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Damn it!!

I was hoping to find a harpoon or a spear at least, but I couldn't find either.

So I settled upon grabbing a thin plank that was sticking out from the side, I held it with one of my hands and broke it in two with my knees.

I would have had some difficulties doing such a thing before, but the natural strength flowing through my veins made it an easy task.

Holding the broken plank with sharp pointy in my hands, I felt my arms ache as I sensed that my body was slowly crawling towards its limit.

Thankfully, the wood didn't burn down even though it was set ablaze in flames.

Walking to the edge of the ship, I stood there as I overlooked the raging waves and the figure of the enormous tiger whale down below.

Was I about to do something stupid?

Yes, yes I was.

Did I think that it was better to hide in one corner of the ship, pretending as though I don't even know what was going on and wait till Knight Camille gets tired of all this ruckus and decided to slay the beast herself?

Yes, a cautious lifestyle remains the only path if I wanted to live longer in this world.

Then where did my confidence steam from that pushed me to take such an action?

Are you kidding me?

I am a man with flames raging all around me, standing at the edge of a ship in the middle of the dreadful sea with a magical sea beast targetting me as its prey.

If I don't do something stupid, I might really die.

Just imagine if the rest of my crewmen discovered that the tiger whale for some reason was only after me.

Although I doubt that they might do anything. But somehow I suspect that knight Camille might use it as a reason to throw me offboard.

She hates me for some reason, and I am sure that our last encounter made it clear that although I knew, I didn't give a damn.

Nevertheless, it wasn't as though I was going to fight the sea beast or anything like that.

All I needed was its blood, and every other thing would be resolved.

I can only tame a beast 2 ranks above me, right?

I prayed that somehow this tiger whale was within my two upper ranks.

If not, I might really die.


I almost collapsed on the other side of the ship's beak when the tiger whale struck again.

Using the handle as my support, I pushed myself backwards and allowed my body to fall to the floorboard

"Haaa!! That was close" I said out loud as I stood up to look at the other ocean, and…..

My guess was right. The tiger whale indeed came here for me.

If attacking my room wasn't enough evidence for me, then the look of its face sticking out of the ocean as it bared its razor-sharp teeth at me was enough.

Even the ship had stopped moving but still swayed from side to side.

Well, here goes nothing!

I held the book tightly in one hand and made sure that the stick on my other arm was tightly within my grasp too.

No manner of preparation was enough to prepare me for what I was about to do.

I was about to do something stupid.

Thought it wasn't all stupid since I had a plan.

A plan I barely knew if it would work.

And besides, if I do fail, the worst that could happen to me will be that I would be swimming with the fish.

And it's not as though I haven't done such a thing several times as a marine biologist.

"Argghh!!" I coughed out as a trial of red thick liquid escaped my lungs.

My blood.

My body was still raging with flames all around me, and although I didn't know how far I was going to last, the constant contraction of my muscles told me that it wouldn't be long till I collapse.

I pulled my body up to stand on the handle of the beak, looking down I could see its face.

It was grinning.

Its rows of teeth were on full display with its gaze fixated on me.

I wouldn't be surprised if it possessed some kind of intelligence because Bones had already shown and proven how intelligent he was.

The waves had cooled down while the ship wasn't swaying from side to side as it swung previously.

At this point, the only thing that stood out of place was the quiet image of an enormous tiger-stripped whale as it looked up at an equally strange man who was burning with flames raging all around him.

The reticence was uncomfortable.

But still, I moved my body forward.

I fell toward the sea.


I could hear the screams of Mad John calling for my attention as I jumped off the ship and headed straight for the tiger whale.

If I didn't know any better, I would have thought he thinks that I was sacrificing myself for their sake.

Well, that was probably what he is currently thinking.

I snorted.

This was neither a sacrifice nor suicide, this was an opportunity.

I saw the beast opening its jaws as It welcomed me with its inner fleshy mouth on full display.

I smiled. This was perfect.

I didn't know if the stick I was carrying could pierce the skin of a magically reinforced cross-species offering between a whale and a tiger, but I did know that I had a better chance of injuring it and getting blood from the inside.

With the blazing book in one hand and a stake in the other, I looked like a man about to deliver god's vengeance on the forsaken soul in front of me.

Great!! Just a day in this forsaken world, and I was already facing magical-powered man-eating whale

Who knows, if I make it out of this alive, I might just declare myself the king of the seas.

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