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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl

Chapter 542: start recruiting

"Yes, yes, it is necessary to subsidize the wages of others to be motivated. But now they are apprentices and don't need to pay much. When they become regular workers, it depends on their performance."

Mrs. Fu also thinks this idea is good.

Fu Dacai has done big business, and they also gave a lot of advice.

Development on a large scale needs to be carried out in an orderly manner, and apprentices must be benefited so that they will be motivated.

In short, don't panic, the three big bosses all have to play a role.

For example, Liu Guimei is in charge of recruitment and external sales, Jiang Xinghua is in charge of the number of orders made by assembly line workers every day, and makes statistics from time to time; while Chen Yurou is in charge of teaching the latest apprenticeship courses.

In short, in the next few days, everyone will have no rest.

Fu Xing'er is still at home and can help with the management. She will open a health care center next year, and it won't be that long.

After lunch, Liu Guimei went to inform the apprentices to work overtime tonight, and told them that from tomorrow onwards, the workers on these assembly lines would be paid five cents per shift, three shifts a day.

That is to say, there are fifteen wages a day. They are still young, and earning fifteen wages a day is already very good.

General women don’t know if they can earn this money at home.

And now I am only an apprentice, if I become a regular worker in the future, it will be more than this money.

But those in the village who have daughters who can earn money as apprentices are overjoyed.

"It's only the Fujia Embroidery Workshop that is so good. If I want to switch to another embroidery workshop, I would like to let them stay and use it for free for a few months. After all, it is not easy to provide education and meetings. Fujia also pays them wages, five yuan a piece."

"Yes, in short, my daughter is an apprentice there, I am very relieved. I let my daughter study hard, and be polite to the elders. We will do what others say. If we want to live, don't be lazy. .

Fu's family will not treat her kindly. "

"That's right, that's right, that's what I said to my daughter. In short, don't want to leave after learning it. It's very unethical. I am very optimistic about Fubao Embroidery Workshop, and I think it will not only be as simple as teaching people in the future! It's really guessed by me. correct."

"Yes, we are now recruiting workers. As long as our daughter works hard there, working with the Fu family will soon make a lot of money."

"Yes, yes, yes, that's the truth! Don't just try to run after you learn it. Such a person will be said to be too shrewd wherever he goes.

Our daughter is now the first batch of apprentices, and I believe she will be transferred to a regular job soon, and there will be more than this money by then. "

"That's right, that's right, Liu Guimei just said that if she performed well in the early stage, she would be promoted to a regular worker. Now a class costs five cents. At that time, a class will cost fifteen cents, and three classes will cost forty-five cents. By then He earns more than his son.

So both men and women should pay attention to it. If a daughter is cultivated, she is no worse than a man. Look at the girl from the Fu family, how capable she is.

Especially Fubao, that girl really inspired the family, and even brought people in our village together.

This girl really wants to help all the girls and let the girls support themselves. "

"That's not all. I heard that the 15th grade for a class of regular workers is just the beginning, and it will gradually increase in the second month. Of course, it depends on everyone's performance, and the performance will increase every month. There is no limit."

"Yes, yes, yes, let our daughter not be lazy and perform more, especially at critical moments. Be the first batch of regular workers, and then you will be old employees. The salary will be quite good then."

Thinking about their previous work of helping to cut bamboo, the Fu family gave gifts and red envelopes during the holidays.

Treating workers is not stingy at all, but generous.

In short, if you work in Fujia, as long as you work diligently and work hard, the salary will not be bad.

"Yes, yes, we are still recruiting external workers, and those who can embroider can also apply."

"Fortunately, I had some background before, so I also signed up. Then I will work with my daughter, and our mother and daughter will earn double wages.

You don’t have to look at my family’s face anymore, and you don’t have to live a life with palms up.

When you spend your own money, you can buy whatever you want, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. "


When the news was announced, the whole village was overjoyed, and even Village Chief Zheng came over to have a look.

Said that the village will provide what the embroidery workshop needs, as long as they stimulate the economic development of the villagers, so that the villagers can have a more prosperous year this year.

Needless to say, this year's Excellence Award may fall to their village again.

At that time, he will also be able to retire with honor, and then the higher-ups will personally reward him with a generous pension.

At that time, the new village head will be Fu Dacai, and with the contributions made by the Fu family to the village, the Fu family will really prosper to the end.

Fatty Li is also happy. Li Yanyan is doing a good job of embroidery now and has money to earn.

Although earning fifteen renminbi a day didn’t even give her a small change of pocket money, it also made them very happy, which meant that Yanyan was finally able to support herself.

means that her daughter has grown up and will be able to support herself in the future.

Even if their parents have good or bad things in the future, she can still support herself with a skill.

"Mom, when I earn the first sum of money, I'll buy you and dad a pair of new shoes each. If I earn more in the future, I'll give you new clothes and jewelry. And don't give me money now, in the future I can I earn my own money, and I rely on myself.”

Li Yanyan feels a sense of accomplishment.

In the past, she dragged money from her parents and sister, but now she wants to rely on herself, "At that time, I will buy a gift for each of my sister, brother-in-law and my niece."

"You girl has really grown up." Fatty Li cried when he heard that, "We didn't love you for nothing. Girl, this person just needs to know how to be grateful, to be grateful to our parents, to those who help us, and to help us as much as we can. Others, we have Fubao.

We have to learn from outstanding people, especially if we learn more from such outstanding people as Fubao, we will become even better. "

That girl Fubao is really amazing. Before Fu's second child's craftsmanship, then the barbecue shop and now Fubao embroidery workshop, everything she made became popular.

Old Fu's family has given birth to such a daughter, and they are really thriving again and again!

Grandma Liang heard that she could still make money, but she was overjoyed, "It's not Liu Guimei, is it true or not? Didn't I say that you would be an apprentice in your embroidery workshop for free, but now you can really pay wages?"

"Do you think we have ever joked? Mrs. Liang, Ruyi is a good girl. As long as you don't be a monster and let her work in the embroidery workshop, your pension will not be a problem."

Liu Guimei told her not to think too much, "Be nicer to my granddaughter, she will be more capable than my grandson. If you always beat and scold her and stop kissing, you will regret it later.

Men and women are the same, girls are even more promising than boys! "

Granny Liang also knew, "Yes, yes, you are right."

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