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"Here take, you can have this tissue" The man said, offering Wyatt a small white tissue paper as he saw the sad scene in front of him.

"Thank you" Wyatt said with great difficulty as his teeth clashed together, trying his best to keep the tears in.

He wipes the remaining tears that tried to escape clean before blowing his snort on the tissue paper.

"Go on".

Wyatt nodded his head and continued "Those demonic spawns of the sea bit my johnson before I could even know what happened. Do you want to know what happened next? No need to respond, I will tell you. One of them flipped me over and the rest ganged up around me while I was still in shock. One of them proceeded to insert his… his..sniff…his".

'Shhh!!! Calm down and tell me everything" As though sensing Wyatt's buried pain, the man quickly said as he consoled him, putting his hands over his shoulder, and gently rubbing it.

"Thank you" Wyatt said as he felt the sincerity of the old man and the comfort he provided.

And it took everything in his power to not cry on the man's shoulder even if he was just a stranger as he remembered the most horrid emotional trauma that made him hate and dislike his job as a marine biologist.

"One of them tried to insert his pp in my behind, fortunately, I was protected by the gears that I had worn from the assault, which helped me regain back my bearing. But still, that didn't stop it from dry humping me as I screamed to the top of my lungs from the pain of having my ancestral descendants bitten away from me"

"At that moment, I promised myself to wipe them away from the depths of the ocean as I listened to their squeaky chuckles that would forever follow and burn the image of that experience in my mind forever….sniff..sneeze…" Wyatt said as he kept on cleaning his eyes with his hands.

"Sigh! I can see why you got so angry at my comment about your future generations" The man said as he shook his head in pity while bending down to take a peek below Wyatt's belt.

"Why wouldn't it hurt when you can't even get it up or produce an offspring? What a pity! Even monks have a choice whether they wanted to cut it off or not. So what happened to your girlfriend after she found out about your new condition".

"What else could she do? she left me after coming to the hospital to find out what had happened to me. And only when I came back home after being discharged from the hospital did I find out that the reason she had never come to visit me in the hospital since the very first day was that she was sleeping with one of her male friends that she had said several times was just a friend. And even when I caught her redhanded, do you know what she called me in front of the loser" Wyatt replied as fury laced his words, subconsciously raging as he remembered the scene of catching his girlfriend on his bed with another man.

"She called me a friend. Just a friend".

But the rage disappeared as soon as it came as Wyatt said "But I don't blame her though. After all, What is the use of being a man if you can't clap some cheeks".

"Hmmm!!! You are right. You have all those pent-up frustrations in you with no way to release them, so instead, you result in violence as a means to cope" The man said as he shook his head at Wyatt's painful circumstances.

"You didn't do anything thing extremely violent during those times did you?".

Wyatt went silent immediately after he heard the man's question, causing the man to raise his brows with a tinge of curiosity in his eyes.

Seeing no use to hide it anymore, Wyatt sighed as he said "I filled the entire beach with a highly toxic liquid pesticide, killing every dolphin together with any aquatic marine life in sight".

The old man's eyes widened momentarily before he closed them, calming himself down as he opened them again with clear tranquillity in his eyes and said "You have suffered a lot, haven't you?".

"Yes, I have"

"Come here" The old man said as he opened his arms wide, gesturing for Wyatt to come into his embrace.

Seeing no other way to refuse such genuine consolement, Wyatt accepted the hug. And before he knew it, he felt a hand patting his back gently.

"It's okay. It's okay for men to cry sometimes too. Go ahead and let it all out, no one is here to look at you" The man said as he continued to gently pat Wyatt's back.

It was around eight o'clock in the evening and no one was in the library. He was even about to close up the library when Wyatt had come in and ordered a large number of books.

Thinking that Wyatt was an avid reader due to the number of books he had asked for, he used the opportunity to see if he could get Wyatt to read his book and get a review from him.

'But who knew that the young man was suffering this much? As someone such as myself, how can I accept such an unhappy life' The man thought.

Meanwhile, before Wyatt could react, the instant those words made their way into his ears, he felt as though a gate in his heart has been opened as droplets of tears fell from his eyes before they multiplied again and again, until his eyes were flooded with tears that dropped against the man's shoulders and slide off to the ground.

After a few minutes of letting go of his emotion, Wyatt immediately came back to himself and removed his body from that of the man.

"Are you feeling okay now?"

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