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For some reason, she thinks that she has managed to somehow pull my strings due to the lack of emotion that I was currently showing.

And she was right. She was damn right.

Because right now I was furious.

Letting go of her hair, I made sure to send her head flying straight against the floorboard and watched as her face displayed a painful expression due to the force of the collision.

I went down to grab her hair one more time and lifted her until we were looking into each other eyes.

Seeing that I was about to say something, she closed back her mouth that was about to open, seemingly waiting for my next words.

Though I appreciate the quietness for a while, but that didn't appease the anger that I felt.

"Looking at the way you are currently, a lesser man would have mocked you. He would have insulted your so-called pride and honour. He would have gloated about his superiority and victory. Degrade your existence and state the futility of your struggles" I said, loud enough for her and everyone around me to hear "I am not a lesser man".

Her eyes widened as she heard my words more than everyone else, as she looked at me with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

"Mad John" I said.

"Yes, Captain" Mad John replied, forgetting to address me as Prince Wyatt.

But was I complaining?

No, I wasn't.

I liked it and couldn't help but let a smile grace my lips.

It wasn't that I hated being called a prince, but because right now, around me. I wasn't seeing a throne, a palace, an army, or a crown.

All I saw were pirates, drenched in the blood of their enemies as they awaited a command from me to give to them.

And although I don't know how deep their loyalty is for me, the fact still doesn't change that right now I was their 'Captain'.

And as long as I was sailing the deep seas with them, I needed to act as one. So I would rather secure my position as the captain in their hearts before I start thinking of the former Prince Wyatt brothers and his family.

"Throw the remaining Posoinouis maids' crew and their captain into the ocean" I said, watching as mad John's expression morphed into disbelief and surprise.

He was probably thinking about why I had changed my mind.

But I didn't have any reason though as all I thought about was getting rid of one of my enemies before it comes to bite me in my back.

Funny enough, anger serves as a really good motivation to commit a murder.

Though I am pretty sure that this was how I felt when I killed those dolphins and committed genocide on an entire beach.

But this might be my first time getting human blood on my hands.

Hmmm! I wonder if it might feel the same.

"But Captain. I mean Prince Wyatt. I don't think that it is a good idea. Even if we gain Captain's Davy fury for attacking his daughter, the consequences would be a million times more if we killed her" Mad John replied, shaking his head in disagreement.

"Mad john…" I said, turning my head to look at him "Did I ask for your suggestion?".

"No, you didn't" He responded.

"Good. And what order have I given?".

"To throw the Poisonous maids' crew and their captain off board".

"So what are you waiting for before you execute my orders?" I said as I watched him internally struggle with himself before he tiredly sighed as his face soon turned relaxed.

"What are you guys still waiting for? Didn't you hear the captain's order? Pick the prisoners up and walk them off the plank" Mad John said as he walked forward and grabbed Clara who neither struggled nor said anything as she looked at me in doubt and disbelief.

'It seems that they truly listened and obeyed his words more than mine' I thought to myself as I saw my crewmen walking the remaining 'Posoinous maids' crew members towards the plank and watched as they stopped and pushed one of them forward on the plank with a stick.

But just as he was nearing the end of the plank.

"STOP!!" A loud feminine voice suddenly made its way through my ears, causing me to freeze in surprise.

Even my crewmen weren't spared either as they all stopped their actions and looked towards the source of the voice.

Meanwhile, I froze because the voice came from right behind me. And the way all of them looked at me or the figure standing at my back verified it.

Turning my eyes to see who it was, I froze once more at the very instant my eyes saw who the figure was.

In front of his eyes standing tall and proud was a woman, dressed in a complete set of armour embroiled with different golden patterns and carvings except for a long sea brown cloth that was attached under the left side of her armoured belt, all the way to the back.

In her right hand was a long strangely carved sword, and as Imposing as she stood, I would have mistaken her for a man instead of a woman if not for the protruding area of her chest and the fact that she wasn't wearing a helmet, thus allowing me to get a view of her crystal clear beautiful eyes and brown hair that was tied into a bun.

Although her armour left a deep impression on me as I didn't know anyone stupid enough to put on a full body armour in the middle of the ocean.

Still, I didn't voice out my thoughts as I kept my mouth mute, not knowing how to address the stranger.

And since none of my crew members had attacked her and had stopped their actions upon hearing her voice, I concluded that she is someone among my own.

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