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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl

Chapter 24: Feel guilty and almost choked to death

Chapter 24 Almost choked to death with a guilty conscience

On the dinner table.

As soon as the meal time came, Liu Guimei's stomach pain stopped immediately, and she was the first to arrive.

After the last dish was served, Jiang Xinghua closed the door of the main room, and Mrs. Fu came out to eat together.

Even Mrs. Fu clamored to go to the table, and Fu's second child pushed her over from the backyard.

It is rare for the whole family to sit together and eat together.

Fu Xing'er in the back room drank goat milk and fell asleep again.

It is very worry-free, and it can make people feel at ease to eat.

Don't mention how sumptuous this dinner is.

There are fish, meat and eggs, four dishes and one soup, each bowl of porridge is thick and tight, not as thin as water as usual.

If you want to change it to normal, you have to eat it like this after the Chinese New Year.

But the children were overjoyed.

"Sister-in-law was born with meat, I love her to death." Fu Xiaolong said in a childlike way.

Fu Xiaohu swung his muscular little arms, "I'll protect my sister-in-law after eating a lot."

Fu Daxing patted the heads of the two sons, "You two are doing well."

Seeing the situation, Fu Xiaoma is not far behind: "In the future, I will earn money and spend it on my sister-in-law."

Fu Erxing patted his son on the shoulder, "Little Ma, good job."

This younger sister is not easy to come by, she must be pampered.

Satisfied with their performance, Fu Lao Er personally rewarded each of them with a large piece of pork belly.

They are getting more and more energetic.

Fu Xiaolong: "Master, I want to build a big house for my sister-in-law so that she can live comfortably."

Fu Xiaohu: "Master, I want to carry the banner for my sister-in-law, and see who dares to be his enemy."

Fu Xiaoma: "Master, I want to buy things for my sister-in-law, so that she can live a better life than others."

A little ghost is big, and he is trying his best to draw big cakes.

The people in the room were amused by the few of them and laughed from ear to ear.

Fu's second child has a teachable expression on his face.

They have to be brainwashed every now and then.

We can't let them just paint the cake, it has to be practical in the future.

"Your sister-in-law is our family's treasure. You dote on her so much that you will have meat to eat in the future." Mrs. Fu said with a smile.

Nodding one by one like pounding garlic.

I thought that in the future, I would give my sister-in-law the first time to eat, drink and play.

Liu Guimei was secretly unhappy.

It's all due to her to have all these food, so it's none of my business.

There is also a brat, what do you think.

After earning money, why don’t you want to be filial to your parents and sister-in-law? Maybe you will want to compete with him for the family property when you grow up.

After returning to the room, he had to correct his wrong thoughts.

"Grandma, mother, why don't you have a bowl of pigeon soup first." Jiang Xinghua added porridge to everyone in the family, and a bowl of soup for Mrs. Fu, which was full of pigeon meat.

Immediately afterwards, I put some meat in the child's bowl, and then I started eating.

As for Liu Guimei, she only cared about eating by herself, and her son left it aside, and Jiang Xinghua was watching over her.

"Father, let's have a drink on such a good day."

"Brother is right, let's celebrate with a sip of wine." Fu Erxing also stepped up, and there must be wine with fish and meat.

Fu's second son didn't agree, but looked at Mrs. Fu immediately, asking for her opinion.

A proper wife has strict control.

The son listened to his wife, but Mrs. Fu had no opinion at all.

Because the men in their Fu family love their daughter-in-law and take care of their family.

Not wanting to keep the man from stepping down, Mrs. Fu smiled and nodded, "Drink as much as you want, but you can't drink too much."

It is rare that there are many happy events in the family, and it is indeed time to celebrate.

"Father, I'll get you wine." Jiang Xinghua put down her chopsticks and got up to get the wine, took a few more small bowls, and poured them for each of them.

The three father and son clinked glasses and drank them all in one gulp.

"Daxing daughter-in-law, don't be so busy, sit down and eat."

Mrs. Fu added a few pieces of pork belly to her bowl, so that she wouldn't be able to eat it later.

As for the other, don't worry about it at all.

I was afraid that she would be overwhelmed.

"Thank you, Mom."

Seeing so much meat in Jiang Xinghua's bowl, Liu Guimei was jealous. She wanted to pick up the meat before she finished it, but was hit by Fu Erxing's chopsticks.

How much does she eat in a bowl of meat.

Others still need to eat it.

This woman is like a starved ghost reincarnated.

Eat something delicious as soon as you catch it.

Eating does not leave future generations at all, worse than children.

At first, I thought she would be more sensible, but I didn't expect it to go too far.

Liu Guimei retracted her hands in pain, and lowered her head to meet her man's warning eyes.

pouted dissatisfied.

If it weren't for her, how could there be such a sumptuous meal.

Why did she eat a little more?

"Mother, you can eat too." Mrs. Fu put fish and marinated meat for Mrs. Fu, a bowl full.

I'm afraid that I will never have the opportunity to be filial to the elderly in the future.

"Don't, don't, you should eat more, second daughter-in-law."

She is very energetic now, and she will have time to eat and drink well in the future.

But she is in confinement, so she has to eat better.

"No, what's the matter with this soup?" Mrs. Fu nodded and said yes, and took a sip of pigeon soup, but there was no taste at all.

Lady Fu also looked at the pigeon soup in the pot, and there was no oily head.

"No, it stands to reason that the four pigeons should be a bit oily and watery, but it's as clear as white water." Mrs. Fu took a sip, "It's no different from clear water, and it doesn't smell like medicine. Second granddaughter-in-law, what's going on? "

She made this pigeon soup, how did it come out like this.

Liu Guimei, who was eating fish, heard them say that there was something wrong with the soup, and the bone that was about to spit out in her mouth was so frightened that it slipped and swallowed, and it choked in her throat, unable to move up or down.


She pinched her throat, beat her heart, and blushed.

Eyeballs are about to fall out of pain.

Seeing to be choked to death.

"Erxing, quickly hug her from behind and align her with her position." Mrs. Fu said quickly, calmly.

How to eat her!

Fu Erxing picked up the man, bouncing him up and down.

There was just a "bang", and the bones spit out in a parabola.

Seeing this, everyone was relieved.

Liu Guimei slumped on Fu Erxing's body, panting heavily.

His face turned pale with fright, his hands and feet were cold, and he made a few "woo hoo".

Just now she almost died, and the feeling of suffocation made her feel lingering fear.


"Second brother and sister, hurry up and drink some soup." Jiang Xinghua quickly scooped up a bowl of pigeon soup for her, suppressing her shock.

Liu Guimei took a sip and "sprayed" it out, and blurted out: "Why is it so bad?"

Those who have drunk the essence before, drink this bowl now, the feeling must be different.

After the words fell, everyone's eyes fell on her.

She also knows that it is difficult to drink.

She cooked this soup herself.

Needless to say, I know what's going on.

Mrs. Fu had a gloomy face.

Mother Fu shook her head and sighed.


The soup is so weak that she drank the whole pot.

Then I got another pot of water down.

Fu Erxing saw that the old lady's face was not right, took a taste of the soup, and his face turned livid.

Push Liu Guimei away from him, roaring: "Liu Guimei, tell me what happened to this pigeon soup? Did it go into your stomach!!

(end of this chapter)

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