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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager

Chapter 20: Who gives you the confidence

"Silver Moon Palace? What a mighty power!"

Luo Chuan's face of Gu Jing Wubo finally showed some fluctuations, and a touch of coldness appeared in his eyes.

He couldn't tell that Chu Yangping simply wanted to put him to death, and had never worried about the safety of Jiuyao City.

"According to the rules of Origin Mall, whoever shoots this shop, die!"

The sound was not loud, but it resounded throughout Jiuyao City.

Countless people have heard this voice, the expression on their faces is either puzzled or curious.

They couldn't imagine that under the coercion of the sky's spirit projection, some people would dare to say anything like this. ๐’พ๐’n๐—ฟ๐’†ะฐ๐‘‘. ๐˜ค๐˜ฐm

But think about it in another way, it is not difficult to guess that the voice of this sound is the enemy of the projection!

Zhennan Hou Mansion.

Under Chu Yangping's spirit projection, the entire Jiuyao City was shrouded in its coercion, and this place was naturally no exception.

Everyone in the Zhennan Hou Mansion looked at the divine soul projection in the distant sky with solemn expressions, and did not dare to make any changes.

"This voice? It's the boss?!"

But when this voice sounded, Bu Lige couldn't help showing a shocked expression on his face.

"Indeed." Bu poetic nodded lightly, and a thick sense of surprise flashed in his eyes.

She couldn't imagine how that mysterious boss could provoke such a terrifying master of asking the realm.

Judging from the aura emitted by this projection, I am afraid that Heavenly Star Emperor Ji Wuhui is inferior.

"I hope the boss is okay, or where do I buy spicy bars and cola!" Bu Lige prayed.

Poetic steps:...

In an inn in the east of the city.

After returning from the Jiuyao Mountains, Wei Qingzhu and the three of them cultivated here.

The materials on the Amethyst Demon Wolf are expensive, so they get a lot of spirit crystals.

"How does this voice sound like a shop owner?"

Wei Qingzhu and the others were naturally affected by the power, and their expressions changed when they heard the sound coming from their ears.

"The shop owner? Is that where Sister Qingzhu did you buy spicy bars and Coke?" Song Qiuying asked curiously.

After drinking Coke, her injuries healed in just a few breaths, so she was very interested in Luochuan who sold Coke.

Wei Qingzhu nodded.

"The boss who can sell this kind of things is definitely not an ordinary person. Is it a hidden world expert?" Lin Wanshuang thoughtfully, "If you have time, Sister Qingzhu will take us to the store you mentioned."

"No problem." Without thinking about it, Wei Qingzhu responded.

Out of trust in the formation of Jiuyao City, they didn't worry too much.

According to rumors, a half-step venerable monster appeared from the Jiuyao Mountains hundreds of years ago, and Jiuyao City naturally bears the brunt.

However, facing the defensive formation of Jiuyao City, the half-step venerable monsters couldn't break it.

Although the power of this Divine Soul Projection is terrifying, it can't compare with the Half Step Venerable.

On the other side, when he heard Luo Chuan's words, Chu Yangping sneered, "Bullish!"

Under this kind of offensive, he believed that even the powerhouses who asked about the seventh and eighth ranks would definitely turn into fly ash!

And the young boss in front of him seems to be only double ten, and how strong he can be.

"I really don't know who gave you the confidence?"

A faint sigh sounded.

For some reason, Chu Yangping suddenly felt a bad feeling in his heart.

But this little episode was immediately forgotten by him.

Out of trust in his own moves, he didn't think this little boss could have any way to stand up.

At this time, hundreds of light beams have already reached the sky above the shop.

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