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I immediately scoffed at his actions as I saw that he was a little too lazy to move and decided to catch a ride with me to my bed.

Funny that he thought that he would be sleeping on the same bed as me.

"If you want to share the comfy bed with me Bones, you will have to earn it" I said and watched as he turned his head towards me and stared at me with wide eyes.


Did he really think that he was cute?

The only reason I haven't thrown him into the ocean yet to swim with the fishes after he had tried to rob my dinner is that he is my first tamed magical beast in this new world.

His action might have worked on me if he was a cat, unicorn or dragon.

Hmm!! A dragon would have been cool though, considering that I would have someone watching my back while I was asleep.

As though he understood words and the way I felt, Bones turned his head as he looked to the other side in humiliation.

Again, I would have given a damn and might have considered it if his actions were adorable, but it wasn't.

"Maybe if you can grow a little stronger, then I will consider it" I said as I stretched my limbs before I lay down on my bed while not forgetting to tear a little piece of my bedsheet for Bones down below for him to sleep in.

What did you think?

Did you think that I was a bastard or a computer program that is only able to feel two emotions?

Bones might be a rat, but right now he is my tamed beast.

And besides, the winds blowing across the sea were pretty stronger and I don't want him feeling sick from the cold or waking up to find him stuck frozen dead in the corner of my bed.

I closed my eyes and drifted into my dreamland, leaving my thoughts for tomorrow.


Hmmm!!! I never knew they had speakers in this world.


"BANG!!!" "BANG!!!!"


"What the hell is it!!?" I said shouting at the top of my lungs as the familiar voice made its way to my ears and stirred me awake from my dreams.

Even the loud banging on the door was beginning to sound irritating.

"Can't I rest for at least rest fo…."

"BANG!!" "CRASH!!"

My words were cut shut as the window at the side of my desk burst open with countless pieces of shattered glass before the wood surrounding it cave it and burst into splinters before scattering everywhere.

I would have thought that this was just a dream of me dreaming about the worst-case scenarios of the things that could have happened if I was ever trapped on a pirate ship in a magical alternate reality.

But looking at the raging streams of current clashing against my ship with a view of a yellow and black stripe whale diving in and out of the ocean, I realized that it wasn't a dream.

We were been attacked by a weirdly coloured whale.

Did Poseidon get angry find out that a human was about to spread his seed wider than the scope that he could ever reach and decided to send this fish as my persecutor?

I don't know. But my body didn't stay idle as I immediately ran towards the 'Fantastic book of records' before it mistakenly slipped through the gapping hole and fell into the ocean's raging current.

Haa!! Thank the Lord. It was fine, the book was okay.

The sound of something large smashing against the waves made its way through my ears as I instantly saw the whale charging toward me, ready to tear another hole through my room.

My eyes widened. My breathing stopped as the tension seized my nostrils from inhaling any more oxygen.

I jumped, indirectly somersaulting backwards as my back slapped against on the door…..

"BANG!!" "CRASH!!!"

Splinters of wood flew around as the ocean water soaked my body before making its way into my mouth.

"Cough!!" "Cough!!!"

I needed to get out of here now. I might die. I might die if I stay here any longer.

My thoughts were rolling rapidly, thinking of a way to get me out of my current predicament. But my body ached with pain and failed to move due to the collision of the fall and the aftermath of the whale's attacks.

I sneezed. I coughed. I pulled every strength I had in my body to bend and pick up the book that had mistakenly fallen out of my hand after bearing the brunt of the whale's attack.

And with every fibre of my being, I turned and unlocked the door behind me before opening it.


The first person I saw outside my door was mad John as he slammed the door behind me immediately after I came out. i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

May the 'Happiness god' bless him.

I could already see the whale charging up for another attack, and I wasn't sure if I could take the third attack that it was willing to dish out.

In short, he helped in saving my life.

And it seems that I would have to add one more marine lifeform to my list of global genocide after I find the name of the beast.

I am sure no one would remember it after I was done with it.

And besides, I would be doing the world a favour by eradicating its bloodline from the sea.


A little figure fell from my shoulder and landed with his back flat on the ground.

"Guess you made it out alive too!" I said, looking at his grief-filled eyes as I felt a feeling of betrayal through the connection we shared.


It was either I risk looking for you and endangering my life or I ran for safety first and then think about my regrets later.

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