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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager

Chapter 2: Invincible buff, novice mission

Under the Coke, the price is marked: 10 Lingjing.

After seeing the price, Luo Chuan couldn't help but raise his brows.

We must know that in the Star Empire, most ordinary people used copper coins, silver coins and gold coins, and the exchange ratio between them was ten to one.

Spirit crystal is a currency often used by cultivators, which contains a lot of energy, and one spirit crystal can be exchanged for ten gold coins.

And one gold coin is enough to make an ordinary family live prosperously for a month. The concept of Lingjing can be imagined.

"System, are you sure there is no wrong price?" Luo Chuan thought for a while and asked seriously.

"The products of this system are worth the price, and there is absolutely no case of disorderly bidding. Since this is the first time the host has questioned this system, only a warning is given," the system said.


After the voice of the system fell, a message about these cola directly appeared in Luo Chuan's mind.

"Origin brand cola, the main raw material is Hunyuanling spring water. After drinking, it can instantly recover non-fatal injuries."

Looking at the introduction given by the system, Luo Chuan couldn't help but his eyes widened.

Instantly recovering non-fatal injuries, this is totally one more life!

It's like fighting with people, and when both sides have run out of lamps, you take out a bottle of Origin Coke, and the result is naturally predictable.

And even though Luochuan didn't know what this Hunyuanling spring water was, it didn't sound simple!

Should I try it first?

After thinking about it, Luo Chuan took out a bottle of Coke from the counter at the back.

Unscrew the bottle cap, accompanied by a "chi" sound, countless gas gushing out.

"There seems to be nothing special!" Luo Chuan frowned and muttered to himself, "I'd better taste it first."

"Cola taste, sweet."

After taking a sip, Luo Chuan made such an evaluation.

"Why didn't it work?" After waiting for a while, there was no change in his body, and Luo Chuan frowned in some doubt.

"As the host is an ordinary person and has no injuries on his body, how could he perceive the changes in his body." The system replied, listening carefully, there seemed to be a little helplessness in it.


"As the owner of the store, the host can use the goods in the store for free." The system sound continued.

Luo Chuan knew that these should be the benefits provided by the system.

"The novice mission is released, and the first product is sold. Current remaining time: 6 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes. Reward: a chance to draw."

Then, a light blue panel appeared in front of Luochuan.

"The strongest store owner system.

Host: Luochuan.

Identity: One-star shop owner.

Repair: None.

The current share ratio: 10%.

Novice mission in progress...

Evaluation: For the weak chicken among the weak chickens, the host should not hurry up to improve their strength? "

Looking at the above information, Luo Chuan, who has already read many system flow novels, is naturally no stranger.

But then again, what does the final evaluation mean?

The system you are doing things!

Luo Chuan looked at the information on the panel and asked: "System, I'm just an ordinary person now, so I have to protect myself! And what if someone makes trouble in the store?"

The system explained: "This system has installed a security system for the store, and the host is absolutely invincible within ten kilometers of the store."

Invincible? This buff is a bit powerful! Luochuan expressed his satisfaction.

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