ๐—ถ๐—ป๐™ฃr๐‘’๐‘Ž๐š. ๐˜ค๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

Throw the original spar into his arms.

"Luo Chuan, it seems that you are very popular among these dwarves." Yao Ziyan leaned beside Luo Chuan and said with a smile.

"Well, that's right."

The giant axe heard Yao Ziyan's voice, and nodded in approval, his loud voice echoed in the empty mine, "Nowadays, many little brats don't believe in the goddess of the earth, but believe in the boss, they think this can improve the The probability of getting a legendary card."

At the end, the leader of the Great Axe clan couldn't help but sighed.

Yao Ziyan burst out laughing, Oxia also smiled.

Luo Chuan: "โ€ฆ"

"Is it a mistake to open a legendary card by believing in the tavern owner? ".

He felt that if this development was written into a light novel, it must be a good theme.

"Actually, I think it's useless for them to believe in me. It's better to believe in the **** of destiny." Luo Chuan said in a deep voice.

"God of Fate?" The giant axe scratched his hair, "Does Ke Luo have this god?"

"There should be." Oxia was not sure, she felt as if she had never heard of this god.

Yao Ziyan kept a smile on her face, her palm quietly moved to Luo Chuan's waist, she was caught without doing anything, and she could only stare at a certain boss who had nothing to do with it.

"Giant axe, I heard that you often dig some strange things?" Luo Chuan suddenly thought of something and asked the giant axe curiously.

"Not often, occasionally, occasionally." The giant axe waved his big fan-like hand, correcting Luo Chuan's words.

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