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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea

Chapter 6 The Poisonous Maids’ Crew

"What is that Prince Wyatt?" Mad John asked, seemingly reminding me of his presence.

Deciding to diver the matter before I make the atmosphere weirder, I said "You said that you are just about to make the 'Poisonous maid' crew walk off the right plank right?".

"Yes, Prince Wyatt. We have all of them tied and lined up and we are just awaiting your command" Mad John replied as he looked at me with less doubt and concern in his eyes.

It seems that diverting the question had worked.

"Alright, take me to them. I might have forgotten some of my memories, but that didn't mean that I have forgotten the ones responsible for it" I said, subconsciously making my voice thicker and clearer.

It seems that taking drama class so that I can fake the final test given to me by the counsellor to be in the same swimming pool with a dolphin has paid off.

But still, he couldn't believe that his company put him in counselling even after what had happened.

Weren't they aware that at that point he didn't want to be close to any of those devilish aquatic menaces?

Though, he didn't blame them. After all, he was one of their best marine biologists. And having a marine biologist who was afraid of water wasn't something that they found amusing so after his physical recovery, they decided to get him some professional help.

Though the counsellor tried as she made him overcome his new gained fear of water. But there was one thing that she couldn't cure.

His hate for dolphins.

It grew up to point that he sought revenge. And after he had gotten his vengeance, it didn't just stop there.

His hate for them grew stronger. As it did, he vowed to wipe the ocean clean of their entire existence and he wouldn't rest until he had accomplished it.

After all, why would he stop when that was the only thing that made him keep on pushing in life?

His hate for them birthed a newfound motivation, and his motivation became his driving force.

"Hah!! Hahh!" I placed my hand on my chest as I felt my heart rapidly beating.

Oh lord! I hate those fricking bastards.

Sighing as I followed Mad John down from the upper deck until we arrived at the lower deck.

And even before I could fully descend, I saw crowds of men each dressed in different attires and styles. Some were covered in blood, while others held a sword that was drenched with blood.

Nevertheless, all of them looked as though they had just gone through a terrifying battle.

And while the battle was going on, their leader decided to take a swim and drown.

Didn't his former body's owner know that a leader is always supposed to be at the back to support and give his men the morale they needed to get the job down?

The only ones that were qualified to charge headfirst were those that know what they were doing.

But even with that, several precautions and safety measures are needed to be maintained.

And if anyone says otherwise that a leader is supposed to lead his men forward from the front and not from the back all because of honour and bravery,

Then, tell them to stand amid the dead bodies of the brave and honourable and ask their souls if it mattered.

Did their honour prevent their deaths or help them fasten it fasten?

Ah!! I almost felt sorry for them.


And it seems that everybody noticed my arrival and began to part ways for us in the middle, letting me and mad John walk through without any problems.

And soon, we both arrived at the centre where I saw several 8 individuals, two were men while the rest were women.

Hmmm! The 'Poisonous maids'. It seems that they were a bit of a sexist group.

Not that I found anything wrong with it as they were several brazen, dirty men on his side and he hadn't yet seen a single woman.

Something about that needed to change. Take note!

Anyway, I was now standing in front of the tied-up captives, and from the vicious gazes they gave him, it was as though they wanted to peirce their daggers into his heart with their eyes.

Though one, in particular, looked at me more intensely as I could hear the sound of her grinding her together.

I take it that she must the leader of the 'Poisonous maid crew'. What was her name again?

It seems Mad John left that part out when he was recounting everything to me.

No worries, it still doesn't matter.

"Untie her mouth" I said as I watched as one of my crew members stepped forward and removed the clothing that was tied around her mouth.

And the instant her mouth was freed and she gained the ability to speak the first thing she said to me was " I will kill you".

These words alone sent my head into a spiral of thoughts as aI thought of a way to reply. But after a while, several minutes had passed, and in order not to repeat the same weird conversation with Mad John, I said what was on my mind.

"And how are you going to achieve that? You are tied up and about to be thrown to your deaths. What makes you think that you can kill me as you are now" I said as I watched her face morph into grievance before changing back to the nasty expression that she gave me.

"I would have killed you if you hadn't taken us by surprise. I would have skimmed your body and applied poison to it and watched from the sidelines as you screamed in pain. But you had taken me and my crew by surprise when you had surprisingly attacked us. I now understand why your brothers said that you were weak, cowardly, and dishonourable" She said as she attempted to spit on my feet.

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