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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager

Chapter 1: Congratulations to the host for drawing a coke

Tianlan Continent, Tianxing Empire, Jiuyao City.

As the imperial capital of the Star Empire, Jiuyao City occupies an unknown amount of land, and is famous for the Jiuyao Mountains connected to it.

There are all kinds of monsters in the Jiuyao Mountain Range, as well as countless eager elixir, attracting countless practitioners to gather here.

According to rumors, there are even many mysterious ancient relics inside.

Through the city wall more than ten feet high, you can see the shops in the city and the pedestrians on the streets.

This kind of grand occasion is rare even for the entire Star Empire!

However, what is a little bit incompatible with the grand occasion in this city is that in a small alley in the east of the city, there is a quite deserted shop.

Although Jiuyao City is prosperous, the location of the shops is so remote, it is conceivable that the popularity is deserted.

Now the young owner of this shop is sitting behind the counter with his chin on his back. Although he looks at the bustling street outside, his eyes are out of focus and he is obviously out of focus.

The boss is named Luochuan, who was originally an ordinary university student on the earth.

Suddenly died late at night and came to this world unexpectedly.

Speaking of it, it has been almost a month for Luochuan to travel to this world, but what he owns is just this little popular shop.

"The strongest store owner system is successfully bound! The store security system has been mounted! Is it the first time to pick up the goods now?"

Suddenly, an indifferent voice, regardless of gender, rang in Luo Chuan's mind.

In an instant, the environment in the store was immediately renewed, and all the original miscellaneous things disappeared.

The counters, walls, etc. are all replaced with transparent glass and silver-white metal, which looks very modern science fiction.

Luo Chuan was taken aback first, then tears filled his eyes.

For a full month, I finally waited for the golden finger that comes standard with the Crossover!

But having said that, what is this strongest store owner?

Although there are some doubts in his heart, Luo Chuan nodded his head with the same expression, "Turn on!"

At the sound of the sound, Luochuan only felt his own spirit trance, and the surrounding environment instantly changed.

Luo Chuan looked around and found that he was in an inexplicable space, surrounded by boundless darkness.

In front of him, there is a huge lottery roulette that can't be seen at a glance.

"Please turn the roulette for the host." The system's voice rang in Luo Chuan's mind, and he added, "The host can be controlled by his mind."

Luo Chuan understood it in his heart, and then focused on the roulette.

With the thought of "turning" in his mind, this huge roulette actually started to spin slowly, so fast that everything displayed on it was blurred.

"Stop!" After a few breaths, Luo Chuan issued such a command in his mind, and the rotation of the roulette slowly slowed down.

I don't know what I will get.

In Luochuan's hopeful gaze, the turntable finally stopped slowly, and the pointer on it fell on a golden yellow area.

"Congratulations to the host for winning the Coke, the coke purchase channel has been opened."

Coke? Are you sure the system is not teasing me?

In Luo Chuan's awkward expression, he only felt a flash of light before his eyes, and he returned to the shop.

However, unlike before, a row of neatly arranged Coke appeared on a glass container inside.

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