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He has been swallowed and laid at rest in the belly of a tiger whale.

And as though it has accomplished its only mission here, I watched as the tiger whale sunk back into the ocean and disappeared from my sight.

Previously, I would have been satisfied and might have even celebrated his death. But after knowing the implication that came with the captain's demise, my body shivered in fear as I heard the words of the demon herself.


I turned as I watched Knight Camille yell at my fellow crewmen with a despicable smile on her face.

"Mad John!! What the hell are you standing there for?" Knight Camille said as she walked closer to me with a smile on her face.

"You see I told you that the beast would leave as quickly as it came".

With every step she covered as she walked closer to me, my heart pounded like a pestle against a mortal.

"Now where is Prince Wyatt? I thought I heard his voice previously, can you bring him to me?". 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

For once I wished I was wrong. Oh heavens!!! How do I overcome this demon without the Captain?


[ Knight Camille P . O . V ]

I couldn't help but shiver in excitement when I saw Prince Wyatt jump off the ship and straight into the tiger whale's mouth.

At last, that useless Prince was finally dead.

Though I couldn't help but wonder how or when he had gotten his powers back. But seeing the figure of the Prince Wyatt that I knew burning with flames around him as he stared down at the tiger whale was a strange sight nonetheless

Has he been keeping his powers to himself in secret all this while he played me like a fool?

Damn it, Prince Wyatt!! You certainly weren't as hopeless as I had thought.

At first, I wondered why he didn't die even though I had cut his lines during the surprise attack on the 'Poisonous maids' crew'.

I had even watched as he fell into the ocean and cried for help as he sunk below and left soon after I was sure of his death.

But little did I know that the old man who calls himself 'Mad John' would go ahead and rescue him.

I should have thrown him into the sea too when I had the chance, but apart from him, no other person can wield the same responsibilities that he carries.

So killing him abruptly would have done more harm than good.

Still, I had watched as the water filled Prince Wyatt's lungs, sending him to his grave, so I wondered what kind of unique ability Mad John had used to bring him back to life.

But immediately such a thought crawled into my head, I immediately threw it out of the window because he couldn't have that kind of ability, if not he wouldn't have chosen to become a sea slave.


That stupid Prince made me turn my head upside down for nothing.

If my next plan to kill him didn't work, I was even prepared to sink everybody on this ship and make it seem like they were attacked by a strong sea beast while I rolled away on a boat with Captain Clara.

But who could have known that a tiger whale could sense the presence of its dead child from a mile away?

Of course, I was trying to attract another magical sea beast, but the tiger whale showing up was just another bonus.

More importantly, it was the perfect cover-up story.

All I had to say was that Prince Wyatt had led his crewmen to capture and kill an infant tiger whale, but in the process, he locked the remains of the tiger whale in his room for whatever reasons he had.

And unexpectedly, its birth mother tracked our ship down and attacked his room especially, thereby killing him in the process.

I could even add a little cherry on top and say that Prince Wyatt was practising ritual magic to regain back his powers. And although he succeeded, it was too late as his life was cut short in the belly of the tiger whale.


It was really funny that they were a lot of stories that I could choose from, and everyone would still believe me.

You really played me for a fool, Prince Wyatt.

His lifestyle, behaviour, and known reputation made it all the while easier.

Thank goodness, that I was smart enough to send him back to the gods before he grows back his powers to his former strength.

Well, even if he does return back to his former strength, there was still nothing that he could do because I would still be 10 times stronger than him.

"Haaah!! Take it easy Camille. When did you start comparing your strength to someone that you could crush like a bug" I said to myself while messaging my forehead.

Even though Prince Wyatt had the most potential among one of the royal imperial bloodlines, that doesn't change the fact that his character and countenance were nothing more than a joke compared to his former self.

Ever since he had lost his powers, he had grown weak, cowardly, selfish, and most of all, unfit for the throne of Endossa.

His life had basically turned into a laundry list of reactions.

He didn't try to interact or change the world around him, instead, he went ahead with whichever way the winds blew.

It came to the point that even I couldn't even tell if he was stupid, spineless or just a straight-up recreant.

As the saying goes 'The higher you climb, the greater the fall'. Prince Wyatt was the very definition of such a proverb. In fact, he was a living example.

Nevertheless, I never wanted it to be this way.

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