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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl

Chapter 21: Friendship is priceless

Chapter 21 Friendship is Priceless

Stove room.

The pigeons in the pot are rolling, and a unique medicinal smell is about to come out.

Liu Guimei is so hungry.

Never mind, let’s have a few sips first.

It's so delicious!

Still want to drink.

She looked outside to make sure no one would come, scooped up a big bowl, and quickly added a big bowl of water to the pot so that no one would notice.

As for the pigeon meat, they dare not touch it for fear of being discovered.

The rich soup is covered with a layer of oil foam, and the nutrition is all on top of the soup.

This bowl is full of essence.

She swallowed her saliva, picked it up and blew a few times, it was too hot.

Just as she was about to cool off with cold water, suddenly there was a rush of footsteps from behind.

She was so frightened that she didn't care about the three thousand seven hundred and twenty one.

The lips, tongue, and throat seem to be seared by a branding iron, and the intestines are almost cooked.

He hurriedly scooped up a bowl of cold water and poured it down.

Jiang Xinghua walked over and saw that she was sticking out her tongue and breathing out, she seemed quite uncomfortable, "Second brother and sister, what's wrong with you?"

Liu Guimei's mouth was hot red, and it hurt hotly.

smiled desperately and said it was okay: "Just now I wanted to taste whether the soup was salty or not, but I accidentally burned it."

"Then you have to be careful."

Jiang Xinghua didn't take this matter to heart.

Liu Guimei heaved a sigh of relief when she was not found.

Jiang Xinghua went to the cabinet and took out the brown sugar, and wrapped a small packet in red paper, looking very happy.

Liu Guimei wiped her mouth and it was foaming.

It hurts her to death.

Drinking a bowl of soup almost killed me.

"No, sister-in-law, what are you doing? You have brown sugar and eggs, did you get your mother-in-law's permission?

It can’t be that these are given by others for free, so just mess around? "

Seeing Jiang Xinghua taking a gift from Wang Yuanwai, Liu Guimei hurried over.

It's like someone else took her things.

The tone is very unfriendly.

Having known Liu Guimei's temperament for many years, Jiang Xinghua didn't mind, and said softly: "My mother asked me to take it. I didn't borrow something from someone before and I had to return it. My mother said that I would also pack some brown sugar to thank others. Our family is happy to eat candy."

People in the village come and go, and it will be easy to get along in the future.

Seeing that more than half of the basket of eggs had gone, and a large bag of brown sugar was being reduced bit by bit, Liu Guimei felt as if a knife was piercing her heart.

It seems that I have forgotten the principle of returning things borrowed from others.

Grandma is also true.

If you don’t have the money, why are you so generous like others!

It took a long time to fill the cabinets at home.

It’s not about making a golden bowl, but it’s a lot of trouble and a lot of money.

It seems that no one else knows that she gave birth to a daughter.

"Sister-in-law, less, not so much." Liu Guimei unwrapped the wrapped brown sugar paper, grabbed a handful of them and took them back.

There is only a drop left on the red paper, not even a spoonful.

"Second brother and sister, it's too little to take out." Jiang Xinghua felt that she had already bagged less, and the second brother and sister were more economical than her.

Isn’t it a bit overwhelming.

Liu Guimei didn't think so, she wished she could go all the way back.

If she didn't have these things yet, don't think it was brought by the strong wind.

"Sister-in-law, the hard-won things in our family can be used sparingly, so the meaning is almost the same."

This is enough to drink a bowl of sugar water.

She doesn't want to give it yet.

Anyway, she is not very friendly with those people in the village.

It's better for her to drink a glass of brown sugar water every day to nourish her body.

In case Jiang Xinghua would do it again, Liu Guimei kept staring at it, so Jiang Xinghua had to give up, wrapped the brown sugar and put it back.

Instead, he grabbed a handful of candies from the cabinet and put two in them.

This is pretty decent.

Liu Guimei didn't dare to speak to her face, she kept muttering.

It's like cutting her flesh.

Put the eggs and a bag of brown sugar in the basket, and by the way, there is a pigeon.

Liu Guimei thought it would be all right.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xinghua also picked up a pigeon from the basket, and she rushed over anxiously, as if killing her: "It's not my sister-in-law, what are you doing! I'll give you the brown sugar as soon as you give it away. Don't tell me to return it!" I want to take pigeons as gifts.”

A pigeon can cost three hundred cash.

If she didn't want to eat and nourish her body, she would have wanted to sell it.

Jiang Xinghua said truthfully: "Mother told me to send it to Aunt Wang. Aunt Wang has taken special care of our family these years. She will be the first to bring over any delicious food, and she will be the first to reach out when there are difficulties. Mother Said that giving a pigeon to others should be."

Not wanting to argue with her, Jiang Xinghua moved Mrs. Fu out.

Sure enough, Liu Guimei did not dare to object.

complained, "Mother, it's true, you can't be so rich, a pigeon can get three hundred coins. Even if you don't sell it to your grandson to make up your body, it's okay to give it to outsiders.

My pony is as thin as a monkey, and is malnourished. "

Fu Pony was successfully picked out again to gain a sense of presence.

Jiang Xinghua smiled and said nothing.

Angrily, Liu Guimei said again: "The food at home has started to improve, so we can't be so extravagant. If it weren't for me, our family would still have to drink northwest wind."

He was extremely dissatisfied with Mrs. Fu's behavior inside and outside the words.

Originally wanted to get unanimous complaints, but Jiang Xinghua was silent.

Jiang Xinghua agreed with her mother-in-law's approach.

Aunt Jiang is totally aware of their family's help, and she doesn't hesitate to borrow money or things.

Although pigeons are precious, their friendship is priceless.

"Mother naturally has mother's way of dealing with people, let's learn from it." Jiang Xinghua didn't want to waste time, and wanted to come back in time to hug her little girl.

"Second brother and sister, I'll go see them off first." Jiang Xinghua smiled and left.

As soon as the people left, Liu Guimei stomped her feet angrily looking at the five pigeons left in the basket.

"A sycophant."

People can do whatever they say, if they tell her to eat shit, will she also eat it?

Three hundred texts!

It's gone!

Only give her 150 Wen, and give an outsider directly 300 Wen.

Liu Guimei was extremely unbalanced.

It’s so rich to give people pigeons, right?

Yes, then it is not too much for her to drink two more bowls of soup.

Liu Guimei scooped up two bowls of soup in retaliation and drank it, then poured half a pot of water into the pot.

In an instant, the thick soup turned into clear soup.

Outside head.

Jiang Xinghua carried a basket and walked from house to house.

Pay back the things owed to others and the money one by one, "Thank you so much, auntie, this is wedding candy that my mother said to give to you."

"You're too polite, Daxing daughter-in-law. Your mother-in-law finally gave birth to a daughter. Send her a word of congratulations for me, and let her get her body back quickly."

"Okay okay."

Another family.

"Actually, don't pay it back so quickly. Your mother-in-law must take good care of her body now."

"My mother said that she felt uncomfortable due to the debt, so she asked me to pay it back quickly. She can sit at ease after confinement.

Auntie, this is a happy candy to eat. "Jiang Xinghua laughed at everyone, and the village was famous for being easy to get along with.

"Hey, okay, your mother-in-law is too polite."

Wherever he went, there were almost congratulatory words, all of which were the good relationships accumulated by Mrs. Fu and Jiang Xinghua in their daily life.

Finally, I came to Aunt Wang’s house, “Aunt Wang, are you home? My mother asked me to return the eggs and brown sugar.”

(end of this chapter)

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