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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea

Chapter 4 The Fantastic Beasts Of Records

"Yes, I am feeling much better now, thank you".

"Hahahaha… You know this is the first time that I have received so much thanks for doing nothing. All I did was give you a shoulder to rest on"

The man said as he roared out in laughter due to the number of times Wyatt had thanked him.

"I think that I owe you a favour once again" Wyatt said as he sighed in relief, not bothered by the words that he had just said.

"That's two favour you owe me now. Why don't I cash it in exchange that you reading my book? But now, I don't want a review, I just hope that you enjoy my story" The man said as he pushed the enormous book in his hands forward.

Seeing the man's actions, Wyatt couldn't help but frown as he didn't know what to say next.

He can't lie that he would read the book since the man was obviously handling it over to him for free, and even if he reads it he was sure that he would abandon it at some corner never to touch it again.

So he was hesitant about what to say to the old man who seems like a nice guy, and he didn't want to break his heart by refusing his promise again, so he had to watch his words carefully.

"Alright, I will try my best to check it out and try to finish it so that I could leave a review for you" Wyatt said as he took the book In his hands. It was heavy, but not heavy enough that he couldn't hold it with his two hands.

It was just a book anyway and all he had to do was read it. How hard could it be?

Even if he took a few years, he still had his whole life ahead of him especially now that he is still in his late 20s.

"Hahahaha!! That's good. You don't know how you made this old man delighted by accepting that book. I thought that you were going to refuse it again" The man said, smiling ear to ear as he occasionally roared out in laughter.

Wyatt nodded his head in understanding as he thanked himself for not wrecking the old man's heart.

"But, can I at least know what the book is all about? And do you have this book published online so that I read it from my phone?" Wyatt asked.

"What's your penname anyway?".

The immediately shook his head at Wyatt's question saying "Sorry young man, I don't use the internet like some of you younglings use nowadays. So you can't find any of my books online as all of them are written by my hands with a pen".

"You mean..?" Wyatt uttered in surprise at the meaning of the man's words.

"Yes, I wrote everything down on those pages single handled by myself" The man said, nodding his head in confirmation of Wyatt's question.

"And as for the world I have written, the book itself takes place in the 'World of Tharnacia"

"Isn't that a little cheesy?" Wyatt said as he thought about the obsession of fantasy writers with inventing strange names that ordinary people would always find hard to pronounce.

The man merely snorted at Wyatt's question and continued talking as though he hadn't heard anything.

"Anyway, all the wonders and secrets of the 'World of Tharcania' are in this book. From the beasts that walk the land to those who dwell in the ocean -And also those that spread their wings flying high up in the sky as they cry into the clouds"

"You see I have grown tired of writing about humans and their exploits. I needed to write something else, something different. And thus, the 'Fantastic Beasts Of Records' came into my mind, and in no time I started writing non-stop until I could fill its pages".

"So it's more like an encyclopedia" Wyatt said.

Although he found the conversation a little weird, he just took it as an old man finding meaning and pleasure in the world that he had written down.

"No, it is not just an encyclopedia, but it contains the wonders and mysteries of the world of Tharcania. With it, one can journey to the highest summit which no one dares climb" The man responded.

"And as for my Penname, it's at the back of the book".

Gently turning the book over until it was flipped to the other side since it was a bit heavy, Wyatt looked around it to see if he could find any initials on its back.

He looked all over until he finally spotted an initial on the bottom of the cover that read.

"Written by The Happiness god" Wyatt said as he looked at the man strangely.

"The one and only" Happiness god smiled cheerfully as he heard Wyatt calling out his name.

'Again, writers and their strange pennames' Wyatt thought as he quickly overlooked the matter. After all, he had seen pen names more worse than this.

"Okay, although I would have liked to continue chatting with you, but I need to go home and go through these books because I will be leading an experiment tomorrow" Wyatt said.

"You are still working as a Marine biologist?" Happiness god said in surprise as he thought that Wyatt would have quit his job by now after such a horrible experience.

"Yeah, although I would have loved to call it quits, but I don't have any money to live off if I stayed idle for long. And since I put everything I had into becoming a marine biologist, I had no other choice than to apply for a post in another company and continue working" Wyatt responded.

"Alright, I understand. And since you liked your job so much, then I am sure that you will be fascinated by the marine life in the 'World of Tharcania'. But don't get too carried away because you would still need to explore the beast of the earth and that of the sky" The Happiness god replied.

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