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Thankfully I did the latter and you were smart enough to catch a ride and not let go.

But before I could open my mouth and reply, Mad John supported me up and spoke "Prince Wyatt, are you okay?".

Even though I couldn't see his face, I couldn't feel the concern in his voice.

"I am okay. But what is going on? What the hell is that thing outside?" I said as I turned to face him, desiring to know what had just destroyed my room and attacked me while I was sleeping.

"That is a tiger whale. Although we aren't positively sure, we think that it might have been drawn to our position due to our battle with the' Poisonous maids' crew" Mad John said.

"So it picked up the smell of the blood during our battle and made a rendezvous here".

"Yes, Prince Wyatt. Fortunately, we had only attracted a tiger whale and not any other dangerous sea beast" Mad John replied with a sigh escaping his lips.


What do you mean, fortunately?

That thing had almost killed me by attempting to drown me to my death and we are happy that it was the only one that showed up.


How wonderful!!

I might have underestimated the dangers of a sea in a magical world.

If humans can bend metal and cast out flames with their bare hands, then what about the animals too?

I hope you are hearing Bones, they are bigger fishes to fry out there so I am expecting great things from you.

Bones turned his head to the other side as he understood my thoughts after seeing my gaze which was directed at him,

Great!!! Who asked me to tame a common rat as my first beast?

Can't you at least show some false bravado at the moment?

Be a man. Where is your spine?

"We need to go to the main deck, Prince Wyatt. Hopefully, the others might have scared the beast away" Mad John said.

I nodded before bending down to scope up Bones and put him in my pocket.

Gesturing for him to lead the way as I was still having trouble familiarizing myself with my new environment, I said "Lead the way".


On our way to the main deck, we felt the ship being hit again as it swayed from side to side with us almost losing our footing.

"I don't think this ship would hold out for long?" I said.

"Don't worry Prince Wyatt, it will" Mad John replied.

Raising my brows in surprise as I was sure that there was no way a small wooden ship would be able to stand up against a hungry whale whether they were in a magical world or not.

But still, I had my doubt so, I replied "How?".

"I know that I have been keeping this a secret from you since the beginning, but if you had known, you would have done something more stupid than just attacking the 'Poisonous maids' crew" Mad John replied, looking at me from the side of his eyes as though he was awaiting my reaction.

"The ship is not made from any ordinary wood, instead it was built from the bark of a very special tree. That was the reason why even though I was worried when you stated that you were planning to launch a surprise attack on the 'Poisonous maids' crew' I didn't stop you because the chances of us winning were high"

"And I was sure that the 'Poisonous mads' crew' ship wasn't made from the same special wood since it would cost a fortune to make and although Captain Davy loves his daughter, I don't see him as the kind of person that would spend his wealth just to get her ship built from the same material as ours".

Of course, I would have found it annoying that he had kept something important from me, but considering that he was talking about the former Prince Wyatt, I wasn't that worried.

I was happy that he did.

Because who knows if the idiot might have done something worst and might have left him with a much more threatening enemy for me to face.

"Although I can understand your reasons, I will only let it slide once. If I find out that you are keeping anything important or something that would hinder or help my life a secret then the consequences would be disastrous" I said, not hiding my threatening tone.

Although I knew that he wasn't keeping the secret from me but from the former Prince Wyatt, right now I am Prince Wyatt but he doesn't know that and there wasn't any reason for me to tell him either.

So I have to make it clear to him where I would be drawing the line as his captain and he, my subordinate.

Of course, there will be more lines to draw in the future, but I first need to secure my position as the captain by dealing with that female knight first.

Because I have a feeling that when I have her under my control or put her out of the picture, then I will have better control of this ship and any other resistance in the future wouldn't be that hard to take care of.




"Prince Wyatt are you okay!!?"

"Cough!!" "Cough!!"

Forget it!!

Whether this ship was crafted from some special wood or not, if this keep's on, it might get destroyed.

Touching my pocket as I got up from the ground because I could feel the fear from Bones through our connection, I patted my pocket and directed my thoughts through the connection we shared.

'Don't worry, even if Poseidon came here himself I won't die here or let this ship get destroyed'.

Do I have a way to counterattack a literal god if he suddenly comes for my ship and assails it?

No, I didn't.

But was I lying?

No, of course, I wasn't.

Did I utter those words with a false sense of bravado?

Yes, I did.

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