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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl

Chapter 7: Liu Guimei’s combat effectiveness is quite good

Chapter 7 Liu Guimei's combat effectiveness is adequate

Fu Daxing also saw it.

Not just one, but many.

He swallowed his saliva in surprise, and counted: "One, two, three...a total of fifteen."

"Brother, are my eyes good enough?" Fu Erxing rubbed his eyes, his face full of disbelief.

Fu Daxing shook his head, "Is it true that pies will fall from the sky?"

The smash made him a little confused.

The two brothers looked up to the sky together, and made a few "squatting" sounds, and then several fell down.

My jaw almost dropped in horror.

The mountain in their village is a place where birds don’t shit. Today, so many pigeons have been lost for the first time.

Faintly heard someone talking at the bottom of the mountain, it seemed that they were coming in this direction.

Suppressing the shock in his heart, Fu Daxing slackened his hands and feet: "Erxing, don't worry about it, quickly pick up these pigeons, so as not to be seen picking them up."

Even though pigeons are small, they are still meat.

How long has it been since their family ate meat.

Especially when the mother just gave birth to a younger sister, she needs to make up her body even more. A girl in good health can only eat rations.

Quickly took a sack and put it in. When picking it up, the two of them were so excited that their hands were shaking.

Today is very lucky.

The two brothers went down the mountain with firewood and sacks on their backs, and hurried home.

Don't want to attract attention, so take a small path.

The more I am afraid, the more I become more and more afraid.

After walking a few steps to the door of the house, suddenly a huge figure appeared from nowhere.

Someone came to block the way, and exaggerated laughter followed, "Wow! Daxing and Erxing, you two have cut so much firewood, are you going to sell it in the town? It will cost a lot of money, right?"

The person who spoke was called Fatty Li, and he was well-known in the village as Fat Chicken Po.

Special gossip about other people's affairs.

I'm so idle all day long, either staring at someone's accident, or staring at whose daughter is not married and son is not married, what's more, when it's meal time, I will drop by the door with a bowl of rice to see what other people eat, and I'm not even polite. Eat with vegetables.

Relying on his age to do whatever he wants.

When the villagers saw her as if they saw a plague god, they either closed the door or hid far away.

Brothers Fu Daxing found it difficult to deal with when they saw her.

Why is it so unlucky?

"No, fat aunt, how much can this thing sell for, just to make up for the family."

The brothers looked at each other, and Fu Erxing took a few steps back carrying the sack.

Fatty Li had sharp eyes, but he couldn't miss the tense and precious expressions on their brothers' faces.

Needless to say, there must be some treasure in the sack.

As long as Fatty Li wants to watch, no one can escape her hand.

"Ah, what's in this sack?" Pretending to ask casually.

Fu Erxing was quick-witted, "It's wormwood, the wormwood used for my mother's confinement."


Fatty Li raised his eyebrows, so she didn't believe it.

Both boys, they are still a little young, let's see who fools the other.

Don't let her watch it, she insists on watching it.

"Mother Daxing, why are you out of confinement?" Fatty Li looked behind them and said in surprise, "Go into the house quickly, don't catch a cold."

How can it be!

How could my mother come out.

Brother Fu Daxing subconsciously turned his head to look.

Be fooled!

Seeing that the two of them were distracted, Fatty Li walked a few steps quickly and pulled hard at the sack.

It was too late for Fu Erxing to react, he only heard a "bang", and the pigeons in the bag were scattered all over the place.

Fatty Li's eyes widened several times.

So many pigeons!

The two brothers hurriedly squatted down to pick it up. Li Dapang squatted down with his big buttocks and squeezed over, and quickly walked away with seven or eight of them.

"Fat aunt, this is for my mother during her confinement." Fu Daxing was honest and honest, so he was embarrassed to say too much.

Fatty Li is determined by his temperament.

She saw it just now, at least twenty of them.

Where did the two brothers get so many.

One pigeon is worth ten chickens.

Mother Fu will live a few years longer than her when she eats it.

She wants to eat too.

Fu Erxing opened a hole in the sack, especially thinking, "Thank you fat aunt for helping us pick it up."

Fatty Li reluctantly put three of them down.

I'm afraid that there will be too many shuns, and Mrs. Fu will chase after the door of the house with a knife when she is out of confinement.

There are four more on hand.

Fu Daxing looked anxiously.

Because I got what Fatty Li had in hand, it was so easy to get back.

Fu Erxing looked calm: "Brother, you take the firewood in first, and tell mother that we caught twenty pigeons, and we will feed her one a day."


The second brother still has a solution.

Fatty Li became anxious when he heard this, and stopped him from leaving.

Er Xing is too unhuman.

"Daxing, Erxing, after all, my aunt also watched you grow up. Especially you Erxing, when you fell into the stream and almost died, but I tried my best to save you.

Ever since I rescued you and came back that year, my body has been weak, and I get sick every now and then.

It's not too much to give my aunt a few buns. "Fatty Li brought up the old story again.

Turning those few sentences upside down, I heard people's ears callused.

Speaking of drowning, Fu Erxing fell into panic instantly.

Taking advantage of people panicking, Fatty Li walked away, "Okay, that's it, Auntie will take it back first."

Run faster than anyone else.

Seeing that Fu Erxing's expression was not right, Fu Daxing didn't have time to talk to her, "Second brother, second brother, are you okay?"

I won't be in a nightmare again.

Since Erxing drowned in the water that year, he has left a huge psychological shadow, let alone dare to approach the river.

hurriedly shouted at home, "Second brother and sister, come out quickly."

at the same time.

Liu Guimei lay in the room with her legs crossed, lazy.

Cursing in his mouth.

Giving birth to a daughter can make the old thing happy and get better.

Really wicked.

If there is another one with a handle, he might die.

She patted her stomach, why is her stomach so disappointing.

If she gave birth to a daughter, maybe she would be treated like a star at home.

While sighing, Fu Daxing's cry came from outside.

Liu Guimei is too lazy to talk to her, calling her must be no good.

Until hearing Fu Daxing say something was wrong with Fu Erxing, Liu Guimei jumped up from the bed in fright, and ran out with a "swish" without thinking about putting on her shoes.

"Brother, what happened to Erxing?"

"Just now when Aunt Fat mentioned the matter of drowning, Er Xing fell ill again."

"You **** fat cock, why are you bringing this up again?" Liu Guimei scolded.

In this village, the person Liu Guimei hates most is none other than Fatty Li. She hates her so much that she wants to gnaw her bones and drink her blood.

Fu Daxing explained the situation: "Auntie Fat said that she saved Erxing at the beginning and followed four pigeons..."

"What!! She dares to mention this!"

The next moment, Liu Guimei was so angry that her eyes burst into flames: "I also took four pigeons from our family!"

Damn fat cock!

also took four pigeons.

It's not her turn to eat.

Liu Guimei rolled up her sleeves and ran towards Fatty Li's house without putting on her shoes, "Brother, please settle Erxing first, and I'll come as soon as I go."

In the blink of an eye, no one is seen.

For fear of being late, the four pigeons were eaten by Fatty Li.

Mrs. Fu heard the situation outside, called Fu Daxing in and asked, "Mother, the second sibling has gone to Aunt Fat's house to make trouble. Xinghua and I should go and have a look."

Mother Fu said that there is no need for him to take care of Er Xing, "Your younger brother and sister are not good at anything else, as long as their combat effectiveness is good, I can rest assured."

(end of this chapter)

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