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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager

Chapter 21: This trick is called Tianshi Zhenxing


A faint voice sounded, as if with infinite magic power, time and space were directly imprisoned!

Luo Chuan raised his hand and pointed out in the void.

Ding Ding Ding...

There was a crisp sound, like the most beautiful music, hitting everyone's heart.

But every time the music sounds, a beam of light bursts into the sky.

"This! How is this possible?!"

Not far away, Chu Yunfei was full of horror.

Chu Yangping's soul projection also sent waves of fluctuations, obviously he did not expect that his offensive would be disintegrated so easily.

"Come and not be indecent."

However, after a few breaths, all the light beams shattered, and Luo Chuan cast his gaze on Chu Yangping's spirit projection in the sky.

Chu Yangping's heart trembled.

Luo Chuan grabbed it casually, and the silver moon, which was originally only a phantom in the sky, trembled.

Chu Yangping's expression suddenly changed, because he found that he had lost control of the summoned Silver Moon!

The silver moon, the highest educated silver moon in Silver Moon Mansion, is facing the sky.

Now that Yinyue is lost, Chu Yangping's biggest attack method has failed!

And more than that, in his horrified gaze, the silver moon, which was just a phantom, actually slowly solidified!

"This trick is called Tianshi Zhenxing!"

At the same time a faint voice sounded.

Luochuan directly misappropriated the name of a certain popular character in his previous life.

The silver moon, which had long been solidified in the sky, gradually became larger in the eyes of everyone.

To be precise, it is because the silver moon is approaching!

The pressure of horror was crushing towards the Jiuyao City below, and Chu Yangping's Soul Projection, which was in mid-air, was the first to bear the brunt!

It can be clearly seen that the Soul Projection is like a TV screen with poor signal, flickering bright and dark.

At this time, the defensive formation of Jiuyao City was fully opened, and a translucent light shield completely covered it.

Fortunately, Divine Soul Projection was not protected by the formation.

However, despite the existence of the city defense formation, the residents of Jiuyao City couldn't help but trembled as they watched the falling Silver Moon!

How can humans stop this power of heaven and earth? !

"Such a terrifying move? Could it be that there is a noble-level hidden power in Jiuyao City?"

"I'm afraid that Jiuyao City's defense formation can't stop this attack? It's over! It's dead this time!"

"This is a fight between gods, mortals suffer..."

Countless people showed bitterness on their faces.

Imperial city.

Heavenly Star Great Emperor Ji Wuhui stood up suddenly, staring at the silver moon in the distant sky, his majestic face was not calm.

"This breath... I'm afraid it has already surpassed the realm of Inquiry Dao. I didn't expect that there would be such a strong person in Jiuyao City. I think I was attracted by the things in the Jiuyao Mountain Range.

I only hope that this senior can control the power of his moves. After all, my Jiuyao City cannot withstand much toss..."

At the end of the talk, there is already a bit of bitterness in it.

Although the Sky Star Empire is an unrivaled behemoth in the eyes of ordinary people, Ji Wuhui knows in his heart that placed on this vast Tianlan Continent, the Sky Star Empire is like a humble one among the stars...

Chu Yangping looked at the silver moon falling rapidly in the sky, and the alarm bell in his heart!


Extremely dangerous!

On the silver moon, he felt the crisis of death!

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